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How Do I Hide a Face Mole?

Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

A face mole can be hidden with a cosmetic concealer. Not only can a concealer hide a mole, it can also cover scars and other facial imperfections. Although the tone of the concealer is important in covering a mole on the face, the technique with which it is applied also plays a role the the level of coverage. If too much concealer is applied, it will bring attention to the mole rather than hiding it. A concealer that closely matches the skin tone will look most natural and provide the best coverage.

Cosmetic concealers can be purchased at department stores and cosmetic shops. Although concealers are also available at drug stores and other retail stores, consumers are typically not allowed to test the concealer on their skin prior to purchasing it. Prior to applying the concealer to the face mole, the face should be thoroughly washed and moisturized. A small amount of concealer should be gently dabbed onto the mole and blended carefully. Sometimes, cosmetic concealers are ineffective in hiding facial moles, and can even make them look more prominent.

A face mole.
A face mole.

For especially prominent or dark face moles, tattoo concealers might provide better coverage. Tattoo concealer or makeup can be purchased at some cosmetic retailers, but is commonly available at tattoo parlors and bridal shops. Some brides do not want their tattoos to show on their wedding day, so they cover them with opaque tattoo concealer, which is usually waterproof and resistant to body oil, perspiration, and fading.

Flat face mole.
Flat face mole.

Applying concealer can be done with clean hands, a cosmetic sponge, or makeup applicator. If an individual does not feel comfortable in the level of coverage she is getting from her own efforts, she can seek the help of a professional makeup artist, A makeup artist can offer tips and tricks on how to best cover facial imperfections and may also be able to explain how theatrical makeup might be helpful in covering a mole.

A raised face mole.
A raised face mole.

Although many people choose to hide a face mole, some believe a face mole is a sign of beauty and choose not to conceal it. Many famous models and actresses proudly embrace their facial irregularities, and facial moles have even become trademarks for some. If desired, a face mole can be surgically removed so that the individual doesn't have to bother concealing it anymore, however, the decision should be discussed carefully with a cosmetic surgeon prior to making a decision.

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@heavanet- I have tried this process of applying makeup on a facial blemish, and it works very well. I'd like to add that using a cream concealer instead of the liquid variety works best when layering it with powder.


Some people have a difficult time keeping makeup in place, so here are some easy tips for covering a face mole or any other mark on your face that you want to hide.

After you wash and dry your face, apply concealer to the area you want to cover. Make sure you rub in in completely, even it if doesn't thoroughly cover the mole or mark. Next, pat on some pressed or loose facial powder to seal the concealer in place. Repeat the process by gently dabbing a little more concealer on the area, and put a little more powder on it to keep it all in place.

Most moles are difficult to cover completely, so this method of layering concealer and facial powder helps build the amount of coverage until you get the amount you need. Just be sure when using this method that you do not use too much concealer or powder so you can maintain a natural look.

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    • A face mole.
      A face mole.
    • Flat face mole.
      Flat face mole.
    • A raised face mole.
      By: paulandlara
      A raised face mole.
    • A woman with a beauty mark on her face.
      By: donatellina
      A woman with a beauty mark on her face.
    • A makeup artist can offer tips and tricks on how to best cover facial imperfections.
      By: Chris Tefme
      A makeup artist can offer tips and tricks on how to best cover facial imperfections.