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What Is Seaweed Shampoo?

Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop

Seaweed shampoo is shampoo infused with powdered seaweed, seaweed extract, or both. These hair cleansers are often green because the extract and powder are both green, though some manufacturers use chemicals to make the color more intense. Both commercial and homemade seaweed shampoo often combine the seaweed with other herbs for maximum benefits. Washing one’s hair with seaweed reportedly helps hydrate the scalp, stimulates the hair follicles, and makes the hair itself shiny and smooth.

Herbalists and holistic health practitioners generally recommend seaweed for skin and hair health because of the enzymes it contains. Not only is it reportedly hydrating and antibacterial, it contains a very high amount of nutrients and antioxidants. These qualities typically remove dirt and oil from the hair very efficiently, leaving the beneficial enzymes behind. Seaweed enzymes may help heal dandruff, stimulate hair follicles to make hair grow, and infuse hair with moisture and shine. The two basic kinds of seaweed shampoo include commercial shampoo and those that are homemade.

Dried seaweed.
Dried seaweed.

Commercial seaweed shampoos are usually quite expensive, especially if they contain all-natural ingredients. These are often expensive to procure and preserve, meaning the price of the end product must then be higher. For this reason, seaweed shampoo usually appears in specialty shops more often than in grocery or drug stores. Some less expensive varieties feature seaweed extracts, but not usually in large quantities.

Seaweed shampoo.
Seaweed shampoo.

Homemade seaweed shampoos are often very much like store-bought products, except that they usually don’t contain any preservatives. This means any homemade seaweed shampoo must be refrigerated between uses so it doesn’t begin to mold or spoil. Most homemade mixtures include unscented liquid soap, glycerin, and a few scoops of seaweed powder or spoonfuls of seaweed extract. Those that want a simple shampoo can stop here.

Redheads are encouraged to combine cinnamon with seaweed shampoos.
Redheads are encouraged to combine cinnamon with seaweed shampoos.

When making homemade seaweed shampoo, the maker may purchase nori strips from the grocery store, or order seaweed extracts or powders online. The only real difference between nori strips and powdered seaweed is that one is whole and one is not. Nori strips can be processed in a nut or coffee grinder for about 30 seconds to become powder. Extracts may be slightly more expensive than powder and strips, but they’re also more concentrated.

Seaweed enzymes may help treat dandruff.
Seaweed enzymes may help treat dandruff.

Choosing other herbs for making seaweed shampoo is a matter of hair type or color. For instance, blonds may want to include chamomile and lemon juice in their shampoos, though this may be slightly drying. Combining lavender flowers with the seaweed should prevent dry hair. Redheads may want to try rooibos tea or cinnamon, while brunettes might experiment with rosemary, black tea, and coffee.

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Seaweed shampoo makes my hair silky and soft. It removes all the build up but it doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped and dry like other shampoos do.

I don't know how it does it but it also adds volume to my hair. I normally have fine, limp hair that does not style easily. But my hair looks great after using seaweed shampoo.

The only thing I would change about my shampoo is the price. It costs more than regular shampoo but I guess for this performance, it's worth it.


@ddljohn-- I use a seaweed shampoo and I love it! It sounds odd but it is not. It contains seaweed extract among other natural ingredients and it's sulfate free. Just in case you're wondering, it doesn't smell bad either. It actually smells good. It has a light, fresh scent that I adore and I use it every morning.

I think seaweed is very beneficial. It's nutritious to eat and it's beneficial to use on your scalp and hair. You should try it.


I can't believe there is such a thing as seaweed shampoo. And I thought that garlic shampoo was weird. This sounds even weirder! Does anyone actually use one?

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    • Dried seaweed.
      By: sahua d
      Dried seaweed.
    • Seaweed shampoo.
      By: Irina Brinza
      Seaweed shampoo.
    • Redheads are encouraged to combine cinnamon with seaweed shampoos.
      By: gromovataya
      Redheads are encouraged to combine cinnamon with seaweed shampoos.
    • Seaweed enzymes may help treat dandruff.
      By: Jasmin Merdan
      Seaweed enzymes may help treat dandruff.