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How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Hair Spray?

Dee Jones
Dee Jones

While many might think an expensive hair spray would be better than a more affordable brand, it is possible to find a good, cheap hair spray that can do the job just as well as a more costly brand. By learning to read the labels on hair spray, and understanding her hair care needs, a consumer can find an effective hair spray that is moderately priced. Generally, when looking for good hair spray, the lower the alcohol content, the better. Buying the absolute cheapest hair spray in the store isn’t always the best option. After finding what seems to be a good, cheap hair spray, buy a small can to test and if that hair spray isn’t satisfactory, try something new.

Salons and department stores aren’t the only places where consumers can find a good hair spray. Many good and effective hair sprays can be found at almost any local drugstore, discount store, or grocery store. Along with price, it's important to consider ingredients, so always make a habit of reading the label on a hair spray before buying it. Hairspray with a relatively low alcohol content is best because hairspray with a high alcohol content can be damaging to the hair, especially with prolonged use.

Different types of cheap hair spray can have different prices. A hairspray that gives hair a light hold might be more affordable than one that offers a strong hold. A consumer should determine how much hold she needs before buying a new hairspray.

Hair spray.
Hair spray.

Many will find a flexible-hold spray to be good for regular, daily use. This type of hairspray will hold a user's style in place while still allowing the hair to move naturally. Those who are very active, or who favor elaborate styles that require a strong spray to keep their hair in place should choose strong, extra strong, or maximum strength hairspray might be a better choice.

Hairspray with lighter holds is less likely to make hair stiff and crunchy.
Hairspray with lighter holds is less likely to make hair stiff and crunchy.

When buying an untried brand of cheap hair spray, start with the smallest size available. Many bargain hair sprays are sold in small travel sizes. Test the hair spray to determine whether it holds sufficiently, leaves the hair sticky or tacky, flakes, or gives the hair an unnatural shine. The consumer can also determine whether the cheap hair spray causes any adverse reactions, like breakouts near the hairline.

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@raynbow- You don't have to spend a lot of money to search for a hair spray that works best for you. You also don't have to buy the cheapest hair sprays on the market.

The best strategy for saving money on hair spray is to look for coupons and pair these money saving offers with store sales. If you use coupons on a hair spray that is also on sale, you will be able to save a lot of money on a quality product.

Manufacturers are frequently offering coupons, and stores are always having sales. These two factors mean that you should always be able to get a great deal on a great hair spray.


@raynbow- Over the years, I have tried so many different kinds of cheap hairsprays that I know I have wasted a lot of money. Some of them just didn't work the way I wanted them to, so I would end up not using them.

I got tired of spending money on hair spray that I didn't like, so I began looking for key features before I would buy a new one. Once of the things that I realized was that I didn't like hairsprays that had very strong scents. So I began looking for those that were very lightly scented.

I also found that hair sprays that were formulated similarly to name brand hair sprays worked very well for a fraction of the price. These types of hair sprays are usually clearly labeled, which made it easy to find a good one at a great price.


There are many cheap hair sprays available, and not all of them come in small bottles. When this is the case, how can you be sure that you are buying a good cheap hairspray without wasting a lot of money trying different kinds?

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    • Hair spray.
      By: Alexandr Makarov
      Hair spray.
    • Hairspray with lighter holds is less likely to make hair stiff and crunchy.
      By: nastia1983
      Hairspray with lighter holds is less likely to make hair stiff and crunchy.