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How can I Prepare for a Bikini Wax?

Preparing for a bikini wax starts with ensuring your skin is clean and exfoliated. Trim hair to a quarter-inch for optimal wax adherence. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they can increase sensitivity. Stay hydrated and consider an over-the-counter pain reliever if you're concerned about discomfort. Curious about what else can ease the process? Keep reading for more expert tips.
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

It is important to follow a few basic steps when you prepare for a bikini wax. First, of course, you should not get a bikini wax if you are diabetic, suffer from psoriasis or other skin conditions, or if you take Retinol or Accutane. If you are unsure, ask you physician whether you can go ahead with a wax.

When people prepare for a bikini wax, particularly if it is their first time, one big consideration is pain. Aestheticians usually recommend that you not get a wax when you are menstruating or pregnant, as sensitivity to the pubic area is usually increased at this time. Additionally, you may want to take ibuprofen or aspirin an hour before the wax to cut down on pain. Waxing does hurt, but how the wax is performed can make it hurt less. Choose a person with a lot of experience, and if possible get recommendations from friends. Someone new to waxing will probably not be as efficient; so don’t have your waxing done at a beauty college.

During a bikini wax an aesthetician applies warm melted wax to the hair to be removed.
During a bikini wax an aesthetician applies warm melted wax to the hair to be removed.

To prepare for a bikini wax, you also need to be sure your pubic hair is of the right length. If it is too long, the aesthetician will probably have you trim it, or if it is too short, it may be hard or impossible to remove. Aestheticians recommend shaving the bikini area about three weeks prior to getting the wax, and if you plan a Brazilian wax, you will need to trim the hair to about ¼ to ½ inch (.63 to 1.52cm) if you haven’t shaved it three weeks before the wax.

It is suggested to take an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour prior to a bikini wax to reduce the pain.
It is suggested to take an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour prior to a bikini wax to reduce the pain.

Another important step to prepare for a bikini wax is to avoid swimming or sunning oneself for a full 24 hours prior to the wax. After the waxing, you will want to consider the same for a couple of days. The skin can have some redness or bumping, which can be helped by ice. There is also the occasional ingrown hair, which can be iced, and then have anti-bacterial cream applied to ward off infection. Aestheticians recommend gently exfoliating the pubic area before the wax, and then doing so regularly after the wax to cut down on ingrown hairs.

In preparation for a bikini wax, a person should avoid swimming or sunning for 24 hours prior to the wax.
In preparation for a bikini wax, a person should avoid swimming or sunning for 24 hours prior to the wax.

Some men also like to have their bikini area waxed, particularly if they wear bikini style swim bottoms. For men who need to prepare for a bikini wax, the above considerations apply. It is also important to check with the salon where you plan to have the wax, as some salons only accept female clients.

Another consideration when one wants to prepare for a bikini wax is what type of underwear, if any, should be worn. Usually wearing underwear is up to the person getting the wax. If you feel uncomfortable removing your underwear, choose a skimpy pair, preferably a thong, and the aesthetician will work around the undies, and ask you to hold them when he or she needs to wax a covered area.

Aestheticians typically recommend that women do not get a bikini wax during menstruation, as the procedure can increase abdominal pain.
Aestheticians typically recommend that women do not get a bikini wax during menstruation, as the procedure can increase abdominal pain.

Many recommend wearing old underwear, to prepare for a bikini wax, or those that can be easily washed, as occasionally residue wax will get on the underwear. Also an important tip is wearing pants or a skirt that can easily be washed, instead of dry-cleaned, so that if any wax gets on your outer clothes, you are not out the cost of dry-cleaning them.

Aestheticians typically recommend shaving the bikini area about three weeks prior to getting a wax.
Aestheticians typically recommend shaving the bikini area about three weeks prior to getting a wax.

Lastly, to prepare for a bikini wax, if you are planning a Brazilian, you may want to schedule at least 30 minutes, and occasionally more. The salon will usually tell you how long the waxing process takes, and the lesser the time, the better. However, some women feel that when the waxing is done in small patches, though the process takes longer, it is usually more effective and less painful. So this is an individual decision, and can be based on your level of comfort with the process.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent BeautyAnswered contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent BeautyAnswered contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


I get braxilian waxes often, because it doesn't really bother me that much and it helps a lot with my skin rashes (hairs and panties and sweat rubbing suck!), and my boyfriend likes it.

I am not ashamed to say that the main cause that made me wax was a guy. But I do know that if I hadn't liked the waxing outcome, I wouldn't keep with that. I have no problems with pleasing my man, and if all it takes is a couple of bucks and 15 minutes of a bit of pain, I'll do it.

That being said, girls shouldn't feel pressured. I'd say give it a go, if you like how it turns out, keep going. If you don't, tell him and he should deal with it.


Any grown man who wants a grown woman to look like a prepubescent little girl is a pedophile at heart. Girls, stay away from these sick losers.

Real women wear hair and real men love hair!


For all the young girls posting here who are terrified of getting a bikini wax but still feel that they should, you do not have to do this! Having all your pubic hair pulled out is not a requirement for a full and satisfying sex life (or life in general). Hair can look neat and presentable when it's trimmed. If a guy turns his nose up at being involved with me because I trim instead of waxing, he can just go away. What kind of man is so disinterested in the woman he's involved with that he puts something like that ahead of who she is, what she believes, how she communicates, how she presents herself? What kind of man comes to the bedroom looking to get something, instead of looking to give something?

