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How Do I Choose the Best Bath Salt Containers?

Selecting the ideal bath salt container hinges on factors like material durability, moisture resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Glass jars offer elegance and sturdiness, while plastic options provide lightweight versatility. Consider the seal's quality to keep your salts dry and potent. Ready to discover the perfect vessel for your soothing soaks? Let's explore the options that will elevate your bath-time ritual.
Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond

The best bath salt containers will keep the salts clean and dry until they are ready for use. When choosing one, the buyer should also consider whether the closure can stay in place easily. The stopper should also be easy to remove and replace so that the user can get to the bath salts easily.

Plastic containers are a safe choice if the consumer wants to display the bath salts in the room. Clear or opaque glass containers are other stylish options for consumers. Metal containers and plastic tubes can also be used for this purpose.

Bath salts.
Bath salts.

Consumers who choose plastic containers for their bath salts have a number of colors and styles to choose from. They are lightweight and available in a number of sizes, styles and colors. These types of bath salt containers are a safe choice for consumers, since they will not shatter if they are dropped on the bathroom floor.

Glass bath salt containers are another popular choice for buyers. They are readily available from both online and brick and mortar retailers, and come in various sizes, styles and colors. Some consumers choose to display these containers on a counter or shelf. They can coordinate or contrast the bath salts with their bathroom decor to enhance the look of this part of the home.

Plastic containers are a safe choice for storing bath salts.
Plastic containers are a safe choice for storing bath salts.

Metal containers can also be used to store bath products. As bath salt containers, they have the advantage of being very durable. Retailers offer containers in a number of finishes, including tin, brass and gold. All of these types can add color and texture to the decor of a bathroom and are highly durable for storing bath salts and other items.

Plastic tubes are another good choice for bath salt containers, especially if the contents are being used for samples or as part of a gift basket containing a number of items. The container is made of clear plastic and comes with a plastic stopper. The user will need to remove it very carefully to avoid spilling the bath salts when trying to open the package.

Bath salt containers are available with a number of different types of lids and stoppers. A cork stopper is quite common and the user can twist it slightly when removing it. Glass bath salt containers may have glass lids as well, and plastic ones may have a top made of the same material.

What Is the Best Way To Store Bath Salts?

You can package bath salts in various containers, including bags and sachets. However, one of the best ways to package bath salts is in glass jars. You need to ensure the salts are protected from sunlight and moisture, so an airtight container is best. If your product is left open to the air, you risk the salt becoming rock hard and unusable.

If you choose to use a glass jar as your bath salt container, you can also decorate it in various ways if you want. You'll need:

  • Paint
  • Decorations
  • Glue
  • Ribbons

Glass jars are environmentally friendly and easily accessible. They can also make your salts look attractive and show off the colors and ingredients present. They are not porous, so your scent will not fade. If you want, you can choose glass jars with various designs to make your salts look more elegant.

As with any glass container, there is the risk of breakage. Since most people will keep their jar in a bathroom, the container can be dropped on a tile or hard floor and break easily. Also, glass containers can be expensive.

Can Bath Salts Be Stored In Plastic Containers?

In general, you can use plastic as your bath salt container. Plastic jars work similarly to glass jars, except the chance of shattering them is significantly reduced. Crystal clear plastic jars are an excellent choice to show off your bath salts. Many choose to use PET plastic jars and containers because they weigh less and don't cost as much as glass containers.

If you are using essential oils in your bath salts, it is necessary to use glass or plastic jars because the oils will evaporate in other kinds of containers. PET plastic containers are as effective as glass when you want to keep your scent from fading. They also come in various shapes and sizes.

However, be aware that if you intend to store pure essential oils, you cannot keep them in plastic jars for the long term. Eventually, the plastic will break down and corrode.

What Can I Package Bath Salts In?

There are several different ways to package your bath salts. Depending on your needs, you can use:

  • Cellophane bags- These are a popular choice as a bath salt container. They display your salts easily and look professional. Unlike glass jars, there is no danger of breaking or shattering. Also, the final package is lightweight, making it ideal for shipping. If you want to decorate the bag, you can use ribbons and other decorations. A cellophane bag is also the cheapest option when it comes to packaging. However, one challenge is wrapping the bags to ensure they are as airtight as possible.
  • Boxes and pouches- You may want to look into packing your bath salts in boxes as another packaging option. Cardboard boxes can be handmade and decorated to match your brand's color scheme too. Stand-up pouches are an excellent choice, especially if they are resealable. A pouch is also lightweight, and you can ship it without hassle. Some pouches include a clear window so customers can see what is inside.
  • Fabric- You can tie the material with a ribbon to form a sachet. You can also sew some fabric to create a small pouch or bag. It's also an environmentally friendly way to package your bath salts, which is why many choose to use it as a container. When using fabric, wrap your bath salts in plastic first since this container is not airtight. It will help preserve the fragrance and keep your salts dry.
  • Plastic or glass tubes- This option is popular because you can easily display your bath salts. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be a fun way to show off your product. Tubes are lightweight and inexpensive, making them a good choice for shipping and gift-giving.

If you have a business selling bath salts, you can decorate any of your packaging to match your brand colors. It gives your product a more professional look and feel.

When packaging bath salts, you can also try other ways to make your product unique and attractive. Try layering your salts, using handmade labels, and coordinating the package color to the scent. Any of these ways are eye-catching and can please your customers and loved ones.

If you choose to use an airtight container and you've included baking soda as an ingredient, you may want to include a few holes in the lid. Over time, bath salts with baking soda can build up pressure and explode, so keep this in mind when making homemade salts.

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Discussion Comments


@ddljohn-- Wood containers look very nice in the bathroom but I'm worried that they may absorb the moisture in the bathroom and cause the salts to go bad. Has this ever happened to anyone?

I think I like plastic jars. I'm in love with the tiered ones and the ones with several compartments. In addition to bath salt, I keep dry herbs and soaps near the bathtub to use while bathing. So the multiple compartments make life easier for me.


@SarahGen-- Oh I would not buy a glass jar. I'd certainly cause it to fall and break. Even plastic containers can crack and chip easily if they fall. I think the best bath salt container is a wooden or metal canister with a scoop inside. They're both very durable.


I've been using bath salts and bath sitz mixtures for baths often lately. I did not like the appearance of the bath salts in their original container by the tub so I went out and bought a nice container for it. It's basically a large glass jar with a lid and a spoon that hangs on the side. I could get a glass jar anywhere, but I really loved the spoon addition because I don't want to get the bath salts wet.

I'm a little lazy, so last time I prepared a bath, instead of going to the kitchen and getting a spoon, I put my moist hand into the box and got a handful of bath salts. It's not the ideal way to take out bath salts, especially considering that they dissolve in water. Now I won't have to worry about that at all. I just have to keep the jar a little farther away from the bathtub so that the spoon or jar doesn't get wet.

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    • Bath salts.
      By: Jiri Hera
      Bath salts.
    • Plastic containers are a safe choice for storing bath salts.
      By: krasyuk
      Plastic containers are a safe choice for storing bath salts.