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What is a Shower Cap?

Ken Black
Ken Black

A shower cap is simply a covering used over the head to keep hair dry when showering or engaging in some other type of activity involving water. Shower caps can be made of several different materials. No matter what material is used, they all have something in common -- their ability to repel water and provide an impermeable layer between the outside of the shower cap and the scalp.

Shower caps can be made from a variety of different materials, the most common of which are plastic and nylon. Silk is also a fabric found in some shower cap brands, especially those which are higher end.

Shower caps are designed to keep the hair dry in the shower.
Shower caps are designed to keep the hair dry in the shower.

While most shower caps are multi-use, some are disposable. The disposable varieties are often found in hotels. Though no one will mistake a shower cap as a fashion symbol, the multi-use caps come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. A shower cap run anywhere from less than $1 US Dollar (USD) to more than $20 USD, depending on the style, quality and even the location where purchased.

The most common reason for the use of a shower cap is so that an individual can keep hair dry while taking a shower or, to a lesser extent, a bath. Predominately used by women, there are a number of reasons why one may choose to take advantage of a shower cap to keep hair dry. For example, if showering shortly before going to bed, some may prefer not to take the time to dry their hair. Rather than going to bed with wet hair, a shower cap can be a convenient alternative.

In addition to the practical use of keeping hair dry, a shower cap can also help protect your hair. In some cases, a woman may have a specialized hairdo that would be ruined if it got too wet. If not ruined completely, a hairdo may require considerable work to restore once it is wet. Keeping the hair dry is a can be a tremendous time-saving mechanism, and cost savings mechanism, in such cases.

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    • Shower caps are designed to keep the hair dry in the shower.
      By: silver-john
      Shower caps are designed to keep the hair dry in the shower.