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What are the Advantages of Glass Nail Files?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

Nail files are typically used by women in order to shape their fingernails into a stylish and attractive shape. Traditionally, nail files have been made of emery, which has a sandpaper-like quality. Alternatively, they may be made of steel with an etching on the side that makes them rough and capable of filing away at the nail. More recently, however, glass nail files have been introduced to the beauty market. The innovative design provides many benefits that are attractive to women.

One of the primary advantages of glass nail files is the fact that the glass is permanently etched. Therefore, these nail files never become worn down. This is better than emery nail files, which generally become worn out quite quickly.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

Another advantage is the effect they have on a person’s nails. Nail files made of steel typically cause the nail to chip or to crack because they are too rough on the nail. Glass nail files, on the other hand, help reduce the amount of chipping, splitting, and peeling when used on a regular basis.

Glass nail files are also easy to clean. It is virtually impossible to clean emery board nail files, as getting them wet can easily cause them to lose their rough quality and they cannot be used at all while they are still wet. Similarly, steel nail files are difficult to clean out and to sterilize properly. Glass is easily cleaned simply by running it under a faucet. In addition, these files can be sterilized with heat or by using ultraviolet or liquid light.

Although there are many advantages to using glass nail files, they are fragile. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid dropping them. In addition, they should be stored in a manner that does not place excessive stress on them, as this can also cause them to crack. For this reason, it is best to store these nail files in special cases that are made for the purpose.

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Yeah, Aveniro makes some great nail files. I've had mine for three years now and it still looks as new. I think it's one of the most quality glass files you can get nowadays.


Glass nail files are just perfect. I have one of the brand Aveniro and I am very satisfied. My nails are quite weak and this file is really very gentle and protects my nails from splitting. It is made from the Bohemian crystal and has not broken yet, even though I carry it in my bag every day. Also, regarding the abrasive surface, it is important that you choose the glass nail file which has been produced by chemical etching, thanks to which the abrasiveness does not wear off.


I have had a glass nail file since 2005. I chipped the point of it in 2007, but other than that, it's in perfect condition! I have very thin, weak nails and this kind of file keeps my nails from peeling like other emery boards do. Just a quick rinse under the faucet when I'm rinsing the nail dust from my fingers and it's good to go!


The glass file I have doesn't file as well as it did the first day I got it. It is like the abrasiveness has worn down.


Yeah, I love my glass files but I hate to clean them! I just get super cheap, but good quality, throw away ones from jacava. --Sarah


I've used the same glass nail file for about 3 years now. Works just as well as the first day I got it. The glass files are also prettier, they are usually a vibrant color and I've been asked a few times where I got such a pretty file.

They aren't super fragile because they are thicker than the average emery board is, but you still wouldn't want to drop them. Mine gets pummeled about in my purse and hasn't suffered yet.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping