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What are the Pros and Cons of School Uniforms?

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco

There are many pros and cons of school uniforms, and sometimes things vary depending on who is doing the arguing; in most cases, though, the discussion centers on whether uniforms can create a serious learning environment, whether they can promote equality and possibly reduce bullying, and whether they impact children’s ideas about self expression and conformation. Critics are well spoken on both sides of the uniform conversation, and something that is a “pro” for one person may be a “con” for another.

Creating a Serious Academic Environment

School uniforms can help students do well academically, but may hinder self-expression.
School uniforms can help students do well academically, but may hinder self-expression.

A lot of the research in support of school uniforms says that requiring children to wear the same thing will actually help boost test scores and improve learning. When children don’t have to think about what they’re wearing they may be less distracted, which can help them focus more on the tasks at hand. When everyone is dressed neatly and professionally the classroom takes on a more serious feel, too. Young people who approach learning as more of an honor than a burden tend to perform better, and some people argue that uniforms can achieve this.

Potential to Reduce Bullying

Uniforms can level the playing field between rich and poor students.
Uniforms can level the playing field between rich and poor students.

School uniforms may reduce bullying and teasing as well. When everyone is wearing the same thing it is not as easy to pick people out for being different, at least not on the surface. A certain amount of teasing and bullying is bound to happen with young people, but uniforms can sometimes act as a deterrent. This, in turn, promotes a healthier, safer learning space where students aren’t afraid to be themselves and take risks. Kids may also feel less peer pressure to wear certain types or brands of clothing.

Socioeconomic Equality

School uniforms can send the message that it's okay to conform.
School uniforms can send the message that it's okay to conform.

One of the most commonly talked about “pros” of school uniforms is their ability to create a level playing field. This is particularly important in schools where students come from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Poor children dress the same as their wealthy counterparts in these situations, which reduces stigma and can help kids focus on what they have in common rather than the things about their lives that are different.

Risks to Self Expression

Wearing the same thing can deter teasing among students.
Wearing the same thing can deter teasing among students.

Uniform opponents frequently argue that forcing children to dress in the same manner can limit their self expression, and possibly stunt their creativity. According to some scholars, students in these settings may look for other, often less acceptable ways of establishing their identity. Girls may be more likely to use makeup early, for example, or shorten their skirts to look provocative; boys may resort to extreme accessories or sometimes alter their uniforms to differentiate themselves from others. Drug use, smoking, and other forms of rebellion have been seen in both genders.

Messages About Conformation

Critics argue that mandating that students wear a uniform could stifle creativity.
Critics argue that mandating that students wear a uniform could stifle creativity.

According to some, standardized clothing might also send the message that is it acceptable to conform to standards imposed by others. This isn’t always a “con,” but certainly could be in certain circumstances. Children who grow up feeling subjugated to authority might have trouble later on asserting themselves or standing up for values different from those imposed from the top. Free societies typically put a lot of value on individualism and self-governance, and young people who are overly willing to comply may find it difficult to succeed in these environments.

Longevity and Garment Quality

Arguments about actual uniform quality can be both a pro or a con, depending on the circumstances. When the garments are made well, of sturdy material and with quality workmanship, they will often last for years and will withstand multiple washings. This is generally a positive thing, since it means that children can get a lot of wear out of them and parents don’t have to spend so much on clothing. When the material is shoddy, however, or when it doesn’t wash well, it can pose problems.

Discussion Comments


I think school uniforms are a good idea. think of it this way. When your daughter or son wears a school uniform, you can't tell if they're poor or rich. and so no one gets teased about their "designer clothing."


i believe that school uniforms are not that fun.


My school is thinking of having a dress code which would be better than a uniform, but i still think we should be able to wear whatever we want to.


We just convinced our school board to discontinue our uniform policy. They were presented with an extensive research summary, along with a short history of how this movement spread, which prevailed over the miscellaneous rationale proponents kept coming up with.

One problematic factor has to do with the nature of this movement. Educational innovation usually arises in one of two ways. When it is issue driven, stakeholders propose and debate, usually with legitimate research, the best solution to a specific problem.

However, when an issue is agenda driven, solving the problem isn't the objective. Instituting personal policy preference is. Multiple rationale are then used which makes it even harder to focus on the real problem. It’s a messy divisional battle where no one wins.

However, reason can prevail.


School uniforms -- I've never, ever seen any one wear them but they seem to help. They make schools look professional! And i think it would help kids not be scared, because most people in big cities dress in gang clothes and that affects children. They will be scared to go to school. Uniforms are needed! --Kait, 14 years


i go to a school where they have uniforms. i used to go to a public school. Why can't they just have dress codes? Why do we have to resort to uniforms? i don't get it.


It depends on what school you're in.


school uniforms stink and i think that anyone who has to wear them is being controlled.


School uniforms have no use outside school and they are a complete waste of money and time. When do you wash them, the weekend? They also make kids feel like they aren't special. No way we will get school uniforms at my school!


I think we should have uniforms in our school because studies show that people/schools that have uniforms will do better academically and our school would have an even better reputation than what it is. The principal and company are thinking about it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Most of my family lives in scotland and they say that school uniforms are very cool once you get used to them.


Everyone is saying that uniforms inhibit creativity but in reality it takes more creative thinking in how to set yourself apart from another person when you are given restraints.

How do clothing brands express who a person is? All it shows is the type of clothes they buy. That says nothing about the type of person he or she is on the inside.

As it has been argued, uniforms don't change who a person is. If uniforms don't change a bully from being a bully, then how would it reduce creativity in people who are creative?

As someone who has gone to schools with and without uniforms, I can say that people are judged and bullied for what they wear. Bullies look for reasons to single someone out and taunt them so schools with unlimited dress would make students easy targets.

Though bullies exist in schools with uniforms too, the conformity takes away one less reason for a bully to torment a fellow student. -RB, UCR


my name is lauren i come from scotland and I'm 12. My school wears uniforms and i like them, to be honest.

