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How Do I Choose the Best Rabbit Fur Coat?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

When choosing a rabbit fur coat, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. The style, color, and fit of the coat are all important considerations, and all depend on personal preferences and physical qualities. Many people love the look and feel of rabbit fur but feel that wearing fur is unethical, so there are many faux rabbit fur coats available as well that are typically less expensive. While many fur coats are completely made of fur, some only have rabbit fur trim or hoods. The benefits of choosing this type of coat over coats made of other materials should be weighed carefully because rabbit fur is often expensive and not easy to clean.

There are many different rabbit fur coat styles, and this type of fur coat is often dyed to create bright colors or patterns reminiscent of other animals. A long rabbit fur coat may be more expensive than a short jacket, but cost also depends on the designer and the quality of the fur. This type of fur coat is often less expensive than furs like mink, but it still can be very expensive to care for as well as keep in pristine condition. Choosing a rabbit fur coat that features fur as a trim rather than as the main fabric can be a way to cut down on maintenance costs.

Rabbits may be used to create fur coats.
Rabbits may be used to create fur coats.

Making sure that the coat fits well and was made well is just as important as looking at the fur components of a rabbit fur coat. Any fastenings, stitches, or other functional elements must be strong in order to last for a long time. Trying on the coat and making sure it flatters your body is also important, just as it would be for any other coat.

In addition to new fur coats, there are also vintage fur coats that can be highly unique and attractive. Vintage furs have the benefit of classic styles and are often considered more ethical because they do not contribute directly to the fur industry when purchased used. Used fur coats often require some mending and other small repairs, but they are still typically a very good value. Looking at thrift stores and scouring auctions is a great way to find a vintage rabbit fur coat that you like.

Faux rabbit fur coats often resemble fur coats but do not have the same physical construction or care requirements. This can be either highly desirable or undesirable, depending on the situation. Thinking about why you wish to purchase a fur coat can elucidate whether faux fur can make an acceptable alternative. While this solution can cut down on costs, high-quality faux fur can be just as expensive as real fur and is therefore not always an economical replacement.

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    • Rabbits may be used to create fur coats.
      By: Anatolii
      Rabbits may be used to create fur coats.