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How Do I Choose the Best Beeswax Lotion?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Beeswax is a natural product derived from honeybee hives, and it is used in many different types of cosmetic lotions. Many consumers use beeswax lotion on a daily basis, while others use different strengths to help to treat a specific skin ailment. Unscented versions are preferable for sensitive skin, although many brands of the lotions contain fragrances if you prefer. These hand and body lotions are widely available over-the-counter at drug stores, as well as in beauty and body shops. You also have the option of making your own beeswax lotion at home, as long as you can obtain all of the necessary ingredients.

Lotions are made from a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients. Beeswax is used in many conventional cosmetics, but it is also considered as one of the main ingredients in natural skincare products. The wax comes from the hives of honeybees, and it contains natural moisturizers and fatty acids.

The honeybee is the only species of bee that can make beeswax.
The honeybee is the only species of bee that can make beeswax.

Waxes from beehives are considered to be natural materials that can aid overall skin health. Beeswax lotion particularly acts as a barrier for the skin, which is why it is considered to be an effective moisturizing product for dryness. If you have eczema or severe dry skin, you might consider obtaining a version that contains other moisturizing ingredients, such as vitamin E. Some natural antiseptics also use beeswax and essential oils in lieu of medicinal ingredients.

Beeswax lotion can be made at home.
Beeswax lotion can be made at home.

Due to the increased popularity of beeswax lotion, many manufacturers add fragrances to their products as a way to appeal to more customers because the wax itself is unscented. Honey is a common complementing fragrance, while other products might contain lavender, mint, and citrus oils. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider sticking with an unscented product in order to reduce the chances of irritation.

Beeswax contains natural moisturizers and fatty acids.
Beeswax contains natural moisturizers and fatty acids.

The best beeswax lotion for your needs can be available in a variety of locations. Drug stores and supermarkets often sell a small amount of these products in the beauty aisle, while skincare shops might focus more on the lotions. Natural stores tend to carry a wider variety of beeswax lotions due to the nature of the product ingredients. It is important to look at all ingredient labels because some stores mark up the exact same products which you can buy at a less expensive rate in other places. A higher price does not necessarily indicate a better quality product.

If you are looking for a less expensive way to obtain beeswax lotion in bulk, you might consider making the product at home. There are generally two primary types of beeswax lotions you can make: basic moisturizing creams and antiseptic solutions. All-purpose moisturizers can be made from a combination of the beeswax as well as essential oils derived from almonds, lavender, and vitamin E. For minor cuts and wounds, you can make a natural alternative to medicinal ointments with beeswax combined with almond, tea tree, and jojoba essential oils. You should consider seeing your doctor if a particular skin condition does not improve with the use of homemade beeswax lotion.

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Some beeswax moisturizers are like a salve. Those are best for particularly dry areas on skin and to use on scars and wounds. Other beeswax moisturizers are lotions and can be used everywhere. But the salves are usually more natural than the lotions.


@donasmrs-- I use a beeswax lotion and no, it doesn't leave a sticky residue. It actually doesn't feel waxy at all, but it does stay behind and protect skin for a long time. Especially in winter, my skin needs extra protection so I don't mind this at all.

If you're worried about residue, then buy a beeswax lotion that has less beeswax in it. It should have other ingredients like glycerin and vitamin E oil. This way, you will still get the benefits of the beeswax without any residue.


I use lip balm with beeswax, but I have never used beeswax lotion before. Won't it leave a sticky residue on skin?

Beeswax works well on lips because the skin on lips is very thin and sensitive. But on hands, it might be annoying to use. Is there a beeswax lotion that leaves a clean feeling on skin?

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    • The honeybee is the only species of bee that can make beeswax.
      By: artist_as
      The honeybee is the only species of bee that can make beeswax.
    • Beeswax lotion can be made at home.
      By: matin
      Beeswax lotion can be made at home.
    • Beeswax contains natural moisturizers and fatty acids.
      By: migfoto
      Beeswax contains natural moisturizers and fatty acids.