Anyway, i think if you wear school a school uniform you look nice and smart. Just think wearing nice black trousers and a nice white shirt and a tie and if you want, wear a cardigan. People recognize what school you come from and school uniforms are really nice in my opinion. And this website has helped me do my homework.


for me i think school uniforms look nicer, pretty, especially if you wear a school uniform you look more seriously at school than in regular clothes.


i think that school uniforms can help out with the peer pressure.


school uniforms aren't such a good idea. people will still make fun of they way people look in them. they won't help decrease violence or help kids in school or stop bullying. people bully other people because it's the way they are. school uniforms don't stop that. no matter what people wear, they will still act they way they do, uniform or not.


how did school uniforms change throughout the years and what did the first school uniforms look like? (school uniforms stink!)


i think school uniforms have no purpose.


I think that school uniforms don't let kids express themselves! And yes that can be done through clothes, too! i think if you put on the same thing every day it would make you depressed and not ready to learn! totally against!


school uniforms stink


I was forced to go to a private school. Before this i went to public school my whole life. I have never been called fat in public school but when i had to wear that uniform people called me fat. The uniform just didn't fit my body type any way i tried. i was only 110 pounds!

And during gym when i got to wear my gym shirt they were like wow your super thin and i was like I know! We should not have to wear uniforms! Now i go to public school with no uniform and i haven't been called fat since!


I think school uniforms stink.


I think they are dumb because it wouldn't be expressing what you are feeling in clothes.


it think that all we do is tell people what to do when it comes to it all and it's bullying.


Uniforms are a lot better. They make me look cute and I don't have to wake up at 5:30 anymore to find out what I shall wear!


I think that there are some very important points discussed here e.g. no matter what, it's the same person inside. This info was very helpful for my school report. thanks.


i don't know how teenage girls would make short skirts. Schools with uniforms are pretty specific about that kind of stuff.


One of the reasons that is said to be a pro is that it helps students improve academically. This is not true, because however you change what the student wears, the student is still the same person.

Another reason is that it decreases bullying for dressing different. I have never seen a person bully another person based on what they are wearing. Adults make this up just to justify putting us into uniforms. If i have ever seen a student bullied it has been for the fact that they were "weird".

Yet another reason that school uniforms are a bad idea is the age old reason of it takes away a student's individuality. This is completely true. People say that individuality is key, and we are praised for it, and yet, these same adults and people are saying, take away their brightly colored individuality, and replace it with dull colored sameness.

I hope this has been informative.


Do you see adults wearing business suits to work every day? No! Then why should we have to wear uniforms. I love the clothes I wear not because they're the latest trend but because they help me be myself, not the girl in the desk next to me.

And they also help feel more comfortable about myself.

So wearing uniforms won't do anything huge about your education. Also looking like the person next to you makes you feel boring and the same and that stinks, so consider the other side because we actually can express ourselves through what we wear. ~13YEAROLDGIRL


I don't know whether i like or dislike uniforms. i can think of reasons to wear them. Like if people can't afford the latest fashion they might get picked on, it makes you look smart and all that stuff.

Every teen doesn't like wearing uniforms, but most of us can't actually think of a reason to be honest. Yesterday i had to write a letter to my head master as part of an english writing task, but i couldn't think of any reasons to get rid of them, only reasons to get ride of things like ties and blazers but overall, i don't mind wearing a school uniform. They don't look that bad if you ask me!


i'm having a debate and this did not help with my research. it only has the same things every other stinking website does. My debate team won three state champs and we want to win more. add something that no other website has.


I really don't get the point of school uniforms. they don't help for anything.


There are more reasons that school uniforms are bad than they are ugly and stupid.

First off, teens express themselves through what they wear (colors, brands, etc.) and all reveal who they are.

Second, kids who wear uniforms are lulled into a false sense of security. We all must find our place in this world and figure out how we fit in.

If one of the places you spend hours at almost every day doesn't allow you to find the answers to these questions then the real world will come as a shock to many.

Next, school is more than just a place where businessmen are made. Artists, authors, actors, and politicians are all careers where they must use imagination and their own ideas, yet how can you use creativity and form your own opinions when placed inside a world where everyone is forced to look the same?

Teens will rebel, it's in our nature. When you force us into wearing what we don't want to we find ways to rebel and look how we want. Girls wear makeup earlier and shorten skirts in rebellion.

Instead of stopping the problem of revealing clothing, we are in fact only making it worse.

Next, finding your child when a crisis happens is difficult when everyone wears the same attire. Cliques will still form no matter what you do to try and stop them. Uniforms teach kids that in order to get along with others you must conform, even if you don't like the standards.

Finally, uniforms are expensive. Even if a cost effective uniform is made, parents will still have to buy clothes for after school and during the summer, therefore only increasing the price of clothes for a year.

School uniforms don't do anything but harm students in ways even they don't understand until they are released into the real world. Stand up for what you believe, even if you are the only one standing.


i have mixed feelings about school uniforms. They can help people recognize the crazies and the intelligent.


Like most people,I have mixed feelings about school uniforms. They can help show who doesn't belong to the school, but on the other side, it doesn't help much that we all dress the same.

Why make such a fuss?

Of course some people say they can't express themselves, but we all were something made by someone else.

(sorry if this is too long but i have a lot to say.) MJB age 12


I don't like school uniforms because we can't express ourselves. School uniforms don't stop people from doing crimes in school. They will soon find a way.

Aeriona C.


I'm in high school. We do not have school uniforms but our school board has been debating whether or not we have them. I personally don't like the idea of school uniforms. Some say it will reduce the violence.

At our school, preps are preps, geeks are geeks, nerds are nerds. The violence in schools won't just stop because you have a change in clothes.

