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What Is Roll-On Perfume?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson

Roll-on perfume is perfume that comes packaged in a special bottle that allows the perfume to be applied by gently rolling the tip of the bottle over an area of the body. Generally, roll-on applicators are spheres set permanently into the opening of the bottle that roll as the bottle is swiped over the skin, depositing small amounts of perfume from the bottle onto the desired areas. This application system also provides a convenient way for some perfume brands to combine glitter, shimmering powder, or other decorations with the perfume for a visual effect.

The design of roll-on perfume bottles does not generally allow very much perfume to leak out of the bottle, as can sometimes be an issue with bottles that have a screw-on cap or another type of opening. This makes roll-on perfume a good choice for users who will be traveling, as the perfume is less likely to escape and seep out onto other belongings in the suitcase or purse. Men who travel frequently may also prefer roll-on cologne over traditional spray-on cologne bottles for the same reason. This design, however, means that roll-on bottles cannot be refilled once they are empty, and must be discarded and replaced. Traditional spray perfumes with removable caps can be refilled easily, allowing the user to keep and reuse more expensive, decorative bottles.

Tonka beans, which are sometimes used in roll on perfume.
Tonka beans, which are sometimes used in roll on perfume.

Typically, roll-on perfume is applied to the same general areas of the body as perfume in regular bottles. These commonly perfumed areas include the throat, the wrists, just under the ears along the jawline, and the collarbone. Due to the fact that the roll-on bottle controls the amount of perfume dispensed, some users have a tendency to apply the perfume to more or larger areas than usual, believing that there is not as much of a risk of applying too much scent as there is with traditional spray or mist bottles. It is still very possible, however, to apply too much scent with a roll-on bottle, so users should take care to dab the perfume on lightly.

Most roll-on perfume scents are similar to regular perfumes in that they are available in several common feminine fragrances. Sweet scents such as vanilla are often combined with spicy or floral scents like cinnamon or jasmine. Roll-on perfume products featuring glitter or shimmer are typically targeted at younger women and teenagers, and are more likely to have young, girlish fragrances like candy or sweet fruits. Heavier, muskier fragrances are sometimes favored by women trying to avoid overly sweet, girlish perfumes.

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My girls are 10 and 12 and they like using roll-on perfume that has some shimmer in it. I think they are more interested in what the shimmer looks like than they are about the scent.

Most of the roll-on scents with the glitter are fruity scents like watermelon and strawberry. I prefer scents that are more like a vanilla and brown sugar, but I don't want the glitter in my roll-on perfume.

I think this is great for the young girls, but would probably feel a little silly if I had much glitter and shine on me.


A bottle of roll-on perfume is also good to take when you are traveling. I would much rather put something like this in my suitcase instead of a spray bottle of perfume.

I know some people don't think you get as much scent when using a roll-on bottle, but I don't like a heavy scent anyway. Too much perfume can be overpowering for me and those around me.

Even with a roll-on bottle I will still put it inside a plastic bag before putting it in my suitcase. One time I had a bottle that leaked a little bit, and I don't want this happening again and ruining my clothes.


I always carry a small bottle of roll-on perfume in my purse. This works great when I am gone all day and need a quick touch up of perfume.

The small bottle doesn't take up much room, and I have never had a problem with it leaking. The only thing I don't like is there isn't very much perfume in one bottle and it needs to be replaced frequently.

I wish there was a way to simply refill the bottle instead of buying a new bottle every time. If there is a way to do this, I have never figured it out.

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    • Tonka beans, which are sometimes used in roll on perfume.
      By: S.John
      Tonka beans, which are sometimes used in roll on perfume.