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What are the Different Types of Rain Poncho?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

A poncho is a type of outer garment that is usually made from a single piece of material with a single hole in it, which allows the wearer to slip it over his head. A rain poncho is designed to keep a person dry, and it is often made from some sort of waterproof material. There are several different types of rain ponchos, including reusable ones and disposable ones, which come in several different sizes and colors.

A rain poncho can be made from a number of materials. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular materials include vinyl and nylon. Rain ponchos made from these materials are not only waterproof, but also very lightweight.

Disposable ponchos are often lightweight and easily foldable.
Disposable ponchos are often lightweight and easily foldable.

An emergency or disposable rain poncho is often made from lightweight material. This thin material is very easy to fold into a compact square small enough to fit into a pocket. They are usually very inexpensive and can even be purchased in bulk. Although these types of rain poncho are very portable, they may not keep a person completely dry, nor are they very durable.

A more durable rain poncho may be the best option for those planning to reuse the garment in the future. A reusable rain poncho, like the type issued by the military, is often made from a durable material, such as canvas. This material is usually covered or treated with a waterproof compound.

One feature of a reusable rain poncho is snaps under the armpits. These keep the wearer dryer by keeping rain and snow out. Hoods are also a popular addition to some rain ponchos. These help keep a person's neck, shoulders, and back dry. Some ponchos even have a drawstring to close the hood around the face, offering even more protection from the elements.

Consumers can purchase a rain poncho in several colors and styles. Many of them are solid colors, such as yellow, or even transparent. Some rain ponchos have designs on them. For example, camouflage patterned rain ponchos are often very popular with hunters.

Along with various colors and styles, rain ponchos are also available in several sizes. Adult sizes and child sizes are generally available. Some larger ponchos are designed to fit over large packs, like the ones that campers and hikers use. Smaller rain ponchos are even available for pets, such as small cats and dogs.

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A lot of stadiums that hold athletic events have not allowed umbrellas for a long time because they can be dangerous and because they block the views of people around you. Well, now that our local high school has gone to this policy for football games, everyone in my family has decided to go with the poncho.

A raincoat can be annoying to have to keep up with if you are not wearing it, especially for kids. The cheap ponchos that you can fit in your pocket sounds like the perfect thing for us.


Rain ponchos are good when you are working outside during wet weather. When I'm working, holding an umbrella isn't really an option. I used to think all ponchos were the same, but like the article says, some are better than others.

You can get a good poncho for about ten dollars and these will last if you take care of them. The biggest issue for me is the length. Some of them are so long that they get in the way, so you may want to look for a shorter one or plan on cutting it shorter once you buy it.


I keep an umbrella in the car all the time just in case. Where I live rain storms can pop up about anytime. They are very common during the summer. The umbrella works very well because it is so simple to grab it out of the car and raise it. With a raincoat or poncho I would be dripping water everywhere. It's much easier to just shake out an umbrella and close it back up when you finish with it.

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    • Disposable ponchos are often lightweight and easily foldable.
      By: Daniel Etzold
      Disposable ponchos are often lightweight and easily foldable.