When the school first brought up the idea of school uniforms I disagreed as fast as I could, nobody likes them, yeah? Well everyone in our school was arguing about the school uniforms. I think 5/6 of our school didn't want school uniforms.

Some schools might want them, others may not. We're that school that doesn't. ~Confused 15YearOld~


yes more reasons will be a big help.


I think school uniforms are a great idea. My children do not have to wear them but I wish the school would start making them.

I am so tired of baggy pants hanging half way down and seeing the girls in short shorts. There is nothing left to the imagination anymore.

I am tired of kids saying, "I can't express myself." If I went to work looking like some of those kids in their low cut shirts or short short, skirts I would be asked to go home or be fired.

They should dress like they are going to a job not a fashion show. They are at school to learn. School is one of the most important things they will do. Doing well in school helps open doors to their futures. Having the latest fashion does not.


Yeah, but that's not important. School uniforms should be retained! Even when i was young i thought school uniforms should be abolished but my mind has now understood the importance of school uniforms.


if school uniforms were enforced, what would happen if someone attacked someone and had to describe the attacker? yeah blue shirt and brown pants with a green vest. what are more cons to school uniforms when it comes to identification in an emergency?


Suppresses your personality? Oh, my stars. Child, I wish I had your problems.

If the worst thing that happens to any of you is you have to wear a school uniform, then you are the most fortunate people to ever live.

I suspect some teens who are contemplating their funerals because they have a terminal disease would love to *have* to wear a uniform rather than die at 16.

Volunteer to help people who are less fortunate. Build a Habitat for Humanity house. Help in a domestic violence shelter. For God's sake, just *do* something that will help you get your priorities straightened out!

Get something more important going on in your lives than the issue of a stinking school uniform! This complete self-absorption is incredible.


I just moved to a new school with a uniform policy and I find it suppress one's personality. I am artsy and when I cannot wear what I want it angers me. Uniforms are horrible and hideous.


School uniforms are bull crap. People just need to give up the uniform issue because kids are going to still complain and they are still getting bullied. Kids/teens don't want to be the same, so people need to get that through their thick skulls! so thank you very much and have a wonderful day!


I wear a school uniform, and I get distracted in the morning. wearing a school uniform doesn't change me at all. I'm no different from kids who wear a uniform.


i hate uniforms they do nothing but hide our inner selves so we can't express ourselves! -Amh


I'm doing a report on the pros of school uniforms. I think many of the pro people commenting are correct. Why can't we express through our thoughts and opinions?

Unless you make your clothing you can't express through clothes. We all wear uniforms! We all wear clothes made by clothing lines or stores.

We choose to wear them just like choosing to wear uniform!

I think "crushing our creativity is pretty immature to me. I'm only twelve but my opinions and thoughts are of a smart seventeen year-old (my teacher's words not mine). I hope you all notice that we can learn from uniforms.

-Leslie 6th grader and (possibly* future singer!)


Personally I like school uniforms.


school uniforms are a pile of crap! I think that they should dump them in a ditch and burn them!


thank you so much! this helped me a lot with my writing homework! By the way, uniforms rock!


soo everyone who doesn't like them its because you guys think they are ugly? also school is only a small portion of your day so its not like you are wearing it 24/7....i have been in a school with uniforms since 1st grade...then changed for 8th was completely different..there was fights over peoples shoes...SHOES was scary...and maybe it wouldn't be so bad if there was something like a dress up day, or jean day -- maybe like just a casual day. another thing is the cost. they really don't cost too much. we could get maybe financial assistance for those who couldn't afford them.

as for the ugly part, well try to get your word in. maybe your uniform can be just khaki pants with a regular polo. there are many different forms of uniforms.


All these arguments claim that uniforms take away self-expression. Is it just me, or would people rather express themselves through their behavior and opinions as opposed to what they wear?

If students feel like uniforms take away their rights as individuals, I wonder what they are going to do when they entering the workplace where uniforms are prevalent? might as well accept it and focus on something more important. :)


Thanks this will help with my essay a lot. And by the way school uniforms suck.


Well, i do not have uniforms, but i see the uniforms in anime and they are adorable!


Who wants to look like everyone else anyway? uniforms suck. Whoever says that school is only for education, you're wrong! For some people it is the only place to interact with their friends outside the internet.

By the way: If anyone can think of more cons, I welcome them. I have a paper due soon on this topic. Also answer this question if you want:

If you were choosing between two identical schools except that one had uniforms and the other didn't, would it affect your decision?

Let me know, Thanks! -R


my name is bsj and i believe that school uniforms are totally unacceptable, because i love to rock flat brims and if I had to wear a uniform instead of a flat brim then i would be very mad. i also like to rock nice white jumpsuits and if they were not allowed then i would be ticked off. Thanks for your time. BSJ


well i am doing a speech on this and i am doing the cons. thank you for all the info. any more please write more. thanks.


Uniforms are so stupid!


my school has uniforms, and it's fine, but they go overboard. For example, we are not allowed to wear colored socks. or on special "dress down" days, we are not allowed to wear ripped jeans, or shorts/skirts above the knees, or tank-tops. i think i see something wrong with this.


Please give me some cons! i have a report due in a few weeks and i hate uniforms. i had to wear them my whole life. that stinks! so please help me why. give me cons! No pros, just cons. Thank you.


school uniforms are a bad idea.


uniforms are stupid. you can't express your individualism. and how are you supposed to become independent when you have someone telling you what to wear all the time? honestly? and you still get bullied no matter what, because there are always those people that no matter what you do, they will always make fun of how you look or how you do things. they aren't cheap either. and really, when are you going to wear that outside of school?


uniforms are great. they helped me get a girlfriend and i got straight A's.


uniforms are stupid.


it doesn't change anything. people will always be the same.


why do you think school uniforms are good?


even if someone wears uniforms they can be bullied by the way they act. No matter what someone wears they will be pushed around and bullied.


i don't like uniforms or doing stupid papers on them either!


its a good thing to have school uniforms if they are not too plain.


thanks for your help.


it helped me a lot with my presentation tomorrow. Thanks!


