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What Is a Stacked Bob Haircut?

A stacked bob haircut features shorter layers at the back, creating a rounded, voluminous shape that enhances texture and movement. This versatile style suits various hair types and face shapes, offering a modern twist on the classic bob. Ready to transform your look with a chic, dimensional cut? Discover how a stacked bob can elevate your personal style.
Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell

A stacked bob haircut is a tightly layered short hair style meant to increase volume at the crown of the head. It includes both longer styles and shorter styles and can also incorporate bangs. The length of the haircut depends on the thickness of the hair and the shape of the face, The stacked bob can be styled in several different ways.

This style of haircut utilizes very blended layers in the back of the head to create a round shape. The layers typically only incorporate the middle third of the hair; the portions on the side of the head, near the face, are only lightly layered or all one length. This tight layering in the back lifts the hair up, thus creating fullness.

Stacked bob haircuts incorporate a lot of layers at the back of the head.
Stacked bob haircuts incorporate a lot of layers at the back of the head.

In longer styles of a stacked bob, the layers begin at the base of the neck and become progressively shorter towards the crown. The front portions of the hair may be the same length as the longest layer in the back or they may be slightly longer, thereby creating an A-line effect. Depending on the thickness of the hair, the front portions may be lightly layered, although they are not stacked as closely as the back portions.

The back layers of a shorter stacked bob usually begin at the nape of the neck and become shorter towards the top of the crown. In very short cuts, the bottom layer may be cut with a razor right at the hairline. As with longer versions, the front may be the same length as the bottom layer or slightly longer. With this style of stacked bob haircut, one side of the hair in the front portion may be longer than the other, especially when the hair is parted to the side.

Bangs are a common accompaniment to a stacked bob haircut. Women with round or heart shaped faces typically opt for long, side swept bangs that blend into the longest part of the hair. Those with more oval face shapes may decide to have blunt cut bangs, often medium to thick in density.

A woman with a long face usually looks best with a short stacked bob, often about chin length, while someone with a round shape tends to look best with a longer style. Women with very sharp or prominent features are often suited to a stacked bob haircut with layers throughout. These layers are typically cut with a razor for softness and movement.

The most popular styling method for a stacked bob is straightening it and flipping the hair underneath. The tightly stacked layers in the back often require extra styling to ensure the overall round shape of the cut remains intact. Women with longer versions of this bob can usually wear their hair curly, especially if it is lightly layered in the front.

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You are right about the maintenance of the long or short stacked bob haircut Heavanet. I help my friend keep hers looking great in between salon visits by giving her a quick trim every few weeks.


The good thing about stacked bob hairstyles is that they make your hair easy to style. However, the downside is that having frequent trimmings is a must to keep the shape of these hair cuts.

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    • Stacked bob haircuts incorporate a lot of layers at the back of the head.
      By: Sanjay Deva
      Stacked bob haircuts incorporate a lot of layers at the back of the head.