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What Is a Inverted Bob Haircut?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

An inverted bob haircut is a popular hairstyle that many women and men wear. One of many short types of haircuts, it involves cutting the back of the hair above or at the nape of the neck. The sides and front of the hair are then tapered to create a curtain effect, with the shortest strands in the back, and the longest strands framing the face.

Bob hairstyles are designed to provide the wearer with a fuller-looking head of hair. The crown appears to have more height with this cut, making it a popular choice for people with thin hair. The asymmetrical shape that results from the hairstyle also provides a modern look that many people employ when updating their look or getting a makeover.

A hairstylist cutting an inverted bob.
A hairstylist cutting an inverted bob.

The inverted bob can have many different variations. Some people incorporate layers into the bob, while others prefer to have the only length variation at the hair's tips. Other names for the inverted bob haircut include the stacked bob, the concave bob, and the wedge bob. Some also refer to the haircut as the posh bob, named after Victoria Beckham, a celebrity who famously wore the hairstyle.

Though an inverted bob haircut can be curly, most styles featuring this cut are sleek and straight. While the back of the hair is almost always very short, at the neck level or higher, the lengths of the sides and front of the hair can vary widely. When getting an inverted bob haircut, some people ask for their front strands to be as short as their chin length or a bit longer, while others may keep the strands framing their faces very long to provide an even more asymmetrical appearance. Still others might even choose to have one side longer than the other for a very unique look.

Due to its flexible range of styles, this haircut is considered appropriate for most age groups. It can provide comfort and a low maintenance style for elderly women and children. Teens can use the style to be hip, often adding colors or attachments, and professionals can employ it for a polished, presentable appearance.

When getting an inverted bob hairstyle, one can ask his or her stylist about what might be most appropriate for his or her lifestyle and face shape. Some cuts may require more maintenance than others. Though a person may seek sharp or jagged layers, these may not be appropriate for an angular face, while round layers might work best to soften a jawline.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, Sara has a Master’s Degree in English, which she puts to use writing for BeautyAnswered and several magazines, websites, and nonprofit organizations. She has published her own novella, and has other literary projects currently in progress. Sara’s varied interests have also led her to teach children in Spain, tutor college students, run CPR and first aid classes, and organize student retreats.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, Sara has a Master’s Degree in English, which she puts to use writing for BeautyAnswered and several magazines, websites, and nonprofit organizations. She has published her own novella, and has other literary projects currently in progress. Sara’s varied interests have also led her to teach children in Spain, tutor college students, run CPR and first aid classes, and organize student retreats.

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As far as older women go, I think that on some older women, an inverted bob cut is preferable to long hair. In my opinion, there are very few older women who look good with long hair. It just seems to drag them down.

I have seen some older women with moderately highlighted hair and an inverted bob haircut and they do look very attractive. Then I've seen some who have dry, somewhat brittle hair that was cut in an inverted bob, and it wasn't attractive at all.


If you get a really good cut and have the particular inverted bob haircut that goes well with your face shape, I think it looks great. I much prefer this style for teens upward to about age 40. Otherwise, it just doesn't look quite right.

It certainly is an easy style to maintain. But if it is cut short at the nape of the neck, it would require frequent hair trims. Otherwise it would begin to look shabby around the neckline.


I did not know that men have picked up on this inverted bob trend. I guess I could see men who are rock stars, and men with edgy jobs/lives pull this look off, but somehow I do not see this working out so well for regular hum-drum men. It is quite daring for a guy to do any kind of bob, so I would have to give any man props for being courageous enough to try it.

I think some men can pull off the edgier look, as others look like they are trying to hard, or just not themselves with an edgier look.

I would definitely give men the same advice as I give women, check with a stylist, since they are the professionals.

At least men can always cut/shave/buzz off their hair if they grow it out and don’t like it, although women can do that as well, it is just not as socially accepted, but nothing is truly wrong with that though.


The inverted bob does look nice on most people, but as with everything, it is not for everyone. There are few hairstyles that everyone looks great in.

I think the inverted bob looks best on people with super straight, fine hair. Or at least those who can make their hair super straight with the right hair products and hair supplies.

Another thing to consider is the shape of your face. If your face is big or really small, it may not look the best on you.

Also, you should consider if having a fair amount of hair on your neck is important to you, as this bob leaves your neck usually mostly if not all the way exposed.

The best piece of advice I can think of is to ask your stylist what she/he thinks. She/he may be able to vary the inverted bob to fit your hair type and face shape better. Also, they will usually try to steer you clear of anything that they know would be a devastating disaster.

It is also important to remember that hair does grow back, in case you do not like your hair cut. Also, it is always good to step out of your comfort zone, even if you do not like the end result, it really does bring confidence and strength.

You also gain knowledge for the next go around for what works for you and what does not work for you.


I did not know that the inverted bob could make your hair look fuller. If I would have known this, I probably would have at least asked my stylist if she thought the inverted bob would do me justice or not. I have fine hair, so I am always looking for ways to add volume and depth to my hair.

I didn't do this style last year, because it seemed like everyone else was doing it, and I do not like to look like everyone else. I may give this a try next spring though, when the weather is warmer, so I won't be freezing my neck off during the winter.

When I go to the hairstylist, I usually give them a few ideas or pictures of what I am going for, although I know it will not end up much like the picture anyway. I usually just tell the stylist to do what they feel would look best for my face and hair-type, since they are the professionals.