LOL. It appears that most of the replies on here are from school aged people who don't like being told what to do in the first place.

And, for those that feel that uniforms would take away their ability to express themselves: You are attending school to get an education, first and foremost. It's not a social event such as a dance, a party, etc.

After school, you can dress any way you like. Wait until you get a job and have to abide by the company policies and dress codes that are set forth. Are you going to tell them no because it interferes with your right to expression?

And for the parents that are against this: It is only clothing so, what is the big deal? It levels the playing field so to speak, by having the kids all wearing the same clothing. It also provides a more structured environment for the children to learn.

I pay $3,800 per year to enroll my son in a private school. If the public school system in our city were to change to a uniform only policy then I would enroll my son immediately. It worked for my siblings and me while growing up and we are doing the same with our children.

To the parents who are against uniforms: Don't knock something that you haven't tried. If you are more concerned about the latest designer clothes that your child is wearing to school and that they're in the "in" crowd then find another school district that will allow them to "express" themselves in a place where they're supposed to be learning. If you say that you can't afford it then, how are you clothing your kid(s) now?

The public school system needs to improve. If you look at statistics for inner city schools that have changed to a uniform only policy, you'll find that it works. Most Charter schools also have a uniform only policy and why is that? Because it works for them!

The main reason for children to attend school is to acquire an education, period. If your child is silenced by not being able to convey his/her thoughts by verbally expressing themselves in school then that is a problem. But, to not be able to wear a pair of jeans that are torn on both pant legs, nor to be able to wear a lip ring or have a pierced tongue then, you really don't care about your child's education and you are most likely not active within their schooling.

But, one good future prospect for your kid will be the ability to find that minimum wage job!


Well, i think it is a very bad and good idea at the same time because it stops violence and actually helps you stay focused in your work.


Here are some more ideas that you could maybe use for cons:

-you have to wear the same color and same clothes every day.

-you can't have a variety in your clothes.

-a lot of people express their personality through clothes.

-A lot of people get there clothes at thrift stores so it doesn't make uniforms cheaper.

-you'll still need clothes for on the weekend and after school.

And this site gave me a whole bunch more ideas which got me out of having to go to detention.

thanks for all the help.


thanks guys. i'm doing public speaking for a class. we're speaking about school uniforms and i needed your help! appreciate it!


i don't like school uniforms. they are boring.


School uniforms are a good idea.


i think school uniforms are a piece of crap!


Thank you for this amazing site. it helps so much.


Most of the people here are writing an essay for school, right? I am too! But i agree that school uniforms are a bad thing.


i agree with everybody that said that school uniforms stink! they are ugly and disgusting.


School uniforms are horrible. They should be banned.


Thank you for your help guys. I'm writing an essay on your ideas right now.


School uniforms make children lose their choice of clothes and it makes them frustrated to wear the same clothes every single day.


school uniforms - yuck


What about street clothes? I think that they can be a harm for students because they can hide weapons in them and harm other students, so wouldn't that give the schools something to think about?


i'm a junior in high school and have never had a uniform until this year. and i agree with everyone on here, but i think that uniforms are a 50/50 thing.

there are a lot of teen mothers at my high school (I have one on the way) and the uniforms are easier for them to get ready in the morning. our school uniforms would be all right, if the administration would worry less about us having out shirts tucked in or our ID's around our necks.


thank you for this site. i have an essay on this topic and it will be a great help to me. i have to be persuasive about it. thank you again!


Thank you for this. I have an oral report on this next month.


Forget school uniforms! they stink. they take away a child's individuality.


I want some cons because i have a debate next week. I want some ways to also refute the pros of uniforms. Thank you.


school uniforms are 50/50. they're good and they're bad, but i don't like them. we have to wear them all the dang time but i don't care because i can still make myself look good in them.


Also, the students are less social because you have to go by clothing and if you have a poor background, then you won't make many friends because of the way you dress (con).


i don't like school uniforms.


that was really helpful. thanks a lot.


if you want your child to wear a uniform, put them in private school.


I cannot stand my school's uniform. People still find a way to get around uniforms, so what's the point?


i hate uniforms. they don't let me show the real me so stop being snobby schools and let us wear what we want, please.


I think we shouldn't wear uniform because they are very ugly and they don't let us express ourselves. i don't care what the stupid teacher thinks about the uniform. --XiIoOoMaRa


It helped a lot for my debate tomorrow.


i'm doing a paper on this too. i need more information.


it helped me a lot. now i have something to say for our debate.


I think school uniforms are not needed, because we kids would not be able express ourselves with our clothing. So without getting in trouble we have to find a way to express ourselves.


Doing a school paper on this subject. any ideas on how uniforms do not help and a couple on how they do help?


personally i think that public schools should have uniforms. Not to the point to where they are annoying but like a nice pair of jeans and a certain color polo shirt, like freshmen should wear a white polo, sophomores should wear like navy blue polos, etc.


I think school uniforms are bull crap! it's uncomfortable and you basically have to get a whole new wardrobe from what you originally had in the past years. A dress code doesn't help anyway; it's just stupid and dorkey!

If you want to look like a nerd you should wear uniforms and if you want to look good, wear what you want to wear, and like the only reason teachers want us to wear uniforms is because they are jealous they didn't look like us when they were our age!


i think uniforms are a good idea and there are many advantages as disadvantages.


School uniforms don't stop boys from sagging. and they don't stop girls from wearing revealing clothing. trust me, people will find ways to make their uniform different. students won't focus on clothes anymore. now, they will focus on who has the most popular shoes. these are all the things that happened when I wore school uniforms.


This article was useful for my notes.


