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What Is a Blunt Haircut?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

A blunt haircut is a type of style used for straight locks. A stylist cuts straight across an individual’s hair in a dramatic way to actually make the hair appear straighter. People with wavy and curly hair can also have this style, although certain preparatory measures must be taken. Although bob styles are considered a type of blunt haircut, this cut can also be used for medium lengths of hair. Blunt styles can be also be worn with or without bangs.

The easiest type of blunt haircut is for medium-length hair. A stylist cuts the hair straight across on the ends and keeps the length no longer than the chest. This type of cut is preferred by people who want a clean look, but also those who want to keep the ease and versatility of wearing their hair up occasionally.

Blunt haircuts are most often done on straight hair.
Blunt haircuts are most often done on straight hair.

There is a misconception that short locks should have layers, and that a blunt cut will not be flattering. A blunt haircut can be used if a person desires extremely short hair, only so long as it is shaped in a flattering way around the face. To prevent a harsh look, a short blunt hair style should only be used on those who have a rectangular- or oval-shaped faces. A less harsh alternative for all face shapes is a blunt haircut that has varying lengths at the ends.

One downside to having a blunt haircut is that the hair can appear stringy. This effect tends to be worse in people who have fine hair. A solution is to cut the bangs in a unique way. For example, straight locks can be complemented by texturized bangs. Bowl-cut bangs can also make this type of cut look less harsh and more feminine.

Blunt haircuts are not generally used on people with curly or wavy hair, because they will not benefit from the dramatic styling effect. At the same time, a straight-across cut is desired by many men and women with these types of hair, because it makes their locks less frizzy. Such individuals should keep in mind that opting for this style will not texturize curly and wavy hair. If added texture is desired, then the hair must be straightened with a flat iron or done so professionally in a salon. Straightening products, such as shampoos and gels, may also be required to maintain the style.

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The best way to keep hair from looking stringy with a blunt haircut is to choose a shampoo carefully.

Specifically, shampoos and conditioners designed to address either dry or oily tendencies in your hair will give the hair a sleeker, smoother look.

Those with fine hair would benefit from using shampoos specially made to add volume.

However, a shampoo that adds volume should not be used on curly or wavy hair that has been straightened. Most of the time, curly hair is already thicker than most straight hair, and added volume can ruin the desired effect of the cut.

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    • Blunt haircuts are most often done on straight hair.
      By: Sanjay Deva
      Blunt haircuts are most often done on straight hair.