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What Is Strawberry Shampoo?

Strawberry shampoo is a hair care product infused with the sweet aroma and beneficial properties of strawberries. It's designed to cleanse and often nourish the hair, leaving it with a delightful, fruity scent. Rich in antioxidants, it can help protect your locks from environmental stressors. Wondering how strawberry shampoo can enhance your hair care routine? Let's uncover its potential together.
C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

Strawberry shampoo is a hair washing product that smells of strawberries. In some cases, strawberry shampoo is actually made with pieces of strawberry fruit, but any scent is usually artificial. The smell known commonly as “strawberry” in cosmetics and candies bears little resemblance to either the taste or smell of the actual fruit. It is also generally quite expensive to extract scent from the berries, and without some defined benefit, manufacturers often determine that it is simply not worth it. Strawberries carry virtually no cosmetic or medicinal value, which makes their addition to hair products essentially insignificant.

The strawberry is a small red fruit made mostly of water. It is high in fiber and contains an array of important vitamins and minerals, but the vast majority of these must be ingested to be absorbed by the body. The berries typically have a soft, understated flavor that serves as the basis for the scent and taste known commercially as “strawberry,” but rarely ever carries the same sweetness and strength. Most of the time, people looking for strawberry shampoo are looking for something that smells recognizable as strawberry, not something that actually contains the fruit.


Some high end, often organic strawberry shampoo manufacturers do add actual fruit extracts or pieces. Even still, however, if there is a strawberry scent, it is almost always artificial. Strawberries do not usually have a strong enough essence to smell like anything, particularly not when mixed in with soaps and other cleaning agents. Essential oils, which capture the concentrated smell of many plants, are generally nondescript when it comes to the strawberry.

Containers of strawberry and orange shampoo.
Containers of strawberry and orange shampoo.

One thing that the strawberry fruit is good for is color. A shampoo made with enough whole fruits will naturally turn a shade of pink. In a real fruit shampoo, the scent may be fake, but the color can be legitimately claimed as all natural. The number of strawberries required to get consistent effects is normally quite large, which makes shampoos in this category among the most expensive.

Very basic strawberry shampoo is often little more than a simple hair lather paired with a fruity, warm scent. More involved products often promise luxurious shine, intense lather, or long-lasting smells. Many are combined with strawberry conditioner or body wash for a two or even three-in-one product.

Strawberry shampoo is also particularly popular with children. Most of these types of shampoo come in fanciful, colorful bottles designed to help make bath time fun. Strawberry hair products that carry strong, fruity scents are often attractive to young bathers and make hair washing easier on parents.

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I love strawberry shampoo too. There is actually nothing beneficial about strawberry shampoo like the article said, unless it has other beneficial ingredients. Strawberry shampoo doesn't contain strawberries and the color is synthetic. I think most people use it for the scent or because it reminds them of their childhood.

I use an adult's strawberry shampoo and I use it for the scent as well. I like that it smells like strawberries and the scent usually lasts for a long time. I used to use strawberry scented hair spray and body spray. Since I started using strawberry shampoo, I don't use the hair spray. My hair continues to smell like strawberries until the next wash.


@donasmrs-- I can't blame her. Children's strawberry shampoo smells divine. I buy it for my kids as well, but end up using it myself sometimes. It makes me so happy and it's not a bad product either. It's a 2-in-1 shampoo with conditioner so it makes everyone's hair super soft. Both of my daughters have long hair and we don't have to use a detangler with this shampoo. Sometimes detangling hair after bathing is more difficult than giving the kids baths!


Strawberry shampoo is the only type of shampoo that my daughter will use. I have bought various different types of children's shampoo for her in the past, but this is the only type she likes. The odd part is that she doesn't like to eat strawberries! Kids are so strange sometimes!

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    • Strawberries.
      By: Anna Kucherova
    • Containers of strawberry and orange shampoo.
      By: Dessie
      Containers of strawberry and orange shampoo.