Seeing such young women feeling so compelled to subject themselves to painful and unnecessary cosmetic procedures on their intimate parts is really unpleasant. Be a real woman; value yourself more than to sleep with anyone who will judge you because of your choice of pubic hair management.


Does anyone else feel quite sad that 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 year olds are feeling the need to wax? It is a shame that from such a young age, people are influenced by the porn industry/


Really helpful to read this and the comments. Thanks for the tips, guys.


I never had a bikini wax before, but today I went to get a brazilian wax. It is painful, but it is so worth it. I love not having hair down there and I feel completely clean. The worst part was the front. The back did not hurt at all.

I took a painkiller 30 minutes before, however I heard it is better to take one an hour before. Despite this, you will experience discomfort but remember that it is worth it if you really want it and you just need to get through those 30 minutes.


I love getting a brazilian! It's definitely worth it! I go to Aveda Salon and Spa because they have professional waxers and they use hard wax, which is gentle and less painful on your skin.

I've been waxing down there since I was 16 and I am now 20 and since then my hair is finer, thinner and I barely grow any hair down there anymore. Don't ever go to a nail salon to get your bikini wax or a brazil. If they use strip wax (which is the strips of paper) do not go there. It will rip your skin off and it can be irritated for over a week to two weeks. Previous experience: it stinks!

To prepare before a brazil to take some (not a lot) pain away for waxing, take a warm (not hot) shower, clean the area with Dove Sensitive Skin soap, then lightly exfoliate to take off dead skin (this will help the hair be removed quicker). Do not drink caffeine for two days, only water. Caffeine can make your skin sensitive which will hurt if you're waxing. Also, a week before and after your period will make it sensitive down there as well, and it will hurt. Take an aspirin 30 to 45 minutes before your wax appointment to help with inflammation.

What I have recently tried for my waxing is "Relax and Wax, No-Scream Cream" from online. It's closely related to novacaine, which is a numbing cream. Warning though: different people react to numbing creams differently! When I use it, it lasts for 30 to 45 minutes and it made my skin more sensitive to the hot wax. It felt like it was burning but it definitely took the edge off from the pain! If you're a scaredy cat, I recommend this. I use their products such as the exfoliator, "get the bumb outta here", and "No trauma-momma."

P.S. please don't use "no scream cream” on your booty (inside, if ya know what I mean). Someone did that and yeah, not smart. But I actually did wax below the anal area and to tell you the truth, it actually did not hurt! I think it's because it's a tough and not sensitive area.

The most sensitive areas to get waxed in my opinion are the lips and in the middle. (the start of where the lips form) Those are the places I hate the most but it's done quickly. Hope this blog helped you and I'm actually going to get waxed right now! Don't be scared. Just do it!


Don't be embarrassed about getting waxed. The person doing it for you doesn't care what you look like down there. They have a job, and they are getting paid to do it! And for those of you with first partners, you shouldn't be ashamed. It's who you are. Everyone has hair down there. Look at the guys themselves. They have hair everywhere!


I'm so scared. I really want to get a brazilian wax but I'm so unsure about my body. I don't want to do this just because i feel so horrible and disgusted with myself with all the hair and i feel so unclean.

I live in a small town and i have no idea where to go or even how i can tell/pick someone who is a professional at this and won't hurt me. Please help me. I'm so scared and I've tried shaving but it has really done nothing for me and has only made the hair worse and longer and more spread and gives me bumps. And I'm also scared that when i do choose to be with somebody he will be disgusted with me. I feel like some freakish thing.


I just booked an appointment for Tuesday since I have my prom the following Friday. I got my period last night so I'll be on my fifth day which is usually the end of my period. I've read that it hurts more at this time, but they won't refuse to wax me, right?


I'm 17 and have tried numerous ways of getting rid of hair. I've tried shaving, the veet cream that apparently removes hair but really it is just like shaving, and tweezing hairs out.

I've recently done tweezing on my bikini line as it makes it smoother, and shaving everywhere else, however it has had a horrible effect and doesn't last long and i now have quite a spread of pubic hair. I've been with my boyfriend for three months and we have done stuff together previously, but now i won't let him near me because I'm worried what he'll think.

I want to get a brazilian done because i hate hair at all costs, but I'm so worried what the beautician will think.


i got boils after getting a bikini wax done. What do i do about it?


I want to get a playboy wax as i get spots and ingrown hairs from shaving but I'm worried about going to get it done as i have two skin tags near my anus (from piles; i suffered badly due to bad diet).

Anyway, I'm really embarrassed about my technician seeing it. I'm 18 and am with my first partner who also never gets to see me without the lights on.


As a guy I definitely prefer my lady waxed; once you go waxed you don't turn back. For starters, it makes her feel sexy and clean and confident which is most important to me. Secondly for me (who spends a lot of time down there putting big smiles on her face!) it is just so much sexier for many reasons but to put an obvious one on the table - let's face it, nobody likes picking hairs out of ones teeth. Total mood killer.

When I first suggested waxing to my lady she was offended and thought I was a pig - rightly so. It's her beautiful body! How did I remedy this? we took me for a full waxing session - everything! This I found to be a totally hilarious experience. My stomach hurt more than the pain of the waxing from laughing so hard. It really isn't that bad and I myself felt a lot cleaner and totally sexier afterwards. The chest wax is a bit gay for me and we both prefer me to have a carpet there but we threw that in just to give me a little extra pain - the missus' revenge!

