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What Are the Different Bob Hairstyles?

Bob hairstyles are as diverse as they are chic, ranging from the classic straight bob to the playful asymmetrical cut. There's the textured wavy bob for a carefree look, the sleek A-line for a touch of elegance, and the layered bob for added volume. Which bob will enhance your personal style? Discover your perfect match and transform your look. Ready to explore?
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Bob hairstyles may be seen in classic and modern cuts, worn by both females and males. Classic bob hairstyles are reminiscent of the 1960s feminine haircut that was non-layered. Modern bob haircuts include updated variations such as multi-layered and shaggy. The bob haircut is typically short in back and somewhat long in front, while framing the jawline or upper neck. Straight bob hairstyles are often worn by women and girls with fine hair, while curly bobs can accentuate textured curls.

In any style of bob haircut, the neck and jawline will be accentuated. This makes the bob hairstyle favored by those with flattering jawlines and long, slender necks. Those with short necks may look best with med-length or longer style bob haircuts. A professional hairstylist may offer a client photos of various bob haircuts for consideration.

Some bobs are cut so that the bangs angle across the face.
Some bobs are cut so that the bangs angle across the face.

Those with very fine hair often choose a style known as the graduated bob haircut. A graduated bob haircut incorporates layers throughout, creating volume and body. Graduated bob hairstyles are created by using thinning shears. A process referred to as a razor cut will add a more choppy or spiked look to the layers.

Short bob hairstyles are often referred to as chin-length bobs. This style is typically cut even all the way around. The front of the hair will generally stop just above the chin. Bangs are often side-swept for a chin-length bob.

Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages.
Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages.

Layered bob haircuts are achieved by creating sharp angled curves along the jawline. Hair is typically cut short in back for a layered bob. Two or more layers will be added for a full, textured look. When layers are added, heaviness is lifted from the ends, creating an effect of more volume, especially at the crown.

Retro-mod bob hairstyles resemble that of the pageboy, which was popular during the 1960s. Blunt bangs are often worn with this style of bob haircut. Hair may also be parted on the side when cut in a retro style bob.

A classic blunt A-Line is a bob hairstyle that is non-angular. The appearance of this trendy haircut resembles that of a capital A. The A-line is almost always worn with blunt bangs.

Shaggy bob hairstyles have a tousled look, and are sometimes referred to as a "bed-head" style. The shaggy bob haircut may be styled with rollers or styling mousse, creating a wind-swept or disheveled look. The shaggy bob works well for those with thick or wavy hair types. In addition, crimped bob hairstyles may be achieved with the use of a crimping iron.

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    • Some bobs are cut so that the bangs angle across the face.
      By: Rido
      Some bobs are cut so that the bangs angle across the face.
    • Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages.
      By: Christian Schwier
      Bob haircuts are popular hairstyles for all ages.