I'm in high school and I'm a junior. Personally, I think we should be allowed to wear whatever we want. It's called self expression. You should try it. (:


i had to wear uniforms for five years. when i went to middle school, they let us wear maroon polo tops and t-shirts but the t-shirt had to do something with the school. i now go to a school where they already had a levy and voted no against uniforms. i guess you can say im pretty content with my school.(:


kids shouldn't have to wear school uniforms just because the school wants them to. they should have the right to show off their personalities.


i think what is important to criticize about school uniforms is that it deters your freedom to express yourself. Furthermore it's more expensive since you have to buy other clothing for your activities outside school and finally it does not help discrimination at all because people will always find something to make fun of. To sum it up, school uniforms stink.


i think uniforms aren't useful because outside of school kids are not going to use them, so what happens is parents waste money for no reason. also kids grow and grow so parents waste and waste money.

also kids are not able to express themselves with uniforms so then kids start to feel uncomfortable. then they can't concentrate on what they are doing.


wow the japan thing will blow your mind.

i'm a high school student myself and you who rebel against the uniform are the ones who fit it well. think about this: stick your feet in the shoes of someone who doesn't fit and walk a mile and then tell me that you wouldn't give any thing to fit in.

some kids can't buy clothes and it's stuck up students who think they're better if they can't wear this or that then i can't be seen with them.

tell me people what kind of messed up world is this?


I agree, for most students the clothes we wear are who we are.


I think school uniforms are stupid. i have to wear them and I rebel everyday against them. i wear neon x-hi converse or like a giant heart necklace just so i won't look like everyone else. oh yeah and get this we can't even wear nail polish -- so stupid. PS: I go to a catholic school.


school uniforms will still raise the "label" comments. you can get uniform clothes from wal mart, and from j. crew. it does'nt matter. someone will find something to make fun of no matter what you might be wearing.


This article is very useful for my notes.


school uniforms are just another way to label us and dehumanize us like what was done to the jews in Nazi Germany. They had to wear patches and get their heads shaved and were basically given a code for a name. is that what we want happening in our schools -- a bunch of jews being gassed to death and incinerated? i say yes and to all you other people who think uniform policies are a good idea, then you my friend are a nazi.


School uniforms should be mandatory in every school in my opinion. Everyone says it won't allow you to express yourself, which is complete rubbish if you ask me. You can express yourself through art, music, personality, and it’s not like you can’t change your clothes after school. I think kids only have problems with it because they’re usually ugly polo shirts and khaki shorts. If they would involve students more on the design more might be up for it. Anyway, school is for learning after all, not fashion. I like how everyone looks equal. That’s how it should be.

This topic also encouraged me to look up the statistics. A study of the effects of adopting school uniforms in Long Beach, CA reported the following effects from the switch to uniforms:

Overall, the crime rate dropped by 91 percent.

School suspensions dropped by 90 percent.

Sex offenses were reduced by 96 percent.

Incidents of vandalism went down 69 percent.

With effects like that, it’s exactly what America needs considering how far behind we are from the rest of the world.


i think it is a good idea for uniforms because that way boys don't wear their pants on the middle of their butt.


School uniforms get rid of the things like, "OMG! You get that disgusting thing at Wal-Mart?! Eww!" If we have different choices for uniforms, and can be more flexible, maybe we can enjoy them. What do you think?


Yeah, but if you wear your old clothes on the weekends no one will notice or care in the same class. Usually in your freetime you spend it with your friends who don't care what you look like, or how "cool" your clothes are.


in my school we have to wear uniforms and if we don't wear them we get sent home and yeah, you get a detention. yeah, i hate wearing uniforms because if you have new clothes you want to wear them and you want to dress up. anyway, that's how it is, man. life is like that. it will never be the way you want it and one rule in our school is that we can't threaten and they are the first ones to threaten us about uniforms that's not fair.


i hate school uniforms. they won't help anything. you will have to buy more clothes for the weekends either way so it doesn't help the more "poor". people will still get made fun of due to their shoes, hair, makeup, jewerly, etc. it's life people. Get over it. once you enter the real world, you're going to have to deal with having someone who's better than you. And you will still be able to tell through uniforms who has more money. and i m in a high school without uniforms and i don't see people usually getting picked on for what they wear. usually it's how they act. people need a way to express themselves. i don't think it's right to make them be just like everyone else. so no, school uniforms do not change or help at all.


who wants to go to school every day wearing the same thing every day for four or more years and being punished for being even slightly out of uniform, like not having a tie, or having the wrong shirt, or wrong color pants, or boots instead of shoes. First, everyone has more than one shirt or more than one pair of pants with like 20 pairs of sneakers and some schools don't even let you have one day where you can wear almost what ever you want. schools should allow students to wear whatever they want and if they want to wear uniforms still then let them wear it.


I personally wouldn't mind either, but i think if you try to force a uniform on someone they will just rebel the whole way.


Uniforms may make less of a difference in some schools than in others. In Detroit, Michigan, USA, where there is a high incidence of gang activity and students are often targeted by the very colors they wear, school systems have reported fewer fights, less theft and better test scores in schools where uniforms have been introduced. This is measurable, quantifiable progress.

As for the cost, uniforms often cost less than "regular" school clothes, when the schools have sensible standards. Also, many companies, such as JC Penney, have uniform stores where parents can purchase good-quality clothing much cheaper. For example, if a school allows khaki trousers, polo-style shirts, rugby-style shirts and white dress shirts or blouses, parents can buy two pairs of trousers, two short-sleeved polo shirts, two rugby shirts and one dress shirt. This is a common uniform in many U.S. schools that have a uniform code. Blazers, skirts and the like are strictly optional. Also, most schools allow khaki shorts (or skorts for girls) in the warm months and students may wear socks or not, or whatever shoes they prefer.

Having a uniform also eliminates ambiguity in the school dress code. With a uniform, there is no question about what is acceptable and what is not. It really all comes down to how sensible a school's uniform requirements are. With khaki trousers and polo shirts, most students can be comfortable for the seven hours they are in school.