So she finally caved and got her first wax and loved the results. She loves it, I love it. Only good has come from this!


a good esthetician never requires that you use your hands to stretch anything. rest assured that you are normal and these ladies have seen everything. make sure to breathe normally with the out breath timed to the pulling. works like a charm! definitely worth it!


I tried a trick that I found on StumbleUpon, it was meant as a trick for when you get shots, but I tried it when doing a bikini wax today. Cough at the same time that the wax strip is pulled. It's supposed to interfere with the nerves sending the pain signal to your brain. It really works, it hardly hurt at all when I tried this trick! Good luck!


If you get the brazilian done, how long should you wait to have sex?


I am going to do mine today. Thanks for all tips.


I'm a 16 year old girl and I've had a brazilian wax done twice so far. yeah, it hurts and it's embarrassing to remove your underwear, but don't make such a big deal about it. I'm a very shy person and even i got over it. the lady was really used to doing waxing.

so don't worry so much, and just get the brazilian done! because it's really worth it. there's no hair left, which is really comfortable and hygienic and nice.


really? mine is 2 inches long. that's long!


Should i be nude when i get waxed? I'm a little embarrassed of revealing it all to a stranger. what if i have a accident? Thanks


Also my butt hair is not real long and it's kind of fine too. i shave a lot. will this be OK? I'm a little nervous.


I'm a guy and I go to this salon. The lady has been shaving my back and each time she has asked if I want to try a wax. I might just ask for a butt wax the first time. is this wrong? Women don't have this problem, but what if i get excited during the wax? is that the norm? thanks.


A quarter of an inch! That's so long!


the powder we put on the skin is not to make it so the wax doesn't stick to the skin. It is to absorb body oil so that the wax will stick better.

Hard wax is the most gentle as it "shrink wraps" around the hair and does not stick to the skin as much as soft "strip wax." Never have strip wax done on the bikini area. Also never ever have someone who is not a waxing specialist do your bikini. If she mostly is a hair stylist or nail person, she is not a waxing expert and can't easily bruise or pull your skin off.


I'm a 13 year old girl, quite hairy down there and am wondering at what age i should go for my first bikini wax. I don't mind the pain, as my mum waxes my legs and has been doing so for ages so I'm used to it.


Dear anon127700: It is questionable as to why you would want to be wearing a bikini in the first place. To answer your question, no, it will just make everything a whole lot easier. But i do think that wearing a bikini will affect the outcome of any future parties that you attend, positive or negative, depending on your orientation.

I hope this helps your situation.


I'm a boy of 16 and looking at getting a bikini wax. Not too sure but yeah, some areas are shaved from waking up at a party. will this affect the end result?


i just got my very first brazilian wax yesterday is it normal that it is a little prickly? will if be smoother after the second time?


I had my first brazilian about a month ago. I had been wanting to try it but I have sensitive skin and was frightened. I was talking to my boyfriend and he actually agreed to go with me and get one too and go first. That gave me the push I'd been waiting for.

It was painful, but it is short lived pain and you'll feel the sexiest you've ever felt afterward. I have sensitive skin and the hard wax is better for my skin. My esthetician usually used a combination of hard and soft wax.

But for my next appointment I'm only going to have the hard wax, as it doesn't adhere to the skin. So, if you're thinking of it, go for it, it's worth it (and this is coming from a wimp). Also, you are much more sensitive without hair in the way down there.


Don't be scared about it at all! I've been getting full brazilians (everything including labia and anus areas) for almost three years now.

I won't lie: the first time really, really hurts, but i do have a very low pain threshold. While it hurt a lot for a few seconds, the pain quickly went away. Your first time is always far worse than the second, and any other times after that.

Here's how it goes:

First step: Time the appointment right in between periods (i.e. as far away from your periods as possible), because the closer you are to your period, the more it hurts.

Second step: Take pain killers (like what you'd take for a headache) about an hour before. Maybe try the 'relax and wax no scream cream' which you can probably buy on the internet.

Third, calm down! I used to work myself into a panic over nothing! And don't even bother being embarrassed because beauticians have seen it all before. It will all be over in less than an hour.

Four: In a private room the beautician will leave you to take off your shorts and underwear, and either give you a paper g-string to put on (i personally don't use them and just go uncovered) or a towel to put over yourself. When she comes back in, she will trim any really long hairs, and put on the powder.

Five: Relax. It won't be as bad as you expect. Sweating from the nervousness is normal. Take five deep, calming breaths and do this any time you become extra scared.

Six: She will apply the hard wax in small areas, then wait for it to harden a bit more, which can take a minute or so. In the meantime, she will probably apply the wax to other areas while she waits. She will start at the top (closest to your belly button) and work down. I find the most painful area to be the center, just at the top of the labia.

Sometimes you will be asked to pull the skin taut.

Don't forget to take five deep breaths, and remember you'll thank yourself afterwards!

Seven: Once it's all done, she will put some oil over the skin, then leave the room while you get dressed again. Take a moment to admire your bald skin!