An inverted bob is one of those cuts that aren’t always easy to carry off. Every lady sees the one person on the planet who looks good with it and decides it’s the cut for them!

They fail to realize that they can’t actually see what they look like from the back or side very well. I know a lady who got this cut, and she thought she looked fantastic; she just didn’t seem to have any clue about the way it made her looked humpbacked (Or rather, showed off her little hump on the back of her neck).

I felt sorry for her in a way, but I couldn’t bear to break her heart! She thought it made her square jawline look less prominent, too, when it actually set it off.


I don’t know if I’m just not imaginative enough or what, but I just can’t feel the inverted bob haircut. I will admit that I’ve seen a few ladies who look nice with it, but not too terribly many.

I guess the real problem is that I’m not into fads, but rather what actually flatters a person’s overall look. Most of the folks I’m seeing with this particular cut are doing it to be fashionable rather than to actually flatter their natural characteristics.

The whole two tone look (totally white blonde in the front and smut black in the back) doesn’t rock my world either…I guess I just really value the natural look!


I always like to try new hairstyles when they come out. When I saw how popular inverted bob haircuts for 2010 were I decided to give it a try.

I really didn't like this style on me at all. I have curly hair, and it was hard to keep the layers in the back to lay down right. It also didn't look good with my fuller face.

I only kept this style for a few months when I had the front cut off shorter to blend in with the back.

I guess that's the nice thing about getting a style I don't like very well. I know my hair will always grow, and it won't be that way forever.

I have several friends who have an inverted bob haircut, and it looks adorable on them, but it just didn't work very well for me.


I have had my hair cut in an inverted bob for a few years now. I think I am about ready for a change, but have stayed with this style for so long because I really like it.

I think one of the biggest reasons I like it so well, is that I like the feeling of having longer hair in front. I feel more feminine when I have longer hair to work with in the front.

It is also very easy, since I have naturally straight hair, I can blow it dry and be out the door without too much fuss.

Another thing I really like about it, is the fullness and volume it gives me with the back being shorter.

Since my hair is straight, it is also very fine, and this extra bit of volume helps me look like I have a fuller head of hair than I actually do.


I have been trying to cut my daughter's hair to save cash and she really wants an inverted bob haircut. The problem is I haven't found a good photo of an inverted bob haircut back view yet and I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good place to find one. I really hate the idea of messing up her hair.

As far as I can tell the back can either be really short or to the nape of the neck. I suppose that depends on the person's preference though?

My daughter just wants whatever looks good. I do miss the old days when she didn't mind a blunt cut.


I have been thinking about some of the different layered bob hairstyles lately and am wondering if one of the long inverted bob haircuts for 2010 might be good for me. There were some great photos circulating then that the celebrities were sporting. I especially liked how Victoria Beckham always managed to make her cut look so classy.

While there are some good shots of inverted bob haircuts for 2011 I am just not sure if I into the overly tidy look Katie Holmes was spotted with.

Can anyone recommend a celebrity who has the best layered bob haircut that is longer in the front?


The long inverted bob haircut is really popular among the Emo crowd. I think that when it is totally done in black with a few creative extensions tossed in, it can look really fantastic.

I think that the best inverted bob haircut pictures I have seen were those where the person had added extension in the front. I really love the animal print extensions because it gives you a look you can't really get just by dyeing your hair. Whether it be a leopard spotted design, colorful stripes or something like a peacock tail pattern it just looks really cool.


I think that inverted bob haircuts look really cool when the hair is dyed black and colored streaks are added. I have seen many young people walking around the mall with this style, and it definitely gives them a unique look.

I saw one girl with long hot pink strands around her face. The back was so short that she was able to make it stand up a couple of inches, and she had a couple of pink streaks in it, as well. The rest of her hair was jet black.

I know that I could not get away with this colored hairstyle, because I have to deal with the public at work, and we have a strict dress code. I might get a regular inverted bob, though, and just keep my natural color.


@StarJo - Short bob haircuts generally do make round faces appear even rounder. The idea is that long hair drags a face down, but short hair plumps it up. That’s why most stylists recommend long styles for round faces and short styles for narrow faces.

However, some inverted bob haircuts designed for round faces can look great. I think that if the strands surrounding your face are kept long enough, then your face might appear smaller.

My best friend works in a salon, and I have seen her do many haircuts on all different types of faces. There are only certain bob haircuts that will complement a round face, and I have heard her tell many customers this. Ask your stylist to recommend one that will work with your face.


I have a thyroid problem, and I have gained a lot of weight in my face. I am wondering if this haircut would look good on me or not.

Do inverted bob haircuts complement round faces? One of my friends told me that this style would look good on anyone, but I have my doubts.

I have had long hair for years. I’m ready for a change, but I don’t want to do something that will make me look even fatter.


One of my coworkers has an inverted bob haircut, and it works really well with her face. She has a narrow face and a petite frame, and this cut keeps her hair from overwhelming her small body.

Her hair is platinum blond. Since it is shorter in the back, it puffs up and gives her volume.

Her front strands only come down to her chin, and she even has some side swept bangs added to the mix. Her hair is easy to style, and she always looks professional because she never has a bad hair day.

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    • A hairstylist cutting an inverted bob.
      By: Rido
      A hairstylist cutting an inverted bob.