And honestly, we attend school to receive an education. In an ideal world, what students wore wouldn't impact their education, but in the real world it can. So, if uniforms provide an environment more conducive to learning, and parents are not as overburdened with the cost, I say bring on the uniforms!


At my school we have to wear a school uniform and I wish we didn't. We are an all girl school, but we haven't got the option to wear trousers. We live in Guernsey, Channel Islands and I'm a scholarship student. My previous school was a single form school and although they had a uniform they weren't legally allowed to enforce it, so I normally wore jeans and a clean, plain t-shirt. You had to be in the top 3 percent to get into one of the two colleges (Ladies' or Elizabeth) and in my year we got 7 out of about 26 pupils into one of them, and we were one of the few schools who didn't enforce the uniform. At ladies' college in Summer you have to wear either a short-sleeved, open-neck blouse or a 3/4 sleeved, open-neck blouse depending on which year you were in, white socks that reach a couple of inches above your ankle, low-heeled black shoes and a tartan kilt that is allowed to go no more than 2 inches above your knees. As a result of this people are getting detentions for rolling up their skirts. Personally, I find that the kilt always blows up, because it is wrap-around and because of this I have resorted to using safety pins on the underside of the flap. Not only that but the kilts can't be put in a washing machine so you have to either get them dry-cleaned (expensive) or hand-washed (less effective and time consuming). To preserve the pleats we have to hang them up on skirt-hangers and we can't fold them up. We have to iron our blouses. In winter we have to wear tights and mine always seem to ladder and some people can't wear tights so that is even worse for them because rather than everyone wearing something different there are about 2 people wearing white socks in a sea of tights. We also have to wear blazers into school and we need permission to take them off in lessons even in the summer and there is always the odd teacher who says no. We are also not allowed to eat in our school uniform in public which if we attend an afterschool club and catch the bus home and have to wait at a bus stop for half-an-hour and then spend three-fourths of an hour on the bus means we don't get to eat for ages.


Students who are not required to wear uniforms put themselves in "uniforms" without even knowing it. Most kids want to wear what's in style. Magazines and stores are telling people what to wear all the time. So unless you are designing and sewing your own clothes I don't buy the "expressing" yourself debate. And if you think that adults don't wear uniforms in the real world you are wrong. Just look around you — soldiers, mechanics, police officers, nurses, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, chefs, cosmetologists, EMT's, doctors. There is a reason why many professions require a uniform. It sets them apart, makes them look professional and gains respect. Maybe if students were required to wear uniforms they would take their "job" more seriously and gain the respect they deserve from their teachers and fellow classmates.


I would like to have a school uniform actually. I hate having to find clothes in the morning. You don't have to wear different clothes to have different personalities.


I think they are stupid. kids make fun of each other; it's life. get over it. if it's not going to be omg look at her clothes it will turn to her hair then her make up and so on. it's not going to stop. i understand the concern, but everyone has insecurities and that's how people get over them. Me, i love my clothes. it's how i express myself. i'm not in art or a big writer, and self expression is needed. i know i'd flip if my school got uniforms. i think i'd die. but i guess some perfer it?! =] Hayyylee =]


School uniforms take away students own self. If adults should tell kids what is right and wrong then they should let them wear what they want because everyone has a right, so if an adult is already telling kids want to do then can't they just at least let kids wear want they really want??!


I don't understand. I attend a school that does not require school uniforms. You with me? I don't wear anything special, I never take time to pick what I wear, I just grab clean clothes and throw them on. You know what? I express my "individuality" by being myself. I'm pretty liked by everyone so I don't see how my wardrobe has anything to do with it. No one comments on my clothes or vice versa, except my shoes but that's because they were new.


Uniforms are stupid, but they also make sense. But I like to express my personality and wearing uniforms is not cutting it so. That is why I attend a school that lets me wear what I please.


In my opinion, i don't like uniforms and i think they are stupid. They do not help in any situation because there are some people who don't have enough money and uniforms run pretty high these days. People won't be able to express themselves and show what they like to wear. People who don't have enough money will probably feel bad because that's all they can afford and their children will feel the same also. The uniforms don't improve anything.

Teachers and adults always complain on the way the children or teens dress nowadays. Yes it's true they dress horribly, but that does not give them the right to overpower them and force them to wear uniforms. This generation is not going to get any better, it is going to just get worse no matter what. So what is the whole purpose of wearing school uniforms? It does not solve anything, but creates more problems.


I go to a school that has to wear uniforms and it is horrible. I've gotten so sick of wearing the same type of clothes every day. Now the school wants us to wear Black Dress Pants and a nice shirt every day. This is horrible. I am so glad I'm going to public school after this dumb year is over.


There's a lot of evidence-free discussion about uniforms. The "Pros and Cons" bit doesn't discuss whether there's any evidence that uniforms provide the benefits claimed. The government recently made similar claims, and when I wrote to my MP questioning the evidence for the claims, they cited an opinion poll of parents - hardly evidence that would be recognized in any other circles.

IMO, unless there is good evidence of benefit, you should not be able to compel people to do anything. Otherwise all you are doing is using "might is right" - and I don't think it's a good idea to teach children that if they have power, it's OK to use it on a whim.


Our school has uniforms and I agree that they are a little unflattering, but when we occasionally have civies days I am able to dress up and I feel beautiful. Although' the school uses this as a fund raiser by using it as an incentive, it gives my friends & I an opportunity to want to earn this "privilege" and when we do it gives us great pride and motivation to do better.


school uniforms should be only worn by kindergarten students not by high school students. no one tells teenagers what to wear these days.


I completely agree with the cons school uniforms suck!


school uniforms don't really help

Tristan :P


who would want to where school uniforms?


know one will EVER catch me wearing a school uniform!!


You can't and will never be able 2 tell me what to wear. If you wear what you want it gives you a sense of pride.


Wearing uniforms doesn't let you express your personality.


