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What is a Jewelry Holder?

A jewelry holder is a dedicated organizer designed to neatly store and display your precious adornments. From elegant stands for necklaces to compartmentalized boxes for rings and earrings, it safeguards your treasures while adding a touch of sophistication to your decor. Curious about finding the perfect one to reflect your style? Let's explore the myriad of options together.
B. Miller
B. Miller

A jewelry holder is a stand used for displaying jewelry and keeping it from becoming tangled. There are a number of different types of jewelry holders in different sizes and designs to suit different tastes. A jewelry holder is different than a jewelry box, which keeps jewelry covered; this type of holder keeps it on display and available for easy reach when getting ready in the morning.

A jewelry tree is one very common type of jewelry holder. This is often designed to look like an actual tree, and the branches are used to display the jewelry. It is generally fairly small, and designed to be placed on top of a dresser or shelf. The benefit to a jewelry tree such as this is that different types of jewelry may be displayed, such as necklaces of varying lengths, bracelets, rings, and earrings with a hook backing.

A bracelet.
A bracelet.

These jewelry trees are available in stores or online, and may be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Some are designed to look very realistic, like a tree branch, while others are designed in a more modern way. They are typically fairly inexpensive, and can make a great gift for a woman who has a lot of jewelry and no place to display it.

A jewelry holder may come in a different design as well. Some are designed to look like picture frames, and may be mounted on the wall or propped on a dresser. These often feature a mesh backing surrounded by a picture frame, and are usually intended just for earrings. Stud earrings may be placed through the mesh backing, while other types of hook earrings may be hung from it. These picture frame jewelry holders may feature a few hooks at the bottom for necklaces, but they are more commonly used for smaller pieces of jewelry.


A jewelry holder that is designed similarly to a cake stand is popular as well. These generally feature a few tiers with small dishes on each tier; small jewelry such as rings or stud earrings may be placed in the dishes, while necklaces, bracelets, and longer earrings may be hung from the edges. These are somewhat vintage designs. A single small dish may also be used as a jewelry holder for a more modern look. Miniature dress forms are often created to be jewelry holders as well. These are just a few of the many different designs of jewelry holders available.

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@Mor - Actually, I would also recommend a hanging jewelry holder. You can get ones that look like clothes hangers and which you just store in the wardrobe as well.

If you have a lot of chains, they are really good, because they keep them all apart from each other, as long as you don't constantly move them around.

If you have pretty beads and things you want to display a tree is better, because you can use it as an art object.

I think it's a shame that some necklaces and things only come out once or twice a year. I like being able to look at them all the time.


It is surprisingly difficult to find a decent jewelry holder. I suppose because there are so many different shapes of jewelry.

At the moment I mostly keep mine in jewelry boxes, mostly because I have been given several over the years and I need to do something with them!

But they are pretty hopeless at keeping jewelry tidy. No matter how carefully I put the necklaces and things away, they seem to be tangled the next time I need one. And I never have the time to be unpicking one chain from another, which is annoying.

Sometimes I think it would just be easier to only have one chain and switch the pendants between it!

But, then I guess it's more sensible to just get a tree jewelry holder.

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    • A bracelet.
      By: Steve Mann
      A bracelet.
    • Earrings.
      By: aleksandrn
    • A copper bracelet.
      By: Bookworm32
      A copper bracelet.
    • Some jewelry holders are designed to look like picture frames.
      By: karandaev
      Some jewelry holders are designed to look like picture frames.