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What Are the Different Types of Women's Bedroom Slippers?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The different types of women's bedroom slippers can be placed into general categories of warm and cold weather varieties. There is a wide range in the materials and styles available in women's indoor slippers, so the selection is typically quite large. Ballet, bootie, fuzzy and novelty are some of the most popular kinds of ladies' bedroom slippers. The amount of coverage on the feet as well as the sole also differs in the various house slippers for women.

Some woman's slippers have a thin sole and satin-like fabric with an elasticized edging around the upper section. These types of women's bedroom slippers look like a thinner version of professional ballet shoes without the ribbon ties. Some ballet style bedroom slippers have their upper part in a micro suede or terry cloth rather than satin type of fabric. These slippers cover the whole foot and are best for wearing in warmer weather. They are usually a great choice for packing for a trip, as ballet style bedroom slippers are both lightweight and compact.

A wide range of materials and styles may be available in women's bedroom slippers.
A wide range of materials and styles may be available in women's bedroom slippers.

Bootie slippers go up to the ankle. These types of women's bedroom slippers are typically very warm and may be quilted or made of thick fleece fabric. The soles may be soft fabric or hard rubber. Some bootie slipper types feature padding between the sole and insole. Typically, these are slip-on in style, like virtually all slippers, yet they may be more difficult to take on and off than other types.

Some clothing is adorned with beads.
Some clothing is adorned with beads.

"Fuzzy" slippers are made of faux animal novelty fur fabric with a high pile. They are a classic fun style of ladies' bedroom slipper and are usually sold in vivid accent colors such as hot pink, lime green or bright orange. Other novelty women's bedroom slippers are made of a short piled, plush material and shaped like animals such as cows, dogs, cats or rabbits. The thick fabrics and bulkiness of these slippers make them more suitable for colder weather.

Moccasin types of ladies' bedroom slippers are styled after Native American traditional footwear and may be made of suede leather. Some feature a fleece or lambswool inner section as well as a beaded tassel or accents on the outer toe part. Slippers that leave the heel and or toe open are made for wearing in warmer weather as they allow air to reach the feet. Slipper slides are closed in the toe area, but open at the heel. The wearer simply pushes or slides her feet into the slippers.

Women's bedroom slippers that feature both an open toe and heel may be made of velour or terry cloth. These are a classic style of slipper that often has a thin rubber sole. Flip flop bedroom slippers are newer on the market and are styled after the popular beach shoe. Instead of rubber straps that fit between the big and second toes, softer material is used for comfort.

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I wore a pair of shearling lined moccasin style slippers for probably 10 years, until I just flat wore them out. They were some of the best slippers I've ever had. They kept my feet warm, and because they were lined with shearling, the natural lanolin kept my feet soft, too!

My mom prefers the old lady open toe slippers, but these are getting increasingly more difficult to find.


I like slipper socks, which are warm socks with rubber grips on the bottoms for traction. These are usually washable and easy to wear.

I've also bought some cute "footies" with a strap across the foot, a la Mary Jane style with the rubber grippers. These were very inexpensive, holiday themed and were cute, too. They kept my feet warm, which was, after all, their primary purpose.

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    • A wide range of materials and styles may be available in women's bedroom slippers.
      By: zhekos
      A wide range of materials and styles may be available in women's bedroom slippers.
    • Some clothing is adorned with beads.
      By: Vyacheslav Plyasenko
      Some clothing is adorned with beads.