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How Do I Choose the Best Cake Eyeliner?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When selecting cake eyeliner, it is important to consider the color of the eyeliner, the security of the eyeliner's packaging, and whether you have the appropriate brushes for applying cake eyeliner. As with any cosmetic product, particularly one used around the eyes, it is also crucial to ensure that its ingredients are non-irritating. If you have eye sensitivities, it's a good idea to check ingredient labels to make sure that the eyeliner of your choice does not contain anything that could trigger a reaction. It is also important to check package dates to make sure that the product is still fresh and safe to use.

Cake eyeliner has been around for a long time, and while some cosmetic experts may consider it outdated, many makeup users believe that it has several advantages over other types of eyeliner. These advantages include the ability to control the intensity of its color through the amount of water added to the cake or the amount of eyeliner that gets picked up on the brush, as well as the fact that the formulation of cake eyeliner is often well suited to the needs of contact lens wearers. Some cake eyeliners require the addition of water to activate the liner and make it usable for lining eyes. Others are made from highly pigmented powders that do not need water, though the use of water can create a more intense color and a longer-lasting line. When selecting cake eyeliner, you may wish to look for the type that offers the application technique, wet or dry, that you prefer.

Cake eyeliner should not irritate the eyes.
Cake eyeliner should not irritate the eyes.

You should typically place a priority on the color of the eyeliner you choose, as the entire purpose of eyeliner is to draw attention to your eyes by rimming them in a flattering shade. Look carefully at the eyeliners on offer, as you may find that there are subtle, but significant, differences between shades. In some cases, you may be able to purchase more than one cake eyeliner in a single case. Some companies may also sell complete kits in which eyeshadows are accompanied by a cake eyeliner in a complementary color.

Any makeup used around the eyes needs to be non-irritating.
Any makeup used around the eyes needs to be non-irritating.

Given that cake eyeliner is used on the eye, it is important that it be packaged in a secure container that can protect it from contamination. A screw-on cap is often best, though you may also find some cake eyeliners packaged in hinged or magnetic palettes. You should also ensure that you have an appropriate eyeliner brush to use with the eyeliner, and you may wish to experiment with different brushes in order to get the best results.

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@Raynbow- Cake eyeliners are o.k., but I think they are much more time consuming to apply than pencil eyeliners. Using the small, angled makeup brush that is required for application takes time to adjust to using, especially if you usually use pencil eyeliners.

I also think that pencil eyeliners last longer on the eye than cake ones do. This is because the cake versions are basically powder which fades as the day goes by. Pencil eyeliners have a waxy consistency which sticks to the eye and stays put much longer from my experience.


I have never tried using a cake eyeliner, but I have been thinking about buying one. Are they really easy to use and lasting on the eye, or should I just stick traditional pencil eyeliners?

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    • Cake eyeliner should not irritate the eyes.
      By: katalinks
      Cake eyeliner should not irritate the eyes.
    • Any makeup used around the eyes needs to be non-irritating.
      By: Africa Studio
      Any makeup used around the eyes needs to be non-irritating.