The first time took me about an hour, because I was a big baby about it and spent the whole time giggling nervously and sweating! the beautician was really cool about it - they usually try to talk to you a bit to keep your mind off it. beauticians in general are a very chatty sort and they think it's funny and giggle when I'm nervous or in pain.

After my first brazilian, a few of the hair follicles scabbed up - this doesn't happen to most girls. it was only like tiny pin-prick sized scabs anyway and they didn't worry me at all. The whole thing stops hurting within five seconds.

It doesn't matter if you are big, young, hairy, whatever! Beauticians have seen it all. Women get brazilians all the time. If you feel embarrassed just act like you aren't and that should help ease the shame a little!

Keep up the brazilians regularly; go as soon as the hair is long enough, (if you have to wait a week or two until you're smack-bang in between periods then that's fine) and you'll thank yourself forever!

I hardly have any hair left down and it doesn't even hurt anymore! The more you get the less painful it is, and the beauticians should start giving you a discount if you only have a little bit of hair. If they don't then ask for one or change to a beauticians where they will.

The best beauticians are the ones who do it fast. After the first three or so and you're pretty comfortable with it, maybe try a different beautician to see if they are better. it can't hurt!

Good luck!


For those girls who are embarrassed:

Go to a professional who specializes in waxing. Do not go to a nail salon unless you have recommendations.

If you do not get a Brazilian, most salons will keep the goods covered to keep you more comfortable. That's why it is important to go to a professional.

Just on a side note, if you are embarrassed about being seen "down there" you should seriously consider your reasoning for waxing. If you are embarrassed for another woman to see you down there, you might not be ready to have anyone else see you either.

Everyone is different, and it's not a bad thing. And truthfully, the waxers do not look at you like that. It's more procedural (and they're most likely women, so they have the same goods).


There's a new product out called the va-j-j visor and it's super helpful! You just put it on over your most sensitive inner area and it protects it from the hot wax or shaving or just keeps it covered up if you're uncomfortable! I've never tried it but i think it could be super convenient!


I'm 15 and thinking about getting my first bikini wax. I really want to get rid of the hair down there, and shaving is not working. I'm nervous about making an appointment because I don't know what the different waxes are or which to get. Also, I'm embarrassed for someone to see me down there because I'm scared it doesn't look normal (same as number 59 anon96390). I guess what I'm asking is what bikini wax is most common for teenagers and how can i be less embarrassed?


I'm planning to go for a bikini wax (first time) today!

But I have searched a lot on the internet about the waxing, and it says it hurts a lot. I'm really confused.

I'll handle the pain but am scared of those red or black patches.


I am a 15 year old girl and I am going for my first bikini wax in just one week. I am so nervous at someone seeing me down there in case it is not normal. Help, what can I do to make myself less embarrassed?


I am going on a cruise on Saturday and booked a bikini wax for Thursday. Should I go earlier for the wax? I have not had this done in about five years and don't remember exactly how my skin reacted. But I do not recall anything awful. I do not want to be on the cruise with red bumps on me. I could have shaved if that were the case.


i need some help with a few questions. i use an epilator, which hurts like crazy, but it doesn't seem to work well. it seems like the hair is growing right back within the next day or two. i don't know if it is possible that i have some freakishly fast growing hair, or maybe it just isn't doing a good job? do you think a brazilian wax would work for me or would the hair just come back right away? please help!


I don't know if this will help, but Bliss sells ingrown hair eliminating pads. They're expensive but they work pretty well.


I just got back from a brazilian. I haven't shaved down there for two years and hopefully will never have to. Waxing is the only way to go now!


Thanks so much for this! Really helpful to see everyone else's experiences, too!

I've never had a bikini/Brazilian wax but am hoping to book one later this week - I'm a little apprehensive!

I live in quite a small town so options for professional places are limited but I know they use hard wax. Is there anything else I should ask at reception when I book without being too detailed?


OK so I'm 14 and my mom has scheduled me an appointment to get waxed but the thing is I'm on my period now. Should i reschedule or keep the appointment?


Ive never had a bikini wax before, but am very keen to try it. By the sounds of it, it's worth it, but I'm fairly embarrassed.


I have to disagree with the recommendation that you shave before getting a wax. Shaving does not make the hair thicker, but if you shave between waxing appointments, the hair will be blunt and stiff, whereas waxing alone will keep it fine and soft (think of newly grown grass vs just-mowed). My waxer would yell at me if she thought I had shaved between appointments! So I only wax my bikini (Brazilian, actually), and the hair that grows in the interim is softer and finer (some women apparently get bald patches, but no luck for me!)

Also, I'm surprised this article doesn't mention researching the type of wax being used. I swear by "hard" wax, which is way more gentle on the skin and less painful. I get Brazilians every month or so, and I always request hard wax. It's more expensive though, so I do soft wax for other areas.


i have had a bikini wax,thong wax and today i had a brazilian. it was a little painful but not unbearable. most of the hair is removed apart from a little strip. everything underneath is gone and also around the anus. it feels so much more hygienic. hope this helps.


#44..It is true that shaving can indeed thicken your hair by strengthening the root. That is why some people have multiple hairs coming out of the same follicle. You have three stages of hair growth, and if you shave, you risk shaving all three and enlarging your pores.


I am an Esthetician and own my own spa. and I do both bikini and brazilian waxes. Yes it does not 'feel good' as I like to put it. But It is well worth it. The pain is temporary and the hair will grow back less coarse and thinner. Make sure you trust your Esthetician!


when it's done, it's done. you do not get hurt from it.


