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Makeup can help women look more awake. Beauty

Why do Women Wear Makeup?

Women typically wear makeup to enhance their natural beauty or to feel more confident. Some women even wear makeup just because...

Nicole Madison
Lavender shower oil promotes relaxation and feelings of peace. Beauty

What Is Shower Oil?

Shower oil is a cosmetic that makes a person skin cleaner and smoother. To get the best results when using a shower oil, start...

Jamie Nedderman
A traditional electric toothbrush makes 4,000-7,000 strokes per minute. Beauty

What is a Sonic Toothbrush?

A sonic toothbrush is an electric toothbrush that vibrates very quickly to clean teeth and remove plaque. Using a sonic toothbrush...

B. Miller
A designer fragrance may be a cologne or perfume. Beauty

What Is a Designer Fragrance?

A designer fragrance is a type of perfume that is designed by a fashion designer. The main difference between a designer fragrance...

Kay Paddock

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