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How Do I Choose the Best Perm for Short Hair?

Brittany Beard
Brittany Beard

A perm is when hair is chemically altered to change its structure and texture. Getting a perm is a very important decision regarding your hair because it alters your appearance, hair texture and how your hair reacts to other chemicals. Many factors contribute to this decision, including the healthiness of your hair, its length and whether your hair has been dyed before. If your hair is in perfect condition and you are completely positive about your decision to get a perm, the best perm for short hair would be the spiral perm, root perm, spot perm or pin curl perm.

You can look at pictures online and in magazines before choosing the best perm for short hair. It also is a good idea to consult your beautician about which perm for short hair would look best on you. Also, a beautician can assist you if you are performing the perm on your own. Given that beauticians have experienced a wide variety of hair types in their occupation, they can give you an idea of the result that you would achieve with your hair type and length.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Spiral perms are perms that are done with the help of a long perm rod. The hair is wrapped around the hair rod, and a perming chemical is added to the hair to secure the shape after the rod is removed. The resulting look depends on the length of the hair. Spiral perms can look great if you have short- to medium-length hair, because the curls are meant to be compact and spring out in different directions. A spiral perm can give your hair volume, pizazz and lift.

A root perm for short hair is popular because it does not curl the hair but adds lift and volume to the root area. Root perms last for only two to three months, giving the person a very loose, feminine appearance. Spot perms are perms that allow you to maintain your natural hair texture by selecting only the parts of your hair that you want curled. The remaining hair maintains its natural hair texture. For example, if you want to keep your bangs straight while the rest of your hair is curly, a spot perm for short hair would help achieve this style.

Although pin curls typically are associated with medium to long hair lengths, people who have short hair are also able to join in on the fun without having to add all of the chemical-based products associated with perming. With the help of curling pins, small curls are created, giving the hair more volume and flair. The pin curl perm for short hair is a very popular and low-maintenance perm.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book