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What is a Tulle Skirt?

A tulle skirt is a whimsical garment crafted from layers of lightweight, sheer fabric known as tulle. This fabric's fine netting creates volume and a fairy-tale aesthetic, making it a favorite for ballet costumes and bridal wear. Its versatility spans from elegant to playful, perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of enchantment. How will you style yours?
Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

A tulle skirt is often worn when a female wants to wear a more fluffed out and shapely skirt. Tulle is fabric that is used to make bridal veils, scarves, gowns, tutus, skirts and various other pieces of clothing as well as decor. It can be made from several different types of materials including silk, cotton and nylon. It resembles netting and is often starched to give it a stiffer feel.

A tulle skirt can have fabric on top and tulle underneath or vice versa. More often than not, the tulle will be underneath to give the fabric over it a bit of a lift. The tulle is often ruffled to help create that extra boost.

Tulle is often used to add volume to the bottom of a wedding dress.
Tulle is often used to add volume to the bottom of a wedding dress.

When making a tulle skirt, it can often be better to sew it by hand, as the fabric can get caught up in the sewing machine and tear or cause other problems. There are several variations to make, but almost all are incredibly easy to create. Look for a beginners pattern online or in a craft store to get started.

A tulle skirt can come in many forms, including bubble, ruffled or straight. The bubble skirt will most likely not show the tulle that is underneath as the outside fabric curls under at the bottom hiding the fabric underneath. For the ruffled or straight skirt, if the tulle is underneath it may be inconspicuous or it can hang out from the bottom as part of the design.

Some people may feel tulle is slightly uncomfortable on the skin due to how it is often starched. If someone enjoys the look of tulle as part of a skirt, the best option is to find one that has it over the base fabric. Another option is to purchase a skirt where it is less starched and has a softer feel.

Tulle fabric is used quite often in the production of the bottom part of a wedding gown as well as in the creation of tutus. A tulle skirt can come in varying lengths from short to long. A very popular design of skirt is to have it mid thigh to knee length with tulle ruffled underneath it.

A tulle skirt should be tried on before purchase to make sure the fabric and design is comfortable. While tulle skirts may not be for everyone, they can make a fun addition to a wardrobe. The fluffiness of the fabric can be fun to play with and can add a unique touch to many outfits.

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Discussion Comments


@strawCake - Well, even if you didn't like the dress, I hope your friend was happy wearing it. After all, it was her wedding!

I don't think tulle should necessarily only be worn by ballerinas. But I do think there is a time and a place. For instance, a tulle skirt is probably not a great choice for the office.

But if you're going out clubbing or something like that, why not? You could wear it with a pair of funky boots and really make a statement!


A friend of mine got married in a fluffy wedding dress that had a layer of tulle under the skirt part. I thought it look awful! My friend pretty much was lost and overwhelmed in the skirt. I know when I looked at her, the first thing I saw was the skirt!

I prefer a more elegant, classic styling myself. I know you're supposed to look fancy when you get married, but I still want to look like me, you know? And being swathed in layers and layers of fluffy fabric isn't really my style. I personally think we should leave tulle for very young girls and ballerinas!


@amysamp - I just had to add a fun fact I found out about that Carrie Bradshaw outfit.

There was a lot of debate about which outfit Carrie Bradshaw should be wearing in that picture that would be shown each and every show, but it was Sarah Jessica Parker and the costume designer that really pushed for the skirt to be included and won (obviously).

And the best part - the skirt was actually a five dollar vintage find from Sarah Jessica Parker's personal collection.

I love the idea of this for a Halloween costume, but I will have to get a wig to really pull it off, as even though I have long hair - I just don't have enough of it to look like Carrie's!


What a great signature piece to have in your wardrobe?! I can only imagine how many fun and flirty outfits you could make with a vintage tulle skirt.

One outfit could also be a Halloween costume as well - if you are looking for an easy costume and if you are a "Sex in the City" Carrie Bradshaw fan...

Here's why it could be a Carrie Bradshaw costume - If you notice on the intro to this TV show, Carrie Bradshaw's picture on the side of the bus has her in a tulle skirt and a tank top.

So embrace some big curly hair, find a vintage tulle skirt, top with a tank top and the impeding question "What I will wear this Halloween?" is answered!

Also if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can find a tutorial on how to make the skirt on the Internet (with pictures!).


@Sara007 - I'm shorter as well. Trust me, long, full skirts, whether a long tulle skirt or any other long skirt, are just not your friend. Show some leg or you'll be overwhelmed by your clothes!

Here's a warming about long tulle skirts - they can tear up your pantyhose. When I got married, I was going to leave the reception in the same pantyhose I had been wearing. But when I changed, I realized that my floor-length crinoline had torn up the nylon on my feet! I had to go bare-legged.


@Sara007 - If I were you I would go with the medium length skirt, as I find that long tulle skirts do indeed make you look shorter. This is especially true if it is a ruffled tulle skirt, because I find the fullness of the skirt really draws attention to your bottom half.

Another option is for you to get a tulle skirt dress which I find tends to fit the body better than just the skirt. I think that when the dresses are made, the waist is set at the perfect part of your midsection so it flatters you. With just the skirt you may pull it up to far creating a strange silhouette.


I am a bit shorter and have been looking at women's tulle skirts. Do you think that you can pull off white tulle skirt that is really long and full if you are short in stature? Or does it make you look like your legs are too short?

I am torn between a black tulle skirt and a silk tulle skirt in yellow. I feel that both of them are pretty versatile and will go well with the tops in my wardrobe. Both skirts come in full length, medium length, and in one length short enough to be mistaken for a tutu. I am not sure I am up for an ultra short skirt yet, so it's really between medium and full length.

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    • Tulle is often used to add volume to the bottom of a wedding dress.
      By: Ivan Nakonechnyy
      Tulle is often used to add volume to the bottom of a wedding dress.