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What Is an Angled Bob Haircut?

S. Reynolds
S. Reynolds

An angled bob haircut is a woman's style that is longer in the front of the face and gradually gets shorter as it reaches the back of the neck. Other names for this haircut include the graduated bob or stacked bob. Since the hair is shorter in the back, there is more volume and movement with longer, face-framing layers in the front. The angled bob haircut goes in and out of fashion every few years, but it is largely considered a classic hairstyle that can be pulled off on a variety of hair textures.

The bob haircut emerged in the 1920s as a stylish alternative to old-fashioned, waist-length locks that were held in tight buns. The style works best on straight to wavy hair that is fine to very thick. Curly hair tends to get too poofy when it is cut into an angled bob haircut. If a woman with curly hair desires the style, however, she could use a flat iron every day to straighten her curls to achieve the desired angled effect.

A hairstylist cutting an angled bob.
A hairstylist cutting an angled bob.

Getting an angled bob means that the stylist has to cut the hair as short as the nape of the neck in the back, and gradually leave it longer as it reaches the front of the face. An angled bob haircut is usually cut to chin-length in the front. The bangs can be cut short or left long, as desired. Some women opt for the pageboy haircut, which involves cutting thick, blunt, short bangs. Longer, side-swept bangs are another popular look for this hairstyle.

Short, blunt bangs are best for women who have longer or thinner faces. Long, side-swept bangs are best for smaller, rounder faces. Women with oval faces can usually wear any type of bang style. Graduated bobs, in general, work well for women who have very thick hair.

One downside to a short, angled haircut is that it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. A trim may be required every four weeks or so to keep the haircut's overall shape. Another downside is that women with wavy hair have to spend extra time blow-drying and flat ironing their hair to get it to lie down smoothly. A positive aspect of the graduated bob haircut is that it helps the wearer stay cool. Long hair and hot climates do not mix, so a short, stylish haircut such as the bob might work well for many women in warm environments.

Discussion Comments


I am a fan of this look, although I have not gone so far as to do the look myself, as I would have to straighten it everyday and I haven't quite the time for that just yet!

I have also seen people cut their longer hair at an angle at edgier salons, and I think it is a great cut as well as long as the maintenance that the cut requires is adhered to, otherwise it just looks like a grown out angled bob haircut.

I think a way to always look in style if you love this hairstyle, is if you tone down the angle in years that it is not in the height of its prime in the fashion world. But really, because of its sleek and sophisticated look you can't go too wrong!


I love the sleek look of an angled bob haircut. This works best for me in the summertime as I like to have my hair off the back of my neck.

Before I decided to go with this cut I used a couple different ways to try it out to see if it would look good on me.

There are several sites online where you can upload a picture of yourself and try out different hair styles. This is a great way to see what your face will look like with a particular style.

I also found a place where I could try on a wig with this bob cut. Since I liked the look, I decided to go for it and had my hair cut and styled in an angled bob.


I have seen an angled bob haircut look fabulous on one person and not so attractive on another. I think it depends on the shape of your face. It can also make a difference whether you have bangs or not.

I had my hair styled in an angled bob for several years and always received a lot of compliments on it. Whenever I am ready to try a new style, I always approach it gradually and work in to the style over a few months of haircuts.

I always like having longer hair in the front and feel more feminine when I have hair that covers my ears and hangs down in front. Since I have thick hair, the shorter layers in the back are easy to manage and help give my face a lift.


When my friend’s hair fell out during her chemotherapy, she got an angled bob wig. She had always wanted to try that hairstyle, but it had always seemed so drastic, since she had kept her hair nearly waist length all her life. Since she had no choice about whether or not to keep her long hair, she felt it would be the perfect time to try the style, with no risk involved.

She got a red wig. Her hair had been brown, and she decided she needed the extra vibrance of a bright color to make her appear healthier.

The wig hair was so sleek and straight. It had no bangs, and the simple style looked great on her. It truly did brighten her appearance.


This style does not look good on overweight people at all. There is a lady who works in the bistro I go to every morning. She is probably a hundred pounds overweight, and she has an angled bob. It seems to accentuate the fact that her face is fat.

It makes her face seem more round, because the voluminous hair plumps up around her already plush head. I think that big people should stick to longer styles, because these drag the face down and make them appear more narrow. Even shoulder-length hair would look better than an angled bob.


My best friend is a hairstylist, and when she started her first job at a salon, she had long hair. However, the other stylists kept experimenting on her, and over the months, it kept getting shorter.

She ended up with an angled bob. I was shocked to see her with such a stark style. I had been used to her having long hair for so many years that it just seemed wrong.

Also, her natural hair color was dark brown. She had dyed it black. This added to the sleek look of the bob, but it still seemed odd to me.


My coworker had an angled bob haircut, and it looked great on her. She had blond hair with short bangs, but she swept them to the side across her forehead. In the back, her hair had a lot of volume, and in the front, the pieces perfectly framed her face.

She had a small frame, and I think that this hairstyle went perfectly with her body type. It probably wouldn’t have looked as good if she had been a big person.

She showed me a photo of herself before she got the bob, and her hair had been shoulder-length. She was always wearing the trendiest clothing, and the bob gave her a defined style and completed the fashionable look.


@KaBoom - My mom has her hair cut in an angled bob and she curls her ends under every day. They look a little crazy if she doesn't do something to them!

I've considered an angled bob before, but I like putting my hair up too much! I think that's the major drawback of shorter haircuts-no up-dos!


I had my hair cut in a bob when I was younger and I ended up hating it! I went from having hip-length hair to a bob, and it was just too much of a difference for me.

Of course, I think one problem was that I hadn't discovered styling implements yet. So one side of my hair curled under and one side flipped out! My mom isn't a very beauty-savvy lady either, so she was no help!

I think an angled bob would probably take some styling too to get the hair to lay right. I would take this into account before deciding on this type of hair style.


I recently got the angled bob haircut and it works really well with hair that is dyed in multiple colors. My hair is black through most of the top and fades into a bright pink. With the angled bob hair cut it has a really nifty effect.

When I went to my stylist I made sure that she made it especially long in the front, as I feel it looks more stylized. As you can probably guess from my handle I am a big anime fan, and the angled bob haircut can be made quite funky and anime-like with a few quick changes.


I really suggest that anyone who wants an angled bob haircut check out how they look with the style before committing to it. There are lots of free software programs online that will let you upload a photo and put on virtual wigs.

I was shocked to find out that the angled bob haircut made my face look really wide. I had seen the cut on a lot of models and thought it looked really sleek and stylish. Unfortunately, the style just framed my face in an unflattering way.

I am glad that the technology exists today so that you can check out a hairstyle before making a terrible mistake.


@Crispety - The angled bob looks best on women with fine hair. The cut actually makes the hair appear fuller and the style really looks more polished and sophisticated.

You really see a lot of television newscasters with a hair style like this because it looks so professional. The nice thing is that it since it is short, there really isn’t a lot of maintenance involved with a haircut like this which is great if you are really busy and don’t have too much time in the morning to get ready.


I have curly hair and I agree that the angled bob would look terrible on me. I wish it would look better, but they only way I could wear it is by blow drying my hair and then using the hot iron to straighten it.

I could do this once in a while, but not every day. I usually stick to longer styles that allow my curls to become a little looser. I also have my hair layered in longer layers so that I don’t have quite so much volume. I really want people to notice my face not my hair and this is a challenge when you have curly hair. You have to get the right style or it will overpower your face.

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    • A hairstylist cutting an angled bob.
      By: Rido
      A hairstylist cutting an angled bob.