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How Do I Get the Best Stack Perm?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross

A stack perm is a style of permanent wave where only the middle and ends of the hair are curled. This style of perm is designed to give both curl and volume while still appearing natural. Accomplished by the use of variable-sized rollers, the stack perm is a good choice for most faces and creates a casually sexy look. To get the best stack perm, make sure you consult someone with experience, make sure the style is suitable for your hair, and use the proper tools.

A stylist in a salon or someone knowledgeable about the process should apply the stack perm. Due to different-sized rollers being used, the person perming the hair should know where to place each size correctly in order to achieve the desired look. You can buy a home kit and apply your own perm, but these kits usually have quite a small selection of curlers and a generic and often variable chemical strength, which affects the resulting style.

A stack perm is where only the middle and the ends of the hair are curled.
A stack perm is where only the middle and the ends of the hair are curled.

Before getting your stack perm, look through different magazines, hair books, or websites, and see which style and degree of curl that you like the best. Look at perms that have been done on hair that is similar to yours in length, color, and texture, and see if you like the result. Also, look at similar face shapes to see how the style will look with your own. Bring the pictures you like with you to the stylist, and listen to his or her advice on whether the style is possible with your hair and if it will suit you.

A stack perm is best done on shoulder-length or longer hair that is the same length all over. It creates a layered look due to the variety of curler sizes, which will make layered hair look over-styled. You only get a good perm when your hair is in a strong condition, so if your hair is dry or damaged, you should wait until you can get it healthy. Otherwise, the perm may damage your hair, resulting in a frizzy look or the hair breaking off altogether.

Don't be afraid to ask the stylist what type of perm solution he or she is using. If you have hair that is fine and somewhat fragile, then the stylist should be using a mild, acid-based solution, which is gentler on your hair. When your hair is coarser and more resistant to styling, the stylist should use a stronger, more alkaline solution. Exothermic solutions can be used on all types of hair and are long lasting, making them a popular choice. Finally, make sure that you care for your stack perm appropriately, making the most out of it.

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    • A stack perm is where only the middle and the ends of the hair are curled.
      By: xjrshimada
      A stack perm is where only the middle and the ends of the hair are curled.