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What is Stamping Nail Art?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant

Stamping nail art is a technique used for placing designs on the nails. All of the supplies that are needed are typically purchased in a kit, which contains a stamping device as well as various colored nail polishes. This method of applying nail art can be easily done at home without having to go to a salon. It is a simple process but the nails can still appear to be professionally done. A stamping nail art kit can even be used by children.

In a salon, designs are either air brushed onto the nail or painted on with a brush. This can be expensive, time consuming, and the choice of designs may be limited. Stamping nail art starts with applying a base color on the nail. After this first coat is allowed to dry, a stamping device is then used to pick up a design and stamp it onto the nail. The stamping nail art kit contains discs with a variety of these designs in many colors.

A design is applied to the nail using a stamp which has been dipped in nail polish.
A design is applied to the nail using a stamp which has been dipped in nail polish.

When the stamping nail art design is chosen, it can be applied to the tip of the nail or further down closer to the nail bed. This all depends on the specific design. For example, if the design has a lacy texture, it should be added to the nail tip. Larger printed designs that include roses or hearts should be placed further down on the nail bed. After the stamped design completely dries, it should be covered for protection.

A transparent or clear nail polish is then painted over the design to seal it. This also adds shine to the entire nail. For added protection, a second coat of clear polish can be used, but between every separate step, the nails should be completely dry. Smudging or a blurred design can be a result if nails are not allowed to thoroughly dry in between coats.

After the stamping nail art procedure is complete, other items can be added to the nail for extra decoration. Rhinestones or gems can be placed into a design. Colored stones can be used in the center of a flower or colored gems can be used to color the wings of a butterfly. The gems adhere to the nail by dipping them into a clear polish and placing them on the nail. There is no need to add another coat of transparent polish after adding a gem, but it does help to hold them in place.

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I saw a girl in a club recently that had her nails completely covered in rhinestones. It looked like each on of her nails was a giant diamond.

In the club it actually looked pretty cool. When the light would catch her fingers she would sparkle on the dance floor.

But I can't imagine having crazy nails like that in the real world. It seems like you would just be asking for problems and probably end up with a few rhinestones in your soup.


My wife is just crazy about her nails and almost every week she comes home with a new design. When we first started dating she always stuck to solid colors but as the years passed and the technology got better she graduated to some pretty wild and showy looking designs.

Just recently she had a candy cane pattern for Christmas and she now has little snowmen on each one of her nails. I like the way they look but I'm not crazy about the cost. It seems like an awful lot to spend just to get little pictures on your nails. but it makes her happy so I just smile and keep my mouth shut.

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    • A design is applied to the nail using a stamp which has been dipped in nail polish.
      By: larisabozhikova
      A design is applied to the nail using a stamp which has been dipped in nail polish.