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What Are the Pros and Cons of Shopping at a Wig Outlet?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Wig outlets have a number of pros and cons associated with them. Discount prices, variety, and the availability of professional consultants are but a few of the advantages of shopping at a wig outlet. However, old stock, over-handled inventory, and no return policies can be disadvantages that can keep a wig shopper from going to an outlet.

One of the most obvious benefits of shopping at wig outlet is the savings offered to consumers. Wig outlets usually offer their wigs at steep discounts, and give consumers the opportunity to save money. Some consumers can walk into a wig outlet and purchase a couple of wigs for the same price that they would have paid for one wig at retail store.

Wig outlets often offer a variety of wigs at discount prices.
Wig outlets often offer a variety of wigs at discount prices.

Wig outlets provide consumers with a wide selection of wigs from which to choose. A greater variety of wigs means that a consumer will be able to choose the best wig that he or she can out of the many that are offered. Options can be limited when visiting retail stores; however, a wig outlet can give consumers many hundreds of wigs from which to choose in one place. The wigs at an outlet can also be for a variety of uses, ranging from those for everyday use to those for use in a theatrical performance or a holiday costume.

Professional wig consultants can also be on hand at wig outlets. If consumers are new to buying and wearing wigs, these experienced and knowledgeable professionals can provide the advice that is necessary for shoppers to make an informed and suitable purchase. Retail stores may have sales associates available, but wig consultants can be hard to come by in a retail environment.

A possible disadvantage of shopping at a wig outlet is that the wigs offered may be out of style. Those who are concerned with hairstyle trends may have a difficult time finding a wig in the latest hair trend at a wig outlet. Retail stores may be better equipped to provide wig shoppers with the latest in hair trends.

Another disadvantage is that some of the wigs at wig outlets can be tried on too many times by other shoppers. Since wig outlets are usually open spaces and shoppers are allowed to browse at will, shoppers may run into wigs that have been obviously over-handled. In addition, since wig outlets offer their wigs on sale, there is always the threat of the outlet not offering a return policy, which will leave shoppers unable to return or exchange the purchase that they have made.

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    • Wig outlets often offer a variety of wigs at discount prices.
      By: Brian Jackson
      Wig outlets often offer a variety of wigs at discount prices.