Okay, girls and boys. Shaving the hair doesn't cause it to grow back thicker. It's an old wives tale, and if you don't believe me, look it up. It does cause stubble and rashes, however.


I had a "playboy" wax done yesterday. I had one done before but it was last year and have been shaving since. So i expected the same pain again. Although it wasn't that bad and I managed to just about hold up a conversation with my beautician.

The only thing is, she seemed to have left a small area underneath. Each side. Is it supposed to be like this? she has done most of it under, but left in the area surrounding?

Anyway, i don't think waxing is anything to be afraid of. I'm a redhead and apparently the pain threshold is real bad for us but i was fine.

I'm looking forward to a few weeks of hairlessness! and will definitely be returning!

Oh and also, i only left my hair one week after shaving and it was fine. The shorter it is, the less it'll hurt, but obviously has to be long enough to catch on the wax.


I'm scheduled to get my wax down there tomorrow but I'm so scared. I'm considering canceling. On a scale from one to ten I'm sure it's a 12! plus it's my first time.


I had my face waxed yesterday for the first time, and I have red bumps on my face now and it's pretty red. How long do the bumps last? Is there any way to speed up the process? I'm going away for the weekend with my boyfriend! Thanks!


I have been going for bikini waxing for three to five years now. While I find it less frightening now, it is still painful but tolerable. If you breath properly, if your therapist goes by small areas, if she is experienced and knowledgeable, if you are in the right period of your cycle, if the type of wax used is good for your skin and type of hair, if you really want to look nice and clean down there, then it is going to be just fine!

Most of the time the problem arises when the waxing therapist is not really a professional. I want to apologize to thousands of brilliant therapists who are not part of this group.

I still have not found a therapist I can go for waxing regularly. And my recent experience taught me that I should be very careful in selecting the right place to go.

First, the therapist did not put powder onto the waxing area to ensure the wax does not stick to the skin, and I was all covered in wax later, and the most horrible thing is that, while waxing, she caused some of the most gentle tissues to tear. I did not realize how bad it was till I came home.

She even did not care to put any antibacterial solution on it! It was bleeding pretty bad. When I called back she said it was my fault as I was stretching it all wrong. Such a lame excuse: she is a professional, she saw what I was stretching down there. Anyway, she said it was fine and should anything happen in 24 hours I should come and see her (what a relief.).

All this made me surf the internet and I found pretty horrible articles about dangers of bikini waxing. Good stuff I have some antibacterial and antiseptic solutions. I also happened to have some powder containing antibiotic.

That is why I think that some of the therapists lack basic medical training! Most of them do not use any antiseptic to clean the waxing area. Some of them do not care to do it after. What is more dangerous is that they do not use a new spatula every time they take wax from the waxing pot.

The bottom line is –you should not be ashamed or uncomfortable about asking about things like hygiene in the parlour, sterilisation of instruments (tweezers), use of new spatulas every time they dip it in the pot, disposables thongs, types of wax, products (antibacterial solutions are of utmost importance), disposable gloves, if the therapist washes her hands etc.

Your health and safety are at stake. Maximum punishment for the therapist will be a fine and revoke of the license/qualification (if there is one), while you can end up in hospital.

I still have not found a perfect place. Sometimes I try to save and go to less expensive places, sometimes I decide to spend more money and enjoy –well, not the procedure –the extended service, such as towels, thongs, wipes, a mat you can step on, which in fact should be commonplace in every salon.

I would definitely appreciate if you could share the name of the place in London that is worth going to. Good luck with you waxing! --Nova


To all of you wondering how old do you have to be to get a bikini wax, I'll answer that I've seen rich ten year old girls going in to salons to get it done. It all depends on the person (yes I'm saying person because even men wax it all of). All waxes are made of different types of ingredients and depending on your skin, your hair and the region in which it is done depends what was you should use.

Do not believe those that say that will work for every area of your body, as it may be prefect for your legs but too strong for your ampits, or pubic area. Some waxes will also remove the outer layer of your skin, which is mostly composed of dead skin cells, but for someone with extremely sensible skin, there have been cases where the whole skin is torn off.

I recall a convention in Miami where a man was used for demonstration during a Brazilian wax and suffered horribly.

Shaving really isn't the way to go if you'd rather not have any hair. It irritates the skin, makes hair come back thicker, and in some cases may also darken the skin (which is most common in the armpits and pubic region). However, if all you wish to do is trim your hair that is perfectly fine as it will not cause the skin any damage. Trimming means longer than a centimeter.

For anon12341: laser removal does include burning the hair but it does so to damage the hair follicle so as to not let hair grow. There is a small discomfort but it is countered by a cold shock, meaning whoever did the procedure on you had no idea on how to operate the machine and did not explain that you should not be feeling that amount of pain and if you did she was supposed to adjust the settings. Also she should have prescribed Hydrocortisone of 1 percent to avoid any swelling, redness, or extreme sensitivity in the area treated.

And don't ever do anything to your body for someone else. If your partner does not like you the way you are, dump him or her. I have seen woman getting boob jobs for their boyfriends, only to have them reversed as soon as they are dumped by the guy and they realize that they don't want them. It is a horrible waste of money and time.

Trust me on this. I've studied it all and done it all!


