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What Is a Scene Haircut?

K. McKinsey
K. McKinsey

Generally speaking, a scene haircut is any haircut that reflects the trends found within the scene culture. Scene haircuts are often inspired by various pop culture movements from the United States, Japan or Europe. Individual expression is valued within the scene culture. For this reason, scene hairstyles tend to vary greatly by individual.

Even though scene haircuts are designed to reflect the wearer's unique personality, certain global trends can be identified. Men generally choose a haircut that is long and straight in the front with shorter, spiked ends in the back. A long, razored fringe that drapes into the eyes or is swept off to one side can be created. The top of the hair is teased and/or arranged using gel, styling putty or hairspray.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Scene haircuts for women are razor cut into layers that are then teased out around the face. Immaculately straightened hair is draped over the teased portions to add volume. Shorter layers are created that lay on top of much longer layers on the sides and in the back. Scene haircuts for women come in a variety of lengths. Many female members of the scene culture enjoy adding long layers with clip-on hair extensions.

When choosing a scene haircut, most scene individuals draw their inspiration from a wide variety of cultural resources. These can include music genres, figures from counter-cultural groups and even cartoons. Scene haircuts are truly the product of a global society. It's not uncommon to find a scene individual wearing a haircut created in response to a diverse range of inspirations such as 1980s rock, Japanese anime or retro punk.

A good scene haircut is chosen with a mind toward accessorization. Scene hairstyles for men and women rely heavily upon brightly colored hair extensions, bows, headbands, scarves and other unique accessories. Finding pictures of fully accessorized scene hairstyles can greatly improve the chance of creating a memorable look.

Scene haircut trends are always changing. Up until 2009, it was highly unlikely that a scene individual would choose to wear his or her hair with curls. During the second half of 2010, however, long, wavy haircuts began to make an appearance on popular scene websites. A man or woman who is interested in creating a unique scene hairstyle should not only familiarize himself or herself with the current trends, he or she also should bring a sense of his or her personal style to the scene culture.

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@Perdido – I wanted a choppy scene haircut, but I didn't want my stylist to color my hair. She tried so hard to talk me into getting auburn layers underneath, but I refused to budge.

I think it's important for the stylist to respect the wishes of the customer. I understand that she was trying to be helpful, but color wasn't what I wanted. My choppy haircut looked just awesome by itself, and she had to admit this.


I was so happy when my boyfriend decided to consider some scene haircuts for guys. He had been growing his hair out so that he could get a new style, and I was delighted when he said he wanted something edgy.

He wound up getting longer layers on top that tapered down toward the back. He got a few streaky highlights, and his hair looked awesome.

He even went shopping for some trendy new clothes to match the hairdo. I felt like he had become more stylish than I was, but I loved it!


No matter the year, scene haircut styles are almost always kind of “out there.” You won't see any traditional styles that could fade into the background in this category.

A lot of times, color is involved in the style. I've seen teenagers with everything from blue streaks to blonde and black tiger striped hair over the years, and I imagine that odd coloring will always be a part of trendy haircuts.


I have never heard trendy haircuts called “scene haircuts” before. I suppose this name signifies that these are the most up to the minute styles available.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing