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How Do I Choose the Best Cigarette Pants?

Selecting the best cigarette pants hinges on fit, fabric, and style. Aim for a snug, flattering cut that complements your body shape. Opt for high-quality materials that offer comfort and durability. Consider versatile colors for maximum outfit pairing. What's your signature look? Discover how the right cigarette pants can elevate your wardrobe and reflect your personal style. Keep reading to find your perfect pair.
N. Farley
N. Farley

To choose the best cigarette pants, you'll want to consider the fit, style, and occasion that will best suit your needs. You will also need to think about your budget, as prices for cigarette pants can vary widely. As one of the most slim-fitting styles available, these pants look best when they are tailored well for your size and made of a flattering fabric. Those with thin, svelte figures might prefer modern cigarette slacks made of spandex or even leather, while curvier sizes might appreciate the comfort found in denim or twill styles. Finer materials like twill and polyester are suitable for dressy occasions, while thin fabrics in spandex or denim work well for everyday wear and casual events.

Often called pencil pants, the cigarette style is known for being extremely close-fitting and tailored to the individual's form. While they might be made from fabrics ranging from cotton to Lycra®, they are designed to hug the wearer's legs and to accentuate curves. If you are comfortable showing off your legs, you should look for a pair in a thin material or a bright color. For those who prefer a slimming appearance, it is best to choose a style made of a thicker fabric, such as denim. Dark colors like black and blue can also make the wearer look thinner, which makes it a popular choice for people who like the style, but who are not comfortable showing each line and curve.

Cotton twill fabric.
Cotton twill fabric.

Before choosing a pair of cigarette slacks, be sure to think about where you will wear them. A pair of these slim-fit pants can be styled with a nice blouse or even a dress for a formal event, particularly if the outfit is accessorized with modern jewelry or bold accent colors. Many people also wear vintage cigarette pants with tunic tops or sweaters for a refined but casual look that is suitable for shopping on the weekends or an evening on the town. Whether you're buying cigarette pants for a dressy or casual occasion, you can pair them with ballet flats or stylish pumps for a fashionable look.

Cigarette pants may be made of leather.
Cigarette pants may be made of leather.

Keep your budget in mind while buying cigarette pants. Prices can range widely based on the fabric, style, and brand of the pants. They are available from many retailers, including discount chains, large department stores, and upscale boutiques. Pants of a higher quality will last longer, which might make them a sound investment, while lower-cost pants are an affordable solution for anyone on a budget.

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@aviva - I know what you mean about trendy clothes from the past becoming new again. If you think about every ten years the style of pants changes. But the whole concept of blue jeans that became popular through Elvis Presley and his drainpipe style has remained pretty consistent since the fifties.

The same stands true even more for khaki pants which rarely change form the way denim does. But you can choose from baggy gangster jeans to denim leggings or jeggings I think they call them, and any width in between.


I bought the cutest pair of skinny capri pants the other day at an outlet store that I absolutely love. I have fairly large hips so I'm not sure what I should wear over them or even if a woman my size should wear them at all, but they're so comfortable and they have just the right amount of stretch in them.


So it sounds like what this article is saying is that basically cigarette pants have evolved into what we call today skinny jeans. That always happens in the world of fashion. Something that was once popular a long time ago always comes back in style. It's just modernized a little and given a new name.

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    • Cotton twill fabric.
      By: Louella Folsom
      Cotton twill fabric.
    • Cigarette pants may be made of leather.
      By: clownbusiness
      Cigarette pants may be made of leather.
    • Jeggings are incarnations of cigarette pants.
      By: Elnur
      Jeggings are incarnations of cigarette pants.