For all the women who are worried about being with a man and they are worried about how much hair is too much, don't be worried.

If you are looking at being with a guy, most men go for the outer looks anyway. As long as you keep the front part trimmed a little you will be fine. Most men just don't want a two-foot bush down there.

You don't have to shave everything just keep it short. If you are with a guy who doesn't want to be with you just because you want shave tell him OK, you shave all your hair down there and see if he does. Most guys will actually do this. If they don't and still expect you to do so, then leave them. They should love you with or without hair. I'm actually choosing to go and get the Brazilian wax done tomorrow. I'm very nervous about it. I have shaved all of the front side and that can be very unpleasant.

The first time wasn't that bad, but when I continued, it just irritated the skin and I had a bad reaction to the baby oil gel that I used. So I learned my lesson. So I decided to get waxed and wax all of it. I just want to see how it feels.

Also, I do have a boyfriend who likes it, but I agree with him; I want it clean as well. So I can't wait until all of my hair is gone. I do have a lot and that is very unattractive to me. So we will see how this goes tomorrow.

I'm also a big girl and at this point I really don't care what the salon thinks because I'm paying and it's not like we are best of friends. Now if I walk in and the girl that is supposed to do it knows me I will walk out lol.

Anyway, so to all the women who want to get waxed, keep in mind it's your choice, not what you think you man will like. If it's not for you then your man should love you no matter what.

My boyfriend wants it done and recently I have let it grow out because I had a bad reaction to shaving and he still loves me and pleases me. So good luck.

And to the younger girls who wants this done. I say if its OK with your parents go for it. Just be very clean about it. I wish I had started at a young age keeping up with it.


I'm a 45 year old male and had many full brazilian. the pain was very little to me and I had tried five different shops. the only bad part was it only lasted for four weeks before the next time. went and started laser treatments and now love the long time baldness.


The first time I had a Brazilian wax was priceless. I went with my friend and I never laughed so hard in my life. We were helping keep each others' legs out of the way and I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine! It didn't hurt bad at all. The worst part wasn't the actual waxing itself, but the anticipation of the technician ripping it off!


i just had my first bikini wax. i did it myself, and i did not do the full Brazilian because i was a little bit nervous, but i did a very skimpy G-string line and it was relatively painful, but not much more painful than other waxings.

one side of my genital area took the waxing a little bit better than the other. On one side it has about three tiny bumps that have a bruise-like color and on the other there is nothing, just a little bit of redness as if it had just been slapped.

i feel no pain now, and i did it only five minutes ago. i think the pain amount really depends on the person's pain threshold and how much hair there is.


TO anon44082: If you want to get a wax, get it. Don't let your fears of being out of place scare you off, because it's your body and you have a right to feel good about it. Besides, I'm sure waxing technicians see all sorts of body types.

To anon41189: and anyone else who has asked--

I'm definitely no expert at home waxing, but I have done it several times myself with fairly good results.

I use GiGi honey wax, you can buy it at a beauty store such as Sally's for I think $20 or so. You can buy just wax or the kit, which comes with wax, wax strips, applicators, and about four other little bottles of things such as pre-wax cleanser, skin soother, wax-off, etc. Nice little kit, I'd recommend it.

It comes in several different varieties for skin types, bikini wax or facial wax, etc.

When you wax, I also recommend using a wax warmer and not a microwave. A microwave gets it too hot too fast. Make sure it's a medium-thin consistency, and when you apply the wax, apply a fairly thin layer, not thick. Put on the wax strips and rub them to make them stick. (A friend said that she flicks her skin right before ripping the strip off and that helps with the pain. Not sure I'd agree, but you can try it.) You should pull your skin taut and pull the strip off quickly, in the opposite direction of hair growth.

I personally think it's better to stretch the skin before you put the wax on. It just helps it to coat everything evenly, thus removing it evenly.

You'll probably have redness or bumps and maybe even bleeding for a day or two afterward. So don't do this right before a beach trip expecting to look pretty down there. But it's worth it to me to wax instead of shave, because less hair grows back overall.

And don't worry, it takes practice to get good at it. Hope that helps, and good luck!


I just had my very first Brazilian wax about an hour ago. Yes, it was painful and it would serve you well to master your breathing techniques. But as bad as childbirth? I've given birth to three children and today's pain was nowhere near that kind of pain.

My esthetician did say, however, that the amount of pain depends greatly on the skill of the person doing the wax (I had requested their most skilled esthetician when booking). It took about 25 minutes total.

As far as cost, I had the Brazilian 2 (for first timers who take longer) and that cost $46. Regular Brazilians are $39. They also offer "The Flip" where you turn over and they do the butt crack and anal area for $9 (I passed on that one).

Booked my next one in four weeks so it didn't hurt bad enough where I wouldn't go back (maybe it's the 800 mg of Ibuprofen I'm ramped up on!)


I want to get wax down there and its my first time. I'm really embarrassed because I have so much hair down there because I always shave!! what should i do?! is having lots of hair normal and will the person who do the waxing get shocked?


As for which wax gets rid of everything with no confusion, ask for the "Sphynx", at least, this is what I've been told. I have personally never been waxed, and I'm currently debating whether to do it or not. I've been a "natural" down there for most of my life, occasionally trimming, but never waxed, never took to shaving either, too much irritation.

My question is this: when i have shaved, and even after trimming, there is usually a lot of itching for days following. Should I expect the same from waxing?

