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How Do I Choose the Best Blonde for Olive Skin?

Selecting the best blonde for olive skin requires a balance between warm and cool tones. Honey or golden blonde can illuminate your natural undertones, while ash blonde can offer a striking contrast. Consider your eye color and wardrobe preferences too. Ready to find your perfect shade? Let's explore how the right blonde can enhance your olive complexion's radiant glow.
Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell

Choosing the best blonde for olive skin can be slightly difficult, especially if the color is dramatically different from your natural shade. When picking your potential hair color, look for blonde shades that have golden undertones and avoid anything that appears ashy or overly cool, as these can make your skin appear gray. The best blonde tone for olive skin will also depend on how dark your skin is: lighter skin tones can often pull off lighter blondes, while darker skin tones should typically be paired with darker shades. Before going for an all-over color, preferably in a salon, test swatches in front of your face to see what they look like. It can be helpful to have some face framing highlights applied to see how the color looks on you before going for an all-over color.

Olive skin typically has green or gold undertones, and tends to tan relatively easily, often without burning. Due to the warm tones in this skin type, warmer hair colors tend to look most natural. Blondes with caramel or bronze undertones often look best and bring out the natural gold tones in your skin. Platinum or ash blond colors can make your skin look either overly sallow or even gray.

Olive skin typically has green or gold undertones.
Olive skin typically has green or gold undertones.

As this shade of skin tans easily, the best blonde for olive skin tends to be at least one shade darker than your skin when it is not tanned. Anything lighter than this will often look unnatural. If you have lighter olive skin, light to medium gold or honey blonde will typically suite you. Medium olive skin tends to do best with darker blond colors, bordering more on very light brown, again with warm undertones. Skin that is dark and olive toned may make it difficult to find a true blonde that will look natural. Strawberry blonde colors are often ideal, although a more dramatic medium blonde with very warm undertones can work well.

The best blonde for olive skin is typically done with the help of a professional. Those with olive skin usually have very warm, nearly red hues in their natural hair color, even if it does not seem like it to the naked eye. Trying to lift your natural color yourself, which is necessary when going blonde with olive skin, can often produce bright red or orange results. A professional salon will typically be able to take you blonde with limited brassiness and damage to your hair.

When picking your color at the salon, choose several swatches and sit in front of a mirror near a window. Hold up each swatch to your face and pay attention to how your skin looks next to the color. If the shade of blonde makes your eyes appear brighter and your skin glowing, chances are it will be a good shade of blonde for olive skin.

In general, it is best for those with olive skin to go blonde slowly. Before opting for an all-over color, ask for foil highlights in the shade that you and your stylist have determined will look best on you. After a few weeks, you will be able to tell what that shade of blonde does for your overall look, and how well your hair responds to the process. If you like the color, proceed to having all of your hair lightened.

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I love red hair for olive skin. The vibrancy of the red looks great against darker skin.


I think people with olive skin have more hair color options to choose from that look great than people with fair skin. I have seen women with olive skin who look really nice with light brown to blonde hair. The color contrast looks attractive with olive skin tone.

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    • Olive skin typically has green or gold undertones.
      By: micromonkey
      Olive skin typically has green or gold undertones.