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What Is a Cologne Tester?

A cologne tester is a version of a fragrance designed for trial, often found in stores for sampling. These testers are identical in scent to the retail product but may come without the fancy packaging, making them a savvy choice for personal use. Intrigued by the potential savings and hidden gems among testers? Dive deeper to uncover how they can enhance your scent collection.
Madeleine A.
Madeleine A.

A cologne tester is found at department store counters and is generally a small demonstration bottle of a cologne that the store sells. The bottle is usually just a bottle of the exact cologne, but for use as a tester, and not for sale. In addition, a cologne tester allows the customer to sample the fragrance before purchasing it to make sure it is acceptable.

Typically, a person uses the cologne tester by spraying a small amount of the fragrance on her wrist. If she likes how the scent smells after a few minutes, the customer might purchase it. If not, she can sample other fragrances from other cologne testers available at the counter. Tester cards are also available for the consumer, who can spray the fragrance directly on the card instead of her skin.

A bottle of cologne.
A bottle of cologne.

Sometimes, a cologne tester comes in the form of free samples. Many department stores and online cosmetic retailers offer free samples to their customers. This type of cologne tester is meant to be kept by the customer, where cologne testers found at the store are not. Occasionally, a person may have an allergic reaction to a cologne, and to find out if she is allergic, the consumer can apply the product to her skin, and if she does not have a reaction after approximately 20 minutes she probably does not have an allergy to it.

Cologne testers allow shoppers to try the scent while in the store.
Cologne testers allow shoppers to try the scent while in the store.

The cologne or perfume tester is found at many retailers, and not just at the department store cosmetics counter. Cologne testers are often found at cosmetic counters at drug stores, big box retailers, and even grocery stores that sell fragrances. In addition, a designer cologne tester as well as a cheap cologne tester may be displayed side-by-side at the cosmetic counter.

Cologne for women is not the only product used in cologne testers. Retailers that sell cologne for men also display cologne testers, as do specialty shops that sell homemade cologne, natural colognes, and essential oils. Occasionally, when a fragrance is discontinued, the store may sell their cologne testers at deep discounts. Consumers can sometimes purchase designer or expensive colognes for a fraction of the cost when they purchase cologne testers.

Although cologne and perfume testers are usually offered in spray bottles, certain types are not. This can pose a hazard to the consumer because it necessitates them to take off the cap in order to dab on the fragrance, which may cause the bottle to slip out of their hands. This risk is diminished when the consumer only needs to pick up the bottle and spray the product onto her skin.

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    • A bottle of cologne.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A bottle of cologne.
    • Cologne testers allow shoppers to try the scent while in the store.
      By: Goran Bogicevic
      Cologne testers allow shoppers to try the scent while in the store.