That is the real reason I am considering it. I would love to be able to to wear my cute little panties and bathing suits without feeling like someone poured itching powder all over them.


i'm 16 and i'm thinking about getting a bikini wax. i've been with my boyfriend for one year and two months and he says he doesn't mind how it looks but i never know. So i'm considering one and i have noticed that when i see salons they only say bikini waxes. does this mean they do brazilian too? i've only gotten my face and legs done.


hi everyone i'm going to school for waxing. you need to know that yes, you're going to experience some discomfort and you get to decide how much hair you want or tolerate to be removed. remember you're the one getting it done. you can also expect to get wax on your undies. this is normal. just relax and do it. you will love the results. plus, go somewhere you feel comfortable. we only charge $8 to get just the bikini. The brazilian is $10. good luck with your waxing.


I'm a "big" girl in high school and i have a lot of hair down there. i was wondering if "big" girls get waxing too. to me it seems like only skinny women get waxed.


Hi I'm 15 year old girl. I have about 2-3 cm long hair around my anus and my pubic hair grows awfully fast. I've therefore considered a bikini wax (since I think it looks nice), but waxing is way to expensive for me and none of my friends are using it. Every time I shave I get these bumps, which bleed and it doesn't look very nice, so do you have any good shaving advice or a good "do it at home"-waxing brand? And if so how do you use it? I'm swimming quite a lot therefore I have to shave often and I'm so embarrassed in the dressing room because of these wounds downstairs.


I'm booked to have a bikini wax in a few days' time and I was wondering when you have a bikini wax, do they wax underneath/between the legs?


i just got my first bikini wax yesterday. i went to a nail salon to do so and it hurt a lot but not enough to cry, but almost to that point. it hurt mostly because she had to repeat over the same spot multiple times. bikini waxes are not bad. but next time i am going to a professional to get one done. i am going to go to a day spa where they know what they are doing and i am getting a brazilian to remove everything, since at nail salons they say the skin on your labia is sensitive. but it does look nice when it is done!


i'm now 17 and I've been having a hollywood wax (everything off down there) since i was 15. i have had great results and it barely hurts anymore. i would strongly advise you to wax because shaving just cuts hair and therefore they come back quicker and thicker! at first yes it hurts but after just apply sensitive lotions and the redness should go down. i now do my own waxing and i'd never use a razor again.


im way too embarrassed to get a wax done professionally. im 14. do you think i should get it done??? some of my friends use the do it yourself one.. anyone tried??? which is less painful????


I've never had a Bikini wax done before and was wondering if it would be a good idea to let the hair grow for 3 weeks before getting waxed as it says in the article, cause my hair grows fast, if i shave today by tomorrow i will have stubble. I'm just worried it might be too long and more painful.


I just had my first Brazilian bikini wax, and it hurt. My palms sweated a lot, because of the pain. The good thing is that she was fast and the lady I went to has like 45 years exp of doing it, so It was done in like less than 10 minutes, prob like 6 or 7 min tops.

I got it done around 8am today and its 11 pm now, and i'm still swollen, a little bumpy and red, but it's not too bad. I expect it to go away within another day or so.


You can schedule a regular bikini wax, and talk to your waxer about exactly what you want taken off. For instance, I didn't want her to do the insides of the labia, or perianal area, so I just asked her to take of "everything on the top" and the bikini area between the legs beside the labia/outer labia. Just because one service is categorized as a specific region, doesn't mean you can't ask for a variation!

And for those of you under 18, my waxer will *not* wax under 18 without parental consent and a parent present. So consider that!


TO anon2261 : at the salon I go to I get the anus area done and don't worry it's normal to be hairy there. They will do these areas if you ask. In fact, my salon technician asked me if I wanted my bum done! which i do!

TO anon466: I guess mine takes about a full day to be completely normal (no redness) but this will probably depend on the person.


hi. I'm 11 years old and I have *a lot* of hair down there. I want a bikini wax, but i'm sort of scared. I wanted to know how old you have to be to get a wax? I want it waxed as soon as possible!


had my first bikini wax about 4 days ago and it wasn't so bad. i expected waaay worse it actually barely hurt so i am considering getting a brazilian. i had a little bit of bumpiness and a few pores that bled a tiny bit but after 2 days it was all totally fine. i can not believe that i put up with shaving for so long!


I Have Never had a wax anywhere accept on my face. i want to have it all off down there (so that includes anus and "snail trail") because i have a lot. i know Brazilian leaves a little bit. what kind of waxing gets rid of it all? and how painful?


OK, so im 16 and i have never had a professional wax down there. i have tried shaving (irritates the skin too much), using the hair removal chems like veet and nair (don't work any better than shaving) and i have attempted waxing with the nair strips which im sure i did wrong because some hair was left and a lot of the skin came off with the wax. the situation has gotten bad and now i have unwanted hair on the inside on my thighs, up towards my belly and in the further toward anal area.

now, last year i tried plucking some and with ice it really wasn't horribly bad and didn't get irritated. i was wondering if a bikini wax hurts more or less than what I've tried so far. what is an appropriate price for the procedure? i am most definitely NOT getting a Brazilian.


I love the brazilian wax! I have a horrible time shaving. I always get red bumps, bleed and get ingrown hairs. I have tried buying ointments, shaving in different directions and nothing works. The firs time is soooo painful, but after a few times it doesn't hurt at all! And if you keep it up the less frequent you have to go!


