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How Do I Prepare for a Beard Competition?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

You can prepare for a beard competition by choosing a beard style, learning the competition’s rules, and finding out how to properly care for your new beard. There are all kinds of beard styles, and choosing one is primarily a matter of preference, but it can help to pick a beard style that is easiest for you to grow. The rules of a beard competition can vary significantly from one contest to another, so read them carefully to avoid disqualification. In addition, get advice on how to take care of your beard style, because this too can differ a lot.

The first step to take when preparing for a beard competition is to choose a beard style. In most beard competitions, the competitors are sorted in groups by beard style, and they compete only against opponents in that group. Imperial partial beards, verdi beards, and freestyle beards are just a few categories made available in some beard competitions. Generally, you can choose between an ancient or modern beard style or go with a made up, also known as a freestyle, beard. Try to pick a style that matches your beard’s strengths; for example, if you are not good at growing a long beard, stick with relatively short styles that focus on puffy sides.

Beard competitions are often taken very seriously.
Beard competitions are often taken very seriously.

Carefully read the rules of the contest to maximize your chances of winning. Like many other competitions, beard competitions are often taken very seriously, and accidentally breaking a rule can disqualify you. To be more specific, read the rules regarding the kind of beard style you have chosen. Take note of whether you are allowed to use styling gel, how long the beard should be, and what parts of your face can or cannot be shaved. If the rules are too strict for you, look into freestyling where anything goes.

To prepare for a beard competition, you will also need to learn how to care for a beard. Some people choose to get their beards professionally washed, conditioned, and trimmed. If you do not have the money or do not trust someone else to take care of it, you will have to buy the tools to do it yourself. Beard care tools can be expensive, especially quality tools that make it easier to style the best beard you can. Try stopping by a men’s grooming shop to get advice on what kind of tools are right for your beard style.

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I have an epic beard and hear there is money out there in competitions. How do I find these contests and enroll?

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    • Beard competitions are often taken very seriously.
      By: Maxim Vlasenko
      Beard competitions are often taken very seriously.