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What Are the Best Bob Haircuts for round Faces?

Bob haircuts for round faces look best when they create angles and elongate the face. A-line bobs, asymmetrical cuts, and textured lobs can add structure and draw the eye vertically, slimming the face. Opt for side-swept bangs to add dimension. Curious about which bob will enhance your features? Let's dive deeper into finding the perfect bob for your unique face shape.
Kay Paddock
Kay Paddock

Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces. Chin-length bobs can enhance the roundness of the face, making it seem even rounder and fuller. The best bob haircuts for round faces will generally create straight lines on both sides of the face, adding a vertical line to take the focus off the round shape. Longer bob hairstyles create a lengthier vertical line, and generally work better with round faces than shorter cuts.

One of the best bob haircuts for round faces is a bob that hangs below the chin, and may reach as far as the shoulders. This can help draw the eye down and offer more length to offset the width of the face. A bob of this length will usually look best with straight, thinner styles of hair than wavy or full styles. This keeps the hair from adding extra width. Hair that is straight helps create a more rigid line that seems to pull the face down and makes it appear longer rather than round.

Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.
Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.

Parting the hair on one side or another is generally better than a part in the middle. Bangs or fringe that cut a line across the forehead should usually be avoided in bob haircuts for round faces, as straight bangs tend to emphasize the shape of the face. Any bangs on the forehead or fringe around the face should usually be kept wispy and uneven to help prevent a straight or curved line.

Even though longer, straight hair tends to work better, bob haircuts for round faces do not all have to look alike. A very short cut can look flattering as long as the line of the cut does not generally add to the round shape of the face. Bobs that end at the chin can also work as long as the hair is layered enough to avoid creating a circle around the face.

Shorter bob haircuts for round faces typically work best with a part that is very much off to one side or another, and nowhere near center. This allows any shorter bangs in front to be swept to the side. As long as the bangs are layered or wispy, this typically gets rid of any line across the forehead. Waves also can work well with shorter bob hairstyles because they create a different shape around the face. Wavy hair on the sides that is pushed back a little will also help take focus off the roundness and provide a slimming, lengthening effect.

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Discussion Comments


I love those bob haircuts that just have a couple of long pieces in the front and much shorter layers in the back. They really add height to the back of the head while keeping things sleek and smooth up front.

This hairstyle looks great on someone with a round face. It has a very slimming effect.

However, I don't think this style would look good on someone with a long, narrow, face. The long pieces would drag the face down, and the height in the back would make it appear even longer.


I suppose that if you have a bob cut and a round face, the back of the hair doesn't matter as much as the front. You could either have the back only slightly shorter than the front and one length across or dramatically tapered and shaved around the neck, but as long as you had the right length surrounding your face, the cut would work.


@seag47 – It seems like having that many layers would require a lot of maintenance. I have a round face, but I prefer a long hairstyle over a bob, because I don't have to keep going to the salon for trims. If I had short hair with layers, I imagine I would have to have them trimmed once a month or so.

My hair grows rather fast, so I've always stuck with styles that didn't have to be trimmed all that often. Bobs are cute, but they just grow out too quickly for my hair.


I know a girl with a round face and a chin-length bob haircut. When she first got the cut, she didn't have any layers, and though the sleek lines looked good, the length was all wrong.

She eventually went back and got some shorter layers put in around her face, and it looked so much better. With a round face, the cut is all about knowing just where to put the layers.

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    • Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.
      By: Christian Schwier
      Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.