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How do the Seasons Influence Hair Color Trends?

Seasons sway hair color trends as they reflect nature's palette, inspiring transformations. Warm summers often bring sun-kissed highlights, while cool winters might prompt deeper, richer tones. As leaves turn, so does the inclination for autumnal auburns and chestnuts. Spring's renewal ushers in soft, playful hues. What seasonal shade speaks to you? Discover your next hair color inspiration with us.
B. Miller
B. Miller

The seasons of the year have a large impact on hair color trends. Changing the hair color based on the season can make one look more trendy and fashion forward, as well as making one appear more vibrant and healthy. Of course, it is important to consider all hair colors in relation to one's own skin type and clothing preferences, because even the hottest trend will not look good if it is poorly matched.

In general, hair color trends tend to favor darker hair in the winter and lighter hair in the summer. This is natural and to be expected, because the sun can easily lighten hair in the summer, giving someone a beachy, outdoorsy look. In addition, tanned skin in the summer tends to look better with lighter hair, whereas paler skin in the winter is more strikingly contrasted with darker hair.

A hair dyeing kit.
A hair dyeing kit.

In addition, the colors worn in the winter tend to be darker and more jewel-toned, which may look better with darker hair. Lighter, brighter colors in the summer can help to bring out highlights in lighter hair color trends. In general, it is best not to make large, drastic changes when attempting to follow hair dyeing trends. This can look unnatural and not as stylish as one might hope.

Consumers tend to favor darker hair in the winter and lighter hair in the summer.
Consumers tend to favor darker hair in the winter and lighter hair in the summer.

Instead, try making small changes to the hair in order to keep up with the seasons, and with changing hair color trends. For instance, in the spring and summer, one might choose to get some red or blonde highlights to brighten the hair and appear more summery. These highlights should be subtle, and should fall where the sun normally hits the hair, on the outer layers. There is no need to spend hours in the sun; hair dye can create this effect very nicely.

People with darker hair often get blonde highlights in the summer.
People with darker hair often get blonde highlights in the summer.

Then, in the fall and winter, one might choose to remove the highlights and darken the hair again. Rich colors tend to look best in the winter, such as a rich chocolate brown or a darker blonde. Unless one has naturally black hair, it is best to avoid dying the hair black, which is generally a look that is far too severe. To determine the current seasonal hair color trends, one might try looking in magazines, checking out advertisements, and watching fashion shows on television. Remember, stay within a hair color that appears natural, and make small changes for the season for the most versatile look.

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Discussion Comments


I like the summertime because my hair gets lighter and turns to a light brown and in the winter my hair turns to black.

Summer is also my favorite season because it's time to get out my bikini and go swimming and my birthday is in the summertime. There are fireworks and staying outside longer because it isn't cold outside and summer is romance for some people like me. I always have a summer romance. I just love it and lastly, I always go to Florida and visit my family, so I love summertime.


@sunshined - You are brave to be doing your own hair coloring. I know a lot of women do that, but I have had disastrous results trying to do it myself.

The time I ended up with bright orange hair was when I told myself I would not attempt this again myself.

I was trying to lighten up my hair for summer and thought I would add some blonde highlights to my hair. I think the biggest problem was my hair was already over processed and it turned orange.

Since then, my hair stylist has been my best friend. When I am ready for a change, she knows what condition my hair is in and what will work for me.

I am thinking about getting some lowlights put in my hair as I have heard they will give your hair some vibrant color. I think these would look great during the winter months.

Would lowlights look better during any particular season of the year, or would it make much of a difference?


Fall is my favorite time of year, and it is when I do the most decorating in my home. I would rather change my decorations for a few months than for a few weeks.

The same thing goes with my hair in the fall. I spend a lot of time outside in the sun in the summer and my hair looks pretty washed out by the end of the season.

When fall comes, I want something completely different and always find myself looking at the newest fall hair color trends. This is the time of year when I am looking for a rich auburn color that blends in so well with the autumn colors.

So far I have had good luck doing this myself at home. I don't have much money to spend on coloring my hair, so will usually buy some Loreal hair color at the store and am good to go for a few months.

I know I would get too bored if I kept my hair the same color all year long.


I like to make subtle hair color changes with the seasons. I also like to change my hair style to go along with the change in color.

Especially in the spring, I am always ready for a new, shorter and lighter look. I will spend time looking through magazines to see what the latest hair color trends and styles are.

When I find one that I think will look good on me, I take that picture to my stylist. Spring always brings changes, and I enjoy walking out of there with a new color and look.

I have found that adding some lighter highlights to my brown hair gives me the best color change without totally changing the natural color.


I never knew that there is a rule about making hair darker in winter and lighter in summer, but I tend to do that on my own. Not only does it look better this way based on skin color, but I think it's also a good way to protect yourself from the sun or attract more sunlight.

I learned in class that dark colors tend to attract sunlight and heat, so when I make my hair dark brown during winter, I think it keeps me warmer. It's not a good idea to keep dark hair in summer because it will attract too much heat and could even lead to heat exhaustion. Lighter summer hair color trends, on the other hand, will prevent that by keeping the head cool.

So I change my hair for winter and summer not just for looks but for health and comfort reasons too.


My friend is so good at coordinating her hair color with the seasons. She uses dark brown in winter, a reddish brown in fall and spring and a dark blonde with highlights in the summer. I had been wondering how her hair managed to look great and catchy throughout the year despite dyeing it so many times. It turns out she was picking the right colors for the right seasons.

I wish I could do the same but I don't think it will work for me. I have very dark, black hair that doesn't hold on to color too well. I had it dyed to a lighter tone and highlighted once and my hair had to be bleached twice for the look to work and it damaged my hair a lot. Changing my hair color so often would not be good for my hair.

Is there another way I could make my hair color more suitable to the season's trends without so much dyeing? I'd love to hear some hair color ideas with less chemical processing.

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    • A hair dyeing kit.
      By: Tim
      A hair dyeing kit.
    • Consumers tend to favor darker hair in the winter and lighter hair in the summer.
      By: hitdelight
      Consumers tend to favor darker hair in the winter and lighter hair in the summer.
    • People with darker hair often get blonde highlights in the summer.
      By: Konstantin Yuganov
      People with darker hair often get blonde highlights in the summer.
    • To remain within the seasonal hair color trends.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      To remain within the seasonal hair color trends.