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What Is Garlic Shampoo?

Garlic shampoo is a unique hair care product infused with garlic extract, known for its potential to stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health. Rich in essential nutrients, it can help reduce hair loss and strengthen hair follicles. Intrigued by the idea of nourishing your hair with the power of garlic? Discover how this unconventional ingredient could transform your hair care routine.
Lakshmi Sandhana
Lakshmi Sandhana

As the name suggests, garlic shampoo has extracts of garlic in it. Significantly deodorized, the extracts lack the characteristic odor of garlic but have their medicinal properties intact. Hair care experts credit garlic shampoo with restoring healthy hair, stimulating new growth, and strengthening it. Also thought to eliminate thinning, garlic shampoo is believed to benefit the body as a whole because skin easily absorbs garlic oil.

Regular use of garlic shampoo is thought to give new life to damaged hair by adding body and gloss to it. Thought to stimulate hair growth naturally, the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of the shampoo confer numerous benefits. They eliminate the issue of hair loss caused by bacteria and destroy germs or parasites that cause various scalp conditions. Not only do they restore hair thickness, but they also delay the onset of baldness.

Head of garlic.
Head of garlic.

Massaging the shampoo into the scalp helps to regenerate hair follicles and improves circulation. Constant use of the shampoo helps in alleviating conditions like an itchy scalp or dry hair. Hair damaged by repeated coloring, perming, drying, and other associated products can be repaired by repeated use of garlic shampoo. Hair exposed to numerous processes can be very brittle, and regular use of the shampoo can eliminate breakage.

Using garlic shampoo can alleviate conditions like an itchy scalp or dry hair.
Using garlic shampoo can alleviate conditions like an itchy scalp or dry hair.

The shampoo is also believed to reduce or eliminate the problem of split ends. Those who use garlic shampoo regularly may end up with healthy, shiny, thick hair that is resistant to breakage. Good for all types of hair, these shampoos are typically unscented.

Product manufacturers recommend using the shampoo warm on the scalp for increased effectiveness. Consumers may apply the shampoo after they've wet their hair with hot water. They use it just like any other shampoo by putting a few dollops of it onto their hair and massaging it in. Normally, users massage the shampoo onto the scalp until it foams up well, rinse, and repeat the process once more.

Garlic shampoo may eliminate split ends.
Garlic shampoo may eliminate split ends.

To begin with, consumers may shampoo their hair every alternate day for a month and then reduce their use of the garlic shampoo to once every two or more days. Leaving the shampoo in for a few minutes is thought to help the body absorb all the nutrients in the garlic extracts through the skin. The medicinal effects of garlic are legend, from reducing blood pressure to preventing cancer and reducing blood cholesterol.

Garlic shampoo helps restore healthy hair.
Garlic shampoo helps restore healthy hair.

Sulfur is one of the ingredients in garlic shampoos that has very beneficial effects on hair. Consumers believe that it reduces conditions like scalp psoriasis and eczema. The extracts are also rich with a variety of vitamins that help in collagen formation and enhance scalp circulation. Garlic also contains calcium, which prevents gray hair, and manganese, which prevents scalp problems like redness and flaking. These extracts also strengthen the hair root and shaft, regulate sebum production, and eliminate dandruff.

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Discussion Comments


@fBoyle-- I'm using a garlic shampoo too. It doesn't smell like garlic but it doesn't smell like flowers either. It's an all natural shampoo though, so I guess it's good that they didn't add synthetic fragrance to improve the scent.


@fify-- My garlic shampoo is unscented and I'm guessing your mom's is too. I don't think anyone wants their hair to smell like garlic! So that's not going to be a problem if you decide to use this shampoo.

I use garlic shampoo for hair loss as well, as well as for dry scalp and it works great. My hair feels stronger and I have been noticing less shedding. My tub and hair brush used to be full of fall out before and that has considerably reduced. I highly recommend it for people with hair shedding and scalp irritation.


My mom uses a garlic shampoo. She has fine hair and a little bit of shedding. She's trying to prevent hair loss with this shampoo.

I was shocked when I saw the bottle in her bathroom because it has a picture of a garlic on it! The last thing I would want my hair to smell like is garlic so I would never use this shampoo.

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    • Head of garlic.
      By: tospark
      Head of garlic.
    • Using garlic shampoo can alleviate conditions like an itchy scalp or dry hair.
      By: Lars Zahner
      Using garlic shampoo can alleviate conditions like an itchy scalp or dry hair.
    • Garlic shampoo may eliminate split ends.
      By: Laurent Hamels
      Garlic shampoo may eliminate split ends.
    • Garlic shampoo helps restore healthy hair.
      By: Iurii Sokolov
      Garlic shampoo helps restore healthy hair.