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What Is a Moroccan Hijab?

A Moroccan hijab is a vibrant expression of cultural identity, blending tradition with modern fashion. It's a headscarf worn for modesty, often characterized by rich colors and intricate patterns, reflecting Morocco's artistic heritage. Each fold and drape tells a story of personal style and religious devotion. How does this garment symbolize a fusion of faith and individuality? Explore with us.
Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

The Moroccan hijab is a particular style which involves wearing a hijab in a way that covers the neck as well as the head. Among the various types of hijabs, a Moroccan hijab is often found to feature bright colors. The majority of women who wear the Moroccan hijab do so by choice as such is not a mandatory dress code for Muslim women living in Morocco.

Various hijab styles exist that offer Muslim women the opportunity to wear a head covering as a religious statement while still managing to express a sense of personal style. Whether choosing to wear a basic hijab in a muted color or opting for a luxury hijab in a bright color or pattern and made from an expensive fabric, Muslim women may exercise their social and religious preference for modest dress while being able to shop for various styles and designs that complement their wardrobes. A Moroccan hijab is one such style that many women gravitate toward, as it involves not only covering the head but also wrapping in such a way as to cover a woman’s neck.

Caftans, or long robes, are a popularly paired with Moroccan hijabs.
Caftans, or long robes, are a popularly paired with Moroccan hijabs.

The Moroccan hijab is often worn with a Moroccan-style caftan known as a takchita. These articles of clothing are often featured in intricate patterns, colors and designs which many believe emphasize a woman’s femininity in a modest but fashionable accord. Colorful and fashionable hijabs and other accessories are often paired with takchitas to create a full fashion ensemble that stands out against other more basic hijab styles. While takchitas are traditional women’s clothing, some women also choose to wear the Moroccan version of the hijab with other clothing styles, including Western fashions. It is not unusual, in fact, to find a woman wearing a Moroccan inspired hijab with a business suit or a dress.

Scores of Muslim women are not forced to do so, but still choose to wear the Moroccan hijab in Morocco. The style is also a favored choice among hijab wearers who proudly identify themselves as "hijabis" in other parts of the world, as well. It is also a popular style often featured in hijab fashion shows. Some believe that the Moroccan hijab is a more flattering style than other hijab fashions and many women even go so far as to compare it to those worn by Muslim royalty. This is particularly true when the Moroccan hijab is paired with a luxurious takchita.

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    • Caftans, or long robes, are a popularly paired with Moroccan hijabs.
      By: Driving South
      Caftans, or long robes, are a popularly paired with Moroccan hijabs.