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What Is Jasmine Hair Oil?

Jasmine hair oil is a fragrant elixir derived from the jasmine flower, renowned for its soothing scent and hair-nourishing properties. It hydrates, strengthens, and adds a healthy sheen to your locks, while its aroma provides a calming effect. Discover how this natural oil can transform your hair care routine and potentially unlock the secret to lustrous, healthy hair.
Rachael Cullins
Rachael Cullins

Jasmine hair oil is a type of hair product that is meant to tame frizz, increase shininess, and protect hair from heat-styling elements. It is sold in a variety of formulas such as pure oil and as part of a bottled hair product that includes other ingredients. It is popular among women of Indian descent and those with ethnic, difficult-to-manage hair. Jasmine oil has many other uses beyond hair care and is valued for its pleasant scent.

Users of jasmine hair oil tout it as having numerous benefits. The coating, glossy properties of the oil can increase hair’s shine and curb flyaways and frizz. Some believe jasmine oil helps hair to grow faster and stronger, especially since coating the hair with the oil helps protect it against the damaging effects of heat tools such as a blow dryers and hair straighteners. The moisturizing effects of the oil can help combat dry skin on the scalp.

Star jasmine.
Star jasmine.

Jasmine hair oil is used to tame unruly hair and is often used by those with coarse, curly, dry and ethnic hair, although it can be used by those with any hair type. For daily use, only a few drops of oil are needed as using too much of the oil can lead to skin irritation and a greasy appearance. Some people use this product in larger quantities as a deep-treatment method to soften hair for days or weeks.

Almond oil is commonly mixed with jasmine oil.
Almond oil is commonly mixed with jasmine oil.

Many manufacturers sell jasmine hair oil. It can be found through online retailers and at hair specialty shops. Some large chain beauty and makeup stores sell variations of the oil, usually mixed with other oils and chemicals to create shampoos or serums. Almond and jojoba oils are commonly mixed with jasmine oil. Jasmine oil products have a naturally pleasant smell due to the jasmine flower which is also used in the creation of many popular perfumes.

Jasmine hair oil increases shine and reduces frizz.
Jasmine hair oil increases shine and reduces frizz.

In addition to hair oil, jasmine is known for other desirable properties. It is often used to heal chapped skin on the lips or elbows. It is traditionally known as an aphrodisiac, and some women dab essential jasmine oil on their skin as a natural perfume. Its soothing scent makes it popular for aromatherapy as well as an ingredient in candles and soap. The jasmine plant grows naturally in India, China and Iran although it is also cultivated elsewhere.

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Discussion Comments


I have very thick dry hair and I used proper jasmine oil at my roots and ends and my hair grew longer and wasn't at all dry.


I have extremely thick, curly hair and I heard great things about jasmine hair oil. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to find a hair oil with real jasmine oil on the market. I guess it's difficult to make jasmine oil or maybe it's expensive because most products contain jasmine fragrance, not the oil.

I ended up buying a hair oil containing cotton seed oil, almond oil and sesame seed oil with a jasmine fragrance. It still works well because these natural oils are beneficial for hair. But I would still like to try real jasmine oil one day if I can find it and afford it.


@donasmrs-- I think you have bought the wrong kind of jasmine hair oil. You should always read ingredients before buying hair products to make sure that it has beneficial, natural ingredients.

My jasmine hair oil only contains coconut oil and jasmine oil. It's completely natural and it works great. Before this, I was using 100% coconut oil to treat and tame my hair. But the scent of coconut oil can be unpleasant. It's not something you want to keep on your head for hours. But hair oils work best when they stay on hair for hours, preferably overnight.

When I saw that jasmine hair oils is just coconut oil and jasmine oil, I decided to try it. The oil smells like jasmine which is much more pleasant than the scent of coconut oil. I can keep this in my hair overnight without being bothered. And it makes my hair so soft and beautiful.


I bought a jasmine oil product online and I'm very disappointed. The oil only has jasmine fragrance and is in a base of mineral oil. I wanted to use this oil to strengthen my hair, encourage growth and add shine. But this oil does nothing.

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    • Star jasmine.
      By: nadsud
      Star jasmine.
    • Almond oil is commonly mixed with jasmine oil.
      By: Dionisvera
      Almond oil is commonly mixed with jasmine oil.
    • Jasmine hair oil increases shine and reduces frizz.
      By: Miramiska
      Jasmine hair oil increases shine and reduces frizz.
    • Some people use jasmine hair oil to tame coarse or curly hair.
      By: indiraswork
      Some people use jasmine hair oil to tame coarse or curly hair.
    • Jasmine hair oil may help protect hair from heat-styling elements.
      By: seprimoris
      Jasmine hair oil may help protect hair from heat-styling elements.