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What Are the Best Short Curly Haircuts for round Faces?

Koren Allen
Koren Allen

Short hairstyles can’t be beat for no-fuss everyday wear, but finding a style to flatter the round face can be a challenge. Women with round faces want a hairstyle that adds height at the top and creates the illusion of length to balance out the roundness of the face. Since curls tend to add fullness to the hairstyle, it is especially important to get a haircut with just the right length, shape, and texture to slim, rather than accentuate, a round face. In spite of the challenges, there are several short curly haircuts for round faces.

One important consideration for a round face is the length of the haircut. “Short” hair can be anything from ultra-short pixie styles to the long bob style that rests below the jaw line but still off the shoulders. Jaw-length cuts should be avoided since they will draw attention to the round jaw line. However, the long bob, cut slightly below the jaw line, will add the visual illusion of length to the face without accentuating roundness. Ultra-short hair styles can also work if they add height and visual interest to the top of the style, rather than the sides.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The shape of the hairstyle is just as important as the length. Short curly haircuts for round faces should be cut fairly close on the sides to avoid adding additional fullness. Blunt or round haircuts will accentuate roundness and should be avoided. Longer bangs that frame the face can draw attention upwards towards the eyes and away from the jaw line. Styles that incorporate spikes or curls at the top also draw the attention upward.

Another consideration is the texture of the hairstyle. Soft waves that frame the face tend to be more flattering than tight curls. Wispy, messy-styled ends draw less attention to the jaw line than sharp, blunt cut edges. Extremely tight curls can be relaxed by using a large-barrel curling iron, and cutting in layers is helpful to reduce fullness and create a flattering shape and texture.

When considering short curly haircuts for round faces, there are a few styles that should nearly always be avoided. Round bobs, particularly jaw-length bobs, will make the face appear even more round. Similarly, curly hair that is blunt-cut to one length will tend to take on an unflattering triangle shape. Finally, any style that adds fullness at the sides, including tight curls, will make the face appear wider and should be avoided.

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I know a guy with short curly hair, and he keeps his just a couple of inches long. He has it tapered on the sides and in the back, so it adds height to his round face. This wouldn't work if it were as long on the sides as it is on top.


I think that short and curly hair can look cute with a round face if it is only a few inches long. This is a pixie style cut that I find adorable!

My sister's four-year-old has curly ringlets, and my sister keeps her hair cut to just a few inches all around her head. It keeps the style easy to tame, and it doesn't make her head look too big.


@feasting – It really is all about placement of the layers. I have a round face and naturally wavy hair, and I would never get a bob of any kind. I don't think that having longer hair in the front with waves can work to slim a face.

Instead, I have my hair longer in the back and shorter around the front. I sometimes use a big curling iron to loosen the waves a little, but even when I don't, the cut works to make my face look narrower.

The trick is to get a stylist who knows what they are doing. Some stylists put photos of their work online so that you can see how well they do before making an appointment with them. This is how I found my stylist.


I have a friend with naturally curly hair that is very thick. When she got a bob that fell just at her chin, her face looked nearly twice as wide!

She knew that the bob had been a mistake once she looked in the mirror. So, she had the stylist put in some layers. The layers did wonders for the style, and they actually made her face appear thinner.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip