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How do I Choose the Best Lip Balm Containers?

Meagan Michi
Meagan Michi

Lip balm containers are generally small packages intended to hold lip balm or lip gloss. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can make it difficult to choose the best containers. People who are interested in making their own lip balm will need to research the various lip balm containers that are available in order to choose the one that best suites their product. Some of the different lip balm containers to consider include tubes, pots and tins. When shopping for containers for homemade lip balm, a person should also consider price and size.

One of the first considerations when shopping for lip balm containers is choosing a package that is suited to the consistency of the lip balm. Some lip balms are quite solid, while others can be an almost runny consistency. Generally speaking, lip balm jars with tight-fitting lids are great options for a lip balm that is solid. Alternatively, lip gloss tubes are perfect for a recipe that results in a lip gloss that has a more watery consistency. For lip balm recipes that result in soft balms that are neither hard nor liquid, lip balm tubes may be the best choice.

The tube is a common lip balm container.
The tube is a common lip balm container.

People should also consider size when shopping for lip balm containers; the necessary size will likely depend on the lip balm recipe that is being used or the consistency of the finished product. Solid or hard lip products tend to last longer than those that are softer. For this reason, a smaller container can often be used for solid lip balms that will last a long time. Lips balms that are soft tend to be used at a faster rate and therefore may require a larger container. Generally speaking, lip balm containers range in size between 0.15 to 1 oz (about 4.4 to 29.6 ml).

Lip balm can be applied to the lips with a squeeze tube.
Lip balm can be applied to the lips with a squeeze tube.

A final consideration when shopping for lip balm containers is price. While there are certainly a plethora of reasonably priced containers available for sale, some of the most appealing examples usually are a bit more expensive. In general, the price is going to depend on the size of the container as well as the material from which it is made. Plastic is generally the cheapest option, while metal tins and other specialty containers are usually more expensive. A great way to save money when buying lip balm containers is to buy them in bulk; buying in bulk can save a significant percentage over the price per piece.

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I remember when I was in middle school, tinted lip balm and lip gloss was only available in the tubes with the brush that you had to remove to apply. And then one year, the squeezable tubes came out and they were such a hit!


@burcidi-- Filling lip balm tubes (for the solid lip balms) is not hard at all. You just need a lip balm filling tray. You can get one of these at stores that sell cosmetic and soap making supplies.

All you have to do is attach the tubes to the tray, pour the lip balm when it's liquid and detach after they've become solid.

Everyone likes their lip balm a different way. My daughter loves the little lip balm pots and I love the tubes. I don't like putting fingers in my lip balm either. Tubes are better for hygiene and my fingers don't get sticky.


It's very easy to put lip balm into jars, but what about tubes? Is it very difficult to put the balm in them?

I make homemade, organic lip balm and I've been using jars so far. It's fine but a few customers have requested that I start putting them in tubes because they don't like sticking their finger in the jar. I understand, but I'm not sure how to do that.

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    • The tube is a common lip balm container.
      By: Nazzu
      The tube is a common lip balm container.
    • Lip balm can be applied to the lips with a squeeze tube.
      By: Kurhan
      Lip balm can be applied to the lips with a squeeze tube.