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How Do I Groom a Moustache and Soul Patch?

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Grooming a moustache and soul patch requires a razor, a beard trimmer, and a pair of scissors. Moustaches can be groomed by combing, trimming the hair on the outer edges using scissors, then trimming the bottom of the moustache. The top line of the moustache is maintained by careful razor-work, and then it is combed again to check the results. Soul patches generally require very little grooming, but can be formed into different shapes and kept centered using a single-bladed trimmer.

A moustache and soul patch combination requires occasional grooming, as do most facial hair styles. Frank Zappa, the musician, is a famous exponent of the moustache and soul patch combination, which is thought by some to denote an inherent power. The soul patch, falling underneath the lower lip, works with the moustache to frame the mouth. The moustache is the primary concern when grooming the style, because soul patches do not generally require much care to maintain.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

The most important tool to grooming a moustache and soul patch combination is a pair of barber’s scissors. Barber’s scissors are specifically designed to cut hair, and when used in combination with a comb, can be used for precise trimming. The first step in correct moustache grooming is to comb it directly downwards. Longer moustaches may tickle the lips during this stage of grooming, but this can be corrected if the wearer desires. The outer edges of the moustache should be clipped first.

After the wearer has trimmed the outer edges of the moustache, he should trim across the bottom line. If the moustache occasionally strays into the mouth, this trimming can be used to make the central portion of the moustache too short to reach the mouth. Running a comb down to the desired length and then clipping any additional hair on the outside of the comb is one method of precise grooming for a moustache and soul patch combination. The body of the moustache should then be trimmed in this way to ensure evenness and remove disobedient hairs.

Shaping the facial hair is the final stage in grooming a moustache and soul patch combination. The moustache can be shaped using a razor along the top line and then combed again to finish the grooming. Soul patches can be shaped into triangles, squares, or rectangles, depending on the wearer’s preference. This should be done with a single bladed trimmer, and the sides of the mouth and the chin can be used as guides to ensure the soul patch sits in the center of the mouth. Most people see the most important aspect of the soul patch as symmetry.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips