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How Do I Choose the Best Texturizing Shears?

Kathleen Howard
Kathleen Howard

Texturizing shears are specialized shears used to thin the hair, create layers, and add texture. These shears go by several different names, including texturizing scissors, thinning shears, and thinning scissors. When shopping for texturizing shears, choose shears according to the type of texture you are hoping to create. Shears with lots of close-set teeth can be used to blend thinner hair, while thick, wide-set teeth are typically used to lighten thick or curly hair. Texturizing shears should also be chosen based on comfort and how well they fit your hand.

The most important feature to look for when buying texturizing shears is the teeth on the shears. Typically, texturizing shears are designed with one straight blade as well as one with several teeth. The number and size of the teeth will determine the amount of texture the shears create.

Texturizing shears can be used to reduce the volume of thick, curly hair.
Texturizing shears can be used to reduce the volume of thick, curly hair.

Shears with fine, close-set teeth will create soft texture that blends into the rest of the hair. When used sparingly, these shears can be used to add volume or soften a person’s layers. If a person has thick hair, these shears can also be used to thin bulky areas and make the hair more manageable. Fine-toothed texturizing shears typically work best on straight or wavy hair.

Texturizing shears with thick teeth or teeth that vary in thickness are used to notch the hair. Since these shears cut so much hair with each motion, they are generally used on thick, curly hair. When used on curly hair, these shears will remove curls and bulk. This will reduce volume and make the hair easier to style.

To determine just how much hair a pair of hair scissors will remove with each motion, take a close look at the packaging. Most shears will state the percentage of hair that is cut each time the scissors are closed. The lower the percentage, the less dramatic the result. If you are unsure of which shears to choose, select a pair that only removes a small amount of hair at a time.

It is also important to choose shears that fit your hand. While some shears can be used by anyone, others are specially designed for left- or right-handed users. Shears that will work with your dominant hand will be easier to use.

Shears are also designed with even or offset handles. Even handles will have two finger holes that line up, while offset handles are slightly off in alignment. Offset handles are generally regarded as more comfortable. Still, it is important to try both types. You may find that even handles are more comfortable or easier for you to use.

If given the chance, you should always hold and practice using shears before purchasing the them. Make sure that your fingers fit into the finger holes and that the handle is easy to use. Also check that you are comfortable with the weight of the shears and the length of its blades. Comfort and usability are almost as important as the size of the teeth on a pair of texturizing shears.

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    • Texturizing shears can be used to reduce the volume of thick, curly hair.
      By: indiraswork
      Texturizing shears can be used to reduce the volume of thick, curly hair.