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What Are the Pros and Cons of Shaving with Olive Oil?

Shaving with olive oil can enhance blade glide, nourish skin, and reduce irritation, offering a natural alternative to synthetic creams. However, it may clog razors and isn't ideal for those with oily skin or allergies. Ready to transform your shaving routine? Discover how olive oil could be your skin's new best friend or a slippery slope to avoid.
M. Chambers
M. Chambers

Using olive oil to shave can be an inexpensive and moisturizing way to lubricate the skin like store-bought shaving creams are designed to do. Olive oil is extremely moisturizing and great for dry, damaged skin in need of extra hydration. It is also more natural than most shaving creams that contain artificial ingredients and fragrances. This type of oil is very greasy, however, and may clog pores if used frequently. In addition, it can clog up a razor and may need to be washed away with soap before shaving is completed.

Olive oil is full of moisturizing properties and using it as a shaving lubricant can be an excellent way to restore softness to dry, parched skin. While many commercial shaving creams and gels are designed for dry or sensitive skin, olive oil is more natural and will leave the skin feeling soft long after shaving the area. It is also ideal for those who suffer from weathered or sunburned skin because it is gentle and extremely hydrating.

Containers of olive oil.
Containers of olive oil.

Standard shaving creams can be expensive, especially when purchased frequently. Olive oil is more cost-effective in the long run and will typically last much longer than a container of shaving gel or lotion. Shaving with olive oil is also more inexpensive because a little bit of the hydrating oil goes a long way, and sometimes only a few drops are needed to shave the skin effectively.

Olive oil may be used as a shaving lubricant.
Olive oil may be used as a shaving lubricant.

Another advantage of shaving with olive oil is that the oil is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients that are commonly used in store-bought shaving creams. These artificial ingredients can be harmful to those who suffer from sensitive skin, and can burn when the skin is broken. Naturally the skin is prone to nicks and cuts during shaving, but if olive oil is used, discomfort and burning will be minimal.

One of the disadvantages of shaving with olive oil is that the oil is very greasy and can leave an oily residue on the skin long after shaving is completed. Many will find this oily residue to be unpleasant and annoying, even those who suffer from dry skin. It can also clog pores, especially when used on the face. Acne-prone individuals may begin to develop pimples when shaving with olive oil or using it as a moisturizer.

Shaving with olive oil or any type of oil can also clog up a razor, especially when mixed with small pieces of hair. Many individuals may find that they have to wipe or rinse the razor frequently to avoid clogging and to get a close shave. If the oil builds up in the razor, it may need to be washed away with soap and water before shaving is completed. To some, this can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

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Discussion Comments


I'm afraid shaving with olive oil didn't work for me. It left a residue on my skin despite washing with soap afterward. Within just a few days, I started getting pimples. I don't even have oily skin, my skin is normal to combination. But it didn't like the oil at all.

It's unfortunate because I did like that it made shaving easier for me. The razor glides better and there is less irritation. But I prefer irritation over acne.


@ZipLine-- That is an issue but it can be avoided by rinsing the razor often while shaving. If you wait until your whole face is done to clean it, then it might have clogged.

I have dry skin too and shaving was a very painful experience before I started using olive oil. I can't describe what a difference it has made. No more razor burn, redness and itching. It got rid of all of my problems immediately. The olive oil seems to not only hydrate but also shield the skin from the razor to avoid injury.

I'm willing to overlook the downsides for this great benefit.


I do have dry skin and suffer from razor burns often. But I'm sure that if I use olive oil, my razor will get clogged at first use and I'll have to throw it away. I know because I used an oil based shaving cream once. It completely clogged the razor and washing it didn't help.

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    • Containers of olive oil.
      Containers of olive oil.
    • Olive oil may be used as a shaving lubricant.
      By: aramis56
      Olive oil may be used as a shaving lubricant.