I have just had my first "Brazilian", and it was one of the most excruciating experiences of my life. And, I've had two babies by c-section, so that says a lot.

However, I stupidly decided to do it at a resort which, while beautiful, is nevertheless in Egypt, where sanitary procedures and practices as well as proper waxing technique are completely foreign. The treatment room was cold and impersonal, it seemed to be dirty in places, and the woman who did my wax did a terrible job even though she claimed to be a doctor. No gloves, no hand washing, no sterile applicators, no anti-bacterial cream. In fact, she smeared God-knows-how-old baby oil all over the area. She did not hold the skin taught and I ended up with bruising, swelling, redness, bleeding, and extensive irritation. Now, three days later, the skin that was traumatized during the procedure is peeling off. This following many tiny pimple-like pustules that I had to clear of puss.

However, I have had multiple other wax procedures done (all in the U.S.) which have been flawless and quite frankly relatively painless. If considering the Brazilian, make very sure that the facility and the technician know what they are doing and you should be fine.


I have seen that some males have posted here that they don't mind how women look down there, but I'm still not sure. I have never had a bikini wax or a brazilian, and I'm wondering if guys prefer brazilians or what...Any responses from anyone would be appreciated :)


I have horrible trouble with shaving my pubic hair. Ive considered getting a brazilian bc my fiance prefers fully shaved but im afraid that will become too expensive. I have trouble with itching and irritation and i bleed horribly with nicks and even through the pores when i shave. I have also had ingrown hairs. Is there a technique with shaving that will prevent this or a good shaving cream i can use while and after?


Laser hair removal is *not* the way to go for the removal of pubic hair. They love to tell you it's painless, but it's a hot flash that burns the hair and it's quite painful. I had my entire face and chin treated with a laser - it took 8 sessions of burning hair and skin. The neck is sensitive, but I couldn't even imagine that type of pain between my legs.

As for the girl who wants to be bare - you can easily keep yourself smooth by shaving. Just don't shave against the grain. You can also use topical creams that slow/stop hair growth. Always use a fresh and sharp razor. If you carefully shave every day and use topical creams that slow/stop hair growth, you should be fine.


what is most common? brazilian waxed or bikini waxed (im also a first timer) i'm scared to go get bikini waxed i'm actually considering laser hair removal for that part. what go you think ? bikini or brazilian?


Don't worry about getting into bed with someone with lots of pubic hair. I'm of Irish/English descent and have lots of hair everywhere. I trim the front down but not the the back - that skin is way too sensitive for me to mess with. I don't look like a porn star, but I've never had a complaint. Plus if you wax and then sleep with someone for the first time you will be compelled to keep it up - and that's very expensive and time consuming. Be yourself and have a great time!!! It's a wonderful feeling to know someone likes your body just the way it is.


Body hair is the most normal thing. If you have a lot it will just take a bit more effort to remove.

Honestly I don't think most women care about physical appearance once you've got that far (in bed). I have terrible and extensive scarring across large parts of body but to my surprise in life the women I have been with didn't seem to mind. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself. If you are relaxed, then so will (s)he be. If it's really killing you, hire a call girl (they seem not to be bothered about these things).


As much as we hate to admit it, most women have hair in the places you've mentioned. The truth is, a standard bikini wax isn't usually extensive enough to do more than simple clean up work along bikini lines. If you would like more than that taken off, a Brazillian wax is far more extensive.

As for the getting in bed with someone, don't forget what physical intimacy is all about--getting closer to someone. Mutual trust and communication are far more important than body hair growth, in my opinion.


I have never had a bikini wax before. and one of my problems is that i have pubic hair almost everywhere between my legs-around my anus,in between my that normal? and if i have to get a bikini wax, do i have to wax these areas too. please let me know about these things before i chose to get in bed with someone. I'm so scared. Thanks!!


how long does a full bikini wax take to heal?

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    • During a bikini wax an aesthetician applies warm melted wax to the hair to be removed.
      By: blueee
      During a bikini wax an aesthetician applies warm melted wax to the hair to be removed.
    • It is suggested to take an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour prior to a bikini wax to reduce the pain.
      By: blueskies9
      It is suggested to take an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour prior to a bikini wax to reduce the pain.
    • In preparation for a bikini wax, a person should avoid swimming or sunning for 24 hours prior to the wax.
      By: Donald Bowers
      In preparation for a bikini wax, a person should avoid swimming or sunning for 24 hours prior to the wax.
    • Aestheticians typically recommend that women do not get a bikini wax during menstruation, as the procedure can increase abdominal pain.
      By: matka_Wariatka
      Aestheticians typically recommend that women do not get a bikini wax during menstruation, as the procedure can increase abdominal pain.
    • Aestheticians typically recommend shaving the bikini area about three weeks prior to getting a wax.
      By: Nobilior
      Aestheticians typically recommend shaving the bikini area about three weeks prior to getting a wax.
    • Waxing the bikini area during menstruation may caused increased pain to the area.
      By: BlueSkyImages
      Waxing the bikini area during menstruation may caused increased pain to the area.
    • Waxing the genital area during pregnancy may be more painful for some women.
      By: Natalia Chircova
      Waxing the genital area during pregnancy may be more painful for some women.