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What is Cinnamon Toothpaste?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera

The term cinnamon toothpaste refers to toothpaste flavored with cinnamon spice to mask the taste of its cleaning agents. Cinnamon alone cannot clean teeth, so commercial cinnamon toothpastes usually contain ingredients such as fluoride, antibacterial and anti-tartar agents, and preservatives. Home-made cinnamon toothpaste, however, often focuses on more natural ingredients found around the home, such as baking soda and tea tree oil. Cinnamon toothpaste is not as common as mint-flavored toothpaste.

Some people use cinnamon toothpaste simply to stray from their usual flavor, while others prefer the taste of spicy cinnamon over cool mint. Homemade toothpaste is often considered more environmentally-friendly than commercial brands, so it is popular among people attempting to live green. Since cleaning agents alone usually have an unpleasant taste, cinnamon, vanilla, or other natural flavoring ingredients are added.

Cinnamon sticks.
Cinnamon sticks.

Toothpaste flavored with cinnamon is available in two types: gel and powder. Cinnamon gel toothpaste typically is sold by well-known toothpaste brands, but it is not a very popular flavor and may be difficult to find in brick-and-mortar retail stores. On the other hand, cinnamon toothpaste in powder form can be easy to make at home and well-suited for those who use fluoride-free toothpaste out of preference or for medical reasons. Some people with sensitive teeth and gums find homemade toothpaste, whether powder or gel, to be gentler than commercial brands.

Baking soda and cinnamon can be combined for a home-made toothpaste.
Baking soda and cinnamon can be combined for a home-made toothpaste.

Making homemade cinnamon toothpaste can be as simple as adding freshly-ground cinnamon to a small container of baking soda. Enough cinnamon should be added to mask the taste of the baking soda. Once these ingredients are thoroughly mixed, a wet toothbrush is dipped into the mixture to pick up the powder. From there, the usual brushing routine is followed to thoroughly clean the teeth. More complicated cinnamon toothpaste recipes add tea tree oil for antibacterial purposes, additional herbs for a unique flavor, or liquid such as vegetable-based glycerin to turn the powder toothpaste into a more gel-like substance.

Cinnamon is one flavor used in toothpaste.
Cinnamon is one flavor used in toothpaste.

Commercially, this type of toothpaste is available in a toothpaste pump, regular tube, and travel size toothpaste tube. Home-made toothpaste in gel form can be placed in similar containers, however. These containers can even be reused when a new batch of cinnamon toothpaste is made, which usually is not the case with commercial toothpaste containers. It is recommended, but not necessary, to always brush with both fresh baking soda and fresh cinnamon. Particularly old batches should be utilized for something else or thrown away.

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@literally45-- I make my own cinnamon toothpaste with cinnamon powder and baking soda. It takes a little getting used to. Homemade toothpaste obviously doesn't foam like commercial toothpaste but it cleans just as well.


@discographer-- You might want to check out organic groceries or health stores. There are also all natural toothpaste brands that produce toothpaste with cinnamon flavor. Of course, you could also purchase online if you don't mind waiting a few days for shipping.

There really isn't any difference between minty toothpastes and cinnamon toothpaste aside from the flavor. All of the other ingredients are the same. I'm not an expert on this topic but some say that the ingredients in commercial toothpastes are unhealthy and even dangerous. So that also goes for cinnamon toothpaste. It really would be best to make an all natural cinnamon toothpaste at home but not many people do.


I prefer cinnamon toothpaste simply because of the flavor. I don't like the minty flavors of typical toothpastes. The only issue is that I have a very hard time finding cinnamon flavored toothpaste at the store. My local store used to carry it but they don't anymore. I realize that it's not a very popular toothpaste flavor, but I feel like they're going to stop manufacturing it entirely soon. I hope that doesn't happen though because I don't want to use anything else.

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    • Cinnamon sticks.
      By: Natika
      Cinnamon sticks.
    • Baking soda and cinnamon can be combined for a home-made toothpaste.
      By: Vidady
      Baking soda and cinnamon can be combined for a home-made toothpaste.
    • Cinnamon is one flavor used in toothpaste.
      By: Coprid
      Cinnamon is one flavor used in toothpaste.