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What are Power Beads?

Power Beads are more than just a fashion statement; they're a personal empowerment tool. Each bead carries a unique energy, often linked to spiritual or healing properties. Whether seeking calm, strength, or creativity, there's a Power Bead to resonate with your journey. Discover which beads align with your aspirations—could they unlock a new level of self-awareness for you? Continue exploring to find out.
B. Miller
B. Miller

Power beads are a type of bracelet made up of smooth, round beads, typically all of one color, though mixed bead bracelets can be found as well. Power bead bracelets are made from gemstones that are chosen for what is believed to be their specific healing, or otherwise beneficial properties. The beads are most often made of semi-precious stones, and the bracelets are typically fairly inexpensive.

Power beads are often strung on an elastic string that can be stretched over the hand, making them easy to fit most people with only one size. Though some more expensive power bead bracelets have clasps, it is fairly uncommon. It is popular to wear stacks of power beads on the wrist, each one in a different color. Sometimes power bead bracelets are seen with wooden beads as well, and these may be even less expensive.

Rose quartz has been used to create power bead bracelets.
Rose quartz has been used to create power bead bracelets.

The concept behind power bead bracelets is that it is believed by some that gemstones emit different energy vibrations depending on their types, and these energies are capable of drawing beneficial energy into one's life. Simply put, these bracelets are designed to promote well-being, just by slipping them onto the wrist. The types of energies the power beads are supposed to attract vary widely, but typically include positive ideas such as love, harmony, joy, protection, healing, calm, strength, success, and prosperity, among others. It is believed that the concept of power beads evolved from the use of prayer beads and gemstones for healing throughout history, and in various religions.

Amethyst is often used for healing and intelligence.
Amethyst is often used for healing and intelligence.

Some of the most popular types of power bead bracelets include amethyst, for healing and intelligence; quartz, for strength; smokey quartz, for self esteem; rose quartz, for love and relationships; tiger's eye, for courage; green cat's eye, for happiness; jade, for success; mother of pearl, for wealth; and even carnelian, for PMS, just to name a few. There are many different colors and types of gemstones that offer similar benefits, so it is often possible to shop around for a preferred color along with a chosen supposed benefit. They can also be purchased online, singly or in bulk for those who wish to make their own bracelets.

Power beads are versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn with virtually any outfit or other types of jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, or necklaces. They make great, thoughtful gifts for other people as well, who may benefit from the believed positive energies of the power bead bracelets. Because they are so inexpensive, it is possible to have a large collection of power bead bracelets for every occasion.

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Discussion Comments


I know what power beads are, in the sense that I know what they're supposed to do, but I've been hunting the net trying to figure out their actual background. If you plug in a question about the history of power beads, you basically get links to various stores, all claiming power beads' ancient connections.

I'm not saying the stones themselves don't have traditions of being symbolically linked to certain concepts or powers, but the bracelets themselves, in their current form, are not ancient. They popped up right before I became a teenager.

So, was the concept pulled from thin air? Did the inventor simply expand on already existing thoughts about those stones (tiger's eye for courage, etc) by stringing them in that very specific pattern of round beads? Or was the bracelet itself actually and directly inspired by Buddhist prayer beads? Because the circle of round beads plus that one weird tie-off bead is strongly reminiscent of juzu beads.


For power beads to work correctly, you should never share it with anyone else. They can pick up energy right away, so if your friend tries your bracelet on and gives it back to you, you are receiving her energy. Clearly, that's not a good idea, the energy can be positive or negative.

Another great tip is to place beads in soil before first use to neutralize any energy it has. I do this with my power beads once in a while. I feel like the energy builds up in it. I definitely put it in soil after I've had an intense day or have been upset.


I have a bit of an an angry character. I get angry really quickly and my rage doesn't die down easily. I was at an antique jewelry store and the lady there told me to wear amethyst.

Apparently, amethyst helps balance out the energy in the body and has a calming effect. She also told me about other stones that are good for other ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes and so forth.

I'm not sure if I believe in it totally, but I bought some amethyst jewelry- bracelet and pendant and I am wearing it.


Some of my friends buy power beads made of stones just because they like the color or they think the design looks nice. But I don't agree with this. These stones are really influential. They have many different effects on the body and wearing them without knowing about it is a bad idea if you ask me.

There are people out there that know a lot about these stones, what they are good for and what they might exacerbate. I think we all need to do our share of research before wearing these beads.

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    • Rose quartz has been used to create power bead bracelets.
      By: Aleksandras Naryshki
      Rose quartz has been used to create power bead bracelets.
    • Amethyst is often used for healing and intelligence.
      By: Piotr Pakuła
      Amethyst is often used for healing and intelligence.