How fair is it that you all get to tell us what 2 wear? We are all individuals we all don't go to some preparatory catholic school. We don't want to wear your dorky clothes or colors!!!!


Uniforms are not a good idea. U know you guys need to wake up and come to the real world. Uniforms cost twice the amount of money which a lot of parents don't have because of our stupid economy. So if you go to a snobby catholic school, then yah you should wear uniforms.


I think that schools should not have to obey the dress code because who wants to be told what to wear. Us students should have the right to express our personality in a way we all know through fashion. Doesn't matter if you are the geekiest or coolest person in the school. You should get to wear what you want to wear, not what somebody tells you to wear.


Why are people suddenly telling us what we have to wear? Who we have to look like? What we have to be to become "successful"? It's a very messed up society that we have. If my school ever decided to make us wear uniforms, I would protest. And I know a lot of you think I'm an idiot for saying so, but you know what? I'm not going to sit and let all these people tell me what to do just because they're older than me or more superior. Where would everyone be in life right now if nobody stood up for our freedom?


ummm honestly I think that both sides of this debate are... I don't know how else to say it: immature. If you are opinionated enough to go onto a website and post your opinions of this kind of thing that's fine with me, but insulting the other half kind of gets into the pre-k "you're stupid!" "Nu uh!!!" format... If you have uniforms, you will still be made fun of at school. It's the way society works... I think everybody needs to step back and think a little before they swing either way. Kids are still kids. They have insecurities no matter what outfit you people decide to dress them up in, and because of that they WILL (and i mean WILL) make fun of others/be made fun of.


i have to wear a uniform every day. black shirts and khaki pants. At first everyone said omg r you being for real and why do we have to wear this? And why can't we just wear our own clothes? but now i get why we wear them, because many of the guys wear their pants to their knees, girls wearing very low-cut shirts, some girls wearing too tight of pants, even though us girls like to wear tight pants, some girls just wear them to tight. so after a while we got use to it.


i think that we should try then see how thy will reacted and if some complains that some1 is bullying em, then change it no more uniforms.


I favor school uniforms. The people who believe it inhibits creativity or will produce a commi govt are stupid and seriously need to look at the world around them. Japan has 99% of schools with strict uniforms, and have the highest success rates in education in the world! (Who'd have thunk it?) 99% pass through high school there. America can stand to learn from others. Maybe then we wouldn't be so much of a group of fat, whiny, slackers who don't want to do any serious work, and ship it overseas. I for one would appreciate no longer seeing the guys' butt cracks and underwear, or shirts so tight on girl's their stomach and boobs are falling out. I don't care what you say, deep down you know it is just as distracting to you as it is to me. Not to mention gross. Love from emo "freak" in IL (the others don't like my clothes, so they tease me T.T lol)


wearing uniforms at a school doesn't make you smarter, it may make you look smarter, but it also makes your school look more BORING, who wants to go to a boring school anyway?


i think school uniforms are crazy because kids should be allowed to express themselves..... not have to wear the cheesy clothes that the school gives u. uniforms are OK for private schools, because they have to be orderly, that i can understand, but making public schools wear them is just insane. kids should be allowed to express themselves, not do what people say. yes i know it lowers bullying but what are kids with out their individuality?


i think uniforms are a bad idea for private schools. it takes away our individuality, which i value a lot! No school uniforms!!


Uniforms may show a more unified school, but it really takes away self expression. I have a couple friends who aren't interested in art or writing, but they really enjoy fashion and such. Their grades are good and they're hard workers who try their best in studying. To them, fashion is really important. It's a way to express themselves and keep their sanity. Plus school isn't fun without being individuality. I went to a public school for all of my life so yeah. :D



Yay lets all wear school uniforms after that they can take away our other rights before you know it here we are comis.


i think school uniforms are a great thing. I'm writing a research paper on it. and i think if public schools start making students wear uniforms, they will focus on what they are learning instead on what the latest trend is that everyone is wearing. It would also be beneficial by letting students know that when you are in a business, you have to look professional. and starting in high school is a great idea. Some people might say the school is taking away from their creativity, but in reality, all you have to do to get it back is to join an art class, or a creative writing class. expressing yourself, isn't always what you're wearing. and if students do have a problem with wearing uniforms every day, go to the school board and ask for a slacking day where you wear regular clothes. Either if you do like uniforms or not, they would be beneficial to the school and students.


I believe that school uniforms should be worn because this way, it will make the school look more..... organized. Plus, no more: "ew, look at that outfit." :P


I don't think that we should have to wear uniforms because they put no dent in our education, and if everybody thinks that school is just about education (It's not), than why should the principal be worrying about clothes, if they think that clothes are unimportant?? They are hypocrites!


I think school uniforms are a great idea especially in high school. If there is a need to express oneself, how about taking an art class, or learning a musical instrument, or just becoming great in one of the sports. Maybe doing charity work after school, or figuring out what are the talents one has and develop those, and in general, become a great human being.

There are so many positive, constructive ways of expression, not just a shallow dressing up, or wearing hair a certain way. Looking good is an important part at any stage of life, but for that to be the center of expression takes away from all the other gifts that every child and adult possesses.


I believe that schools should have uniforms. I'm doing a debate about it, and so far I'm winning! Well, first of all, the uniforms teach children that there are ways to show self expression than just clothes. Also, for some reason, crimes decrease. Another thing is, students naturally get better grades when they are worn (i don't know why.)


I think school uniforms are good for private schools, but not public ones. if there were uniforms in all schools it would kind of be like 'conform or else' and that's just creepy. uniforms are good because there are still ways to express yourself that aren't through clothing. so instead of focusing on what to wear in the morning you focus on writing that great English paper. also, uniforms get kids ready for the real world when they have to dress nice for work. some kids who dress badly outside of school will know whats okay for an interview, but kids who don't have that experience might miss a job opportunity because of it. BTW, this was written by a 12 year old who doesn't wear uniforms!


