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How Do I Choose the Best Curly Hair Haircuts?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Choosing curly hair haircuts can be difficult for some women, especially if they have very curly hair. Long curly hair haircuts are usually recommended, but very short hair cuts may also be attractive on some people with naturally curly hair. Layers are usually a good option for many curly hair haircuts. Short layered bangs, on the other hand, are not typically recommended, since they can become frizzy. You may want to look through pictures of haircuts for curly hair and consult your stylist before choosing a haircut.

Medium to long curly hair haircuts typically look better than short cuts. The hair should be at least past the shoulders. This will help eliminate the frizz that often accompanies short curly hair. Since naturally curly hair tends to be much thicker and heavier than straight hair, however, some women may find that long curly hair can be very uncomfortable.

Man with curly hair.
Man with curly hair.

An experienced stylist will often help you choose some short curly haircuts that will look good on you. Women with short curly hair, however, often have a problem with their hair becoming frizzy. If you prefer short hair and you have very curly hair, you may want to opt for a style that is cropped close to the scalp. If you have wavy locks, a long bob may also look good on you, especially if it is layered.

Woman with curly hair.
Woman with curly hair.

Layers are usually recommended for many curly hair haircuts. Long layers can help remove weight at the bottom of the hair, resulting in a more comfortable style. They can also prevent a curly hairstyle from becoming flat at the top of the head and bushy at the tips of the hair. People with thick or tight curls, however, are typically advised to avoid layers altogether.

Long curly hair haircuts may help eliminate frizz that accompanies short curly hair.
Long curly hair haircuts may help eliminate frizz that accompanies short curly hair.

Bangs are generally considered a bad idea when cutting curly hair. Instead of hanging on the forehead, they tend to become frizzy and stick out. If you are set on having bangs, your stylist may recommend long side swept bangs, which can look very attractive on people with wavy hair.

One of the best places to find different types of curly haircuts is a book of hairstyles. These can often be found in the waiting area of your favorite salon. After flipping through some of these books, you can ask your stylist for advice. She will usually know which type of haircut will look best, depending on your hair texture and facial features.

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Can anyone recommend some great styling products to use with curly hair?

I recently got a great medium length haircut that really brings out the natural curls and waves in my hair but I find it hard to get them tamed like they were in the salon. It seems like when I had my hair first done the curls were much more defined and really framed my face and now they are starting to go awry.

If possible I would prefer to use some natural products for curly hair to compliment my style. I don't like putting anything too heavy on my hair as I feel it squashes my volume.


@Sara007 - My sister has curly hair and I am used to listening to her fight with her hair and curse styling it, so I can certainly sympathize with your problem. If you are set on cutting your hair short I would recommend going with a cut that goes just below your ears.

If you take a look at some photos of Charlize Theron and Sarah Jessica Parker when they are sporting their short curly looks you'll see how amazing it looks. What is even better is that it takes no time at all to get ready. Since my sister copied Sarah's look she has knocked her morning hair preparation down to about 10 minutes. She's never been happier with her locks.


I have struggled with my curly hair for years and while I like to keep it long I am starting to get overwhelmed with caring for it and my new earlier start at work. I used to take the time to straighten it and style it but now I am stuck throwing it up in a bun to avoid having to fight with it.

Right now I am considering a short curly haircut but as I have never had my hair shorter than my shoulders before I am a bit nervous. What short curly haircut do you think is best for someone with a more oval face?

I am not the biggest fan of bobs but if someone pointed me towards a photo of an actress or someone that pulls it off well I would consider it.

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    • Man with curly hair.
      Man with curly hair.
    • Woman with curly hair.
      Woman with curly hair.
    • Long curly hair haircuts may help eliminate frizz that accompanies short curly hair.
      By: javiindy
      Long curly hair haircuts may help eliminate frizz that accompanies short curly hair.