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What are Capri Leggings?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Capri leggings are a type of short, fitted, cropped legwear that are popular both for fashion and for exercise, most commonly with women. Some men may wear capri leggings while running, however. These leggings may be worn alone, or underneath a skirt or shorts, and they are appropriate for both cold and warm weather.

In general, capri leggings fall between the ankle and the knee, at approximately the lower calf. They are usually made of a thicker material such as cotton, with a fabric that allows for stretch, such as spandex. They differ from tights because tights generally cover the foot, are typically thinner than leggings and may even be transparent, and are never worn alone. In addition, tights are only worn for fashion, whereas capris may be worn while exercising.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

Capri leggings are often worn with sandals in the spring and summer months, or with boots in the cooler months. They are not typically worn with sneakers or other closed shoes. In the winter, they are often worn under skirts for an extra layer of warmth, and because they can look very fashionable. When wearing this type of leggings for exercise, however, they may be worn alone, in addition to a tank top or t-shirt. Then, it is common to wear sneakers with this type of legwear. Some people choose to wear shorts or an exercise skirt over the leggings for more modesty while exercising.

Capri leggings may be available in different colors, but the most common colors are black, brown, navy blue, and dark gray. This is because these neutral colors are able to be worn with more outfits. For brightly colored fashion legwear, tights may be a better option. These come in virtually any color or pattern imaginable, and may be mixed and matched with different outfits for a completely different look.

As a general rule, capri leggings are generally fitted tightly to the body. Some designed for exercise, though, particularly those designed for yoga, may be fitted on top and flared at the bottom. Some feature ties or zippers at the bottom of the leggings, to make them looser and more comfortable around the calves when stretching or exercising. Capri leggings may be found in most clothing stores, or stores that sell fitness wear; many people purchase a number of different pairs of leggings for different purposes, as they are usually fairly inexpensive yet versatile pieces of clothing.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping