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What Is a Perfume Store?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A perfume store is a business that sells perfume. Although a store can specialize in selling perfume, a perfume store also can be considered to be any section of a store that sells perfume. Perfume stores can be located in department stores, makeup and beauty supply retailers, outlet malls and even online.

Stores that are devoted to selling makeup and beauty items often sell perfume. Although consumers might be confronted with marked-up prices in a perfume store of this type, stores such as these might be advantageous to people who want to compare many types of fragrances at once. Samples and testers usually are easy to obtain while at one of these establishments, and they can make decision-making easier for anyone who is new to fragrances or is undecided about which particular fragrance to choose.

A bottle of perfume.
A bottle of perfume.

Perfume outlets are also popular among consumers, and they usually can be found in outlet malls. These stores can be just like other perfume stores because they offer a wide array of choices. The main difference is that outlets often sell perfume at significantly discounted prices. The high cost of perfume is why many perfume-wearers opt to buy their fragrances from a perfume outlet. Outlets can be a good way to take home perfumes at a fraction of the cost of their retail counterparts.

Perfume stores offer a wide variety of choices.
Perfume stores offer a wide variety of choices.

Some perfume stores are independent and make their own fragrances. A perfume store of this kind might have agreements to sell their fragrances at high-end boutiques, but others might sell their fragrances exclusively at their own stores. If fragrance enthusiasts live outside of large cities, they might find it difficult to travel to branded stores to obtain scents.

Consumers can often find great deals on perfumes by purchasing them online. It's important for consumers to research online perfume stores before placing any orders. Some perfume stores make money by selling outdated or defective merchandise. To avoid receiving perfume that is past its sell-by date, one should read the company's policies and reviews from other customers.

If consumers are interested in saving extra money, they should consider buying perfume testers from perfume stores. Some companies will sell new testers at deeply discounted prices. This is because the testers do not come with the expensive packaging that usually accompanies retail fragrances. If someone who likes perfume doesn't mind the plain look of a tester, that person can enjoy his or her favorite fragrances for very low prices compared to a retail sale tag.

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@raynbow- I think you will be quite excited the first time that you walk into a perfume shop. Not only will you find great prices, but you will also notice the amazing selection that is available. Discount perfume stores offer everything from well-known brands to international favorites. Many of them also have everything from body sprays to exotic colognes.

In addition, if you are looking for a hard-to-find perfume brand or one that is not always available in department stores, you may very likely find it at a perfume store.


Other than the discount prices that are available, are there any other benefits from shopping at a perfume store? This type of specialty store is not available in my area, but I am going on vacation next month to a city that has several perfume shops. I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

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    • A bottle of perfume.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A bottle of perfume.
    • Perfume stores offer a wide variety of choices.
      By: Goran Bogicevic
      Perfume stores offer a wide variety of choices.