I'm just doing a school project.....


i believe that it is very bad to have school uniforms. Kids now days have very strict dress codes as it is. They are too creative to not be able to show their true colors.


i think it is violating against rights to express yourself. but we should not just choose who goes with who just because of the clothes we wear. we wear the clothes we wear because we feel comfortable and we shouldn't be scared to wear what we feel comfortable with.


now sometimes uniforms can be good or bad. i have heard a lot of things like stops peer pressure and is cheaper and stops us from being creative. now these things might happen if we have uniforms but not if you don't let being unique like come on does it really stops us from being creative how can you be creative if you don't wear uniform if anything uniform should makes us more creative just don't break the rules. recently i had to write an essay on the pros and cons of uniforms first i had to brainstorm some pros and cons here : pros :stop wasting time in the morning lack of distractions formal study environment prepares you for the real world.cons : conforms standards if you don't agree makes you send a rebellious message.


"Um ya Anon I think it is, Maybe you should look at the fact that your school is catholic? Ya maybe that's y there's no fights, and maybe also because the fact that your school probably only has like 20 kids. Not everyone goes to a prep catholic school." I guess school is not your focus any ways!

School uniforms are really a blessing, they minimize the parent child struggle on a daily basis about what is or is not appropriate to wear to school. It places children with different economic backgrounds, in the same category. They become less focused on what people are wearing and hopefully focus on their academics which is why a person goes to school. I do not feel that a child is unable to express themselves in any way, it just gives them the opportunity to find more productive ways to do so. Vanity is not such a good thing. School uniforms can give kids the chance to look past what another student is wearing, and therefore judging them based on that. I once wore a short skirt and was called a slut, why I didn't have that reputation and I was not one, it was a unjustified opinion based on what I wore and not the person wearing it.

The cost of clothes is so outrageous, and school uniforms are pretty affordable, so as a parent I would welcome that. It was stated in another comment that this person wouldn't send her kids to school where they had to wear uniforms, and my response to that is well I will send my kids to the best school that I possibly can, uniforms or not because their education is the most important thing here.


i think uniforms aren't that bad. i wore them to high school and everyone got along with it. we had dress down days occasionally. no one rebelled and no one cared that we wore uniforms. yea some students accessorized with cute shoes and hair thing and jewelry but it wasn't like super bad. some people exaggerate too much.


Um ya Anon I think it is, Maybe you should look at the fact that you school is catholic? Ya maybe that's y there's no fights, and maybe also because the fact that your school probably only has like 20 kids. Not everyone goes to a prep catholic school.


i believe that school uniform should be a part of our environment, because they make our schools equal. They also help by a lot of kids get bullied by the way they dress. kids mostly judge what students wear instead of getting to know then first! we should be wearing uniforms 4 times a week and then on friday we can wear what we would like. by:chantal grenon St.joseph'catholic school.


Just reading over the comments, and noticing people putting down school uniforms. A lot. I'm a high school kid, I go to a catholic school. Our uniforms aren't extremely restrictive, we wear polo shirts and nice pants that can be black, khaki, or navy. We aren't allowed to wear certain materials, but personally I think it's great. I've been going to catholic schools and wearing school uniforms since kindergarten. There've been very, very few fights at my schools, nobody really bugs anyone based on what they wear. People find other ways to express themselves, and very few people conform to the latest fads. From what I've experienced, school uniforms make you value your personal identity and expression even more, and open your eyes to new and more creative and constructive ways to express themselves. Not only that, but you pretty much have to learn to think about people based on who they are, rather than what they wear. I, personally, LIKE school uniforms.


school uniforms are a bad idea if you force your kid to do that they will most likely end up in jail or doing illegal things.


School Uniforms are a waste of time and money. Just because everyone dresses alike doesn't make peer pressure go away. People actually don't judge you for where you buy your clothes, but your personality. Also in public school if they have to issue the uniforms for free then taxes are raised and who wants that, but if they charge for them what about the kids who can't afford that.

-grace klumpp


I don't think there could be any proven pros that are more than just a theory. In the real world, kids' personalities won't change because of the clothes they wear. Trouble makers will still cause plenty of distractions. We will still have cliques or else we wouldn't have any friends. Cheerleader will still hang out with cheerleaders and nerds will still hang out with other nerds. We will still be judged on the way we perform daily activities and what our social lives are like outside of school.

~a concerned teen


sweet, just what i needed have a big speech i have to do.


School uniforms are a bad idea because they would take away our freedom of expression and not let us be ourselves. Where is the fun in going to school if everyone looks the same?!


I don't think that school uniforms affect bullying. Kids that do that are looking for attention and to feel better than other people. Uniforms won't address those issues. Personally, I don't like uniforms and I won't send my kids to a school where they are told what they can and can't wear. I went to a school where we didn't have them and the dress code was more based on common sense than anything. Sure, there were some pressures to get the latest shoes or clothes but nothing that really distracted from school.


Uniforms at an early age probably aren't a good idea, but high school uniforms for all public schools would be great. Then boys wouldn't wear their pants down to their knees or whatever. Plus, some people who aren't fashion designers will actually be able to dress to school and look good... Some people don't know what clothes look good, unfortunately.


i think that those are really good! could you put more on, i have a report to do on it on Feb. 13


There seems to be a lot more pros then cons but one thing I have noticed one thing has never been said. Bullying-what do school uniforms do for that? I myself have been looking for an asnwer to that question.


this was a big help can you get more of this i have to do a report before jan

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  • School uniforms can help students do well academically, but may hinder self-expression.
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    School uniforms can help students do well academically, but may hinder self-expression.
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    Uniforms can level the playing field between rich and poor students.
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    School uniforms can send the message that it's okay to conform.
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    Wearing the same thing can deter teasing among students.
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    Critics argue that mandating that students wear a uniform could stifle creativity.