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How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Tanning Beds?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Choosing the best commercial tanning beds is often a somewhat complicated process, driven both by the quality and efficiency of the options available to you and by the expectations of the market at large. One of the first things you’ll normally want to decide is what sort of bed you’re looking for. The criteria are usually different when shopping for a stand-up bed versus one that lies flat, for instance, and timing and intensity considerations will also usually shape the decision about what style to go with. Once you have this figured out, you’ll want to think about the vendors of each compelling option, in particular their reputation for repairs and service. Understanding the nuances of the warranties and financing structures attached to each model can also help make the decision easier. Finally, it’s often a good idea to do a little bit of investigating when it comes to what your most serious competition is offering. If there is a high local demand for a certain style of tanning system, you may be able to offer an interesting alternative by offering something new — but at the same time you may find yourself unable to attract much business if you aren’t catering to the demand. In almost all cases the question of what’s “best” is subjective, and depends almost entirely on your preferences and specific situation.

Evaluate the Available Options

A lightly tanned woman.
A lightly tanned woman.

Taking careful stock of the options available is usually a good place to start. There are usually a number of different tanning bed styles on the market, and each has its own set of specifications. Some salons and tanning centers want to be able to offer customers a number of different options, whereas others prefer to focus on just one style of machine. There are pros and cons to each approach, but if you have a clear idea of what you want to buy before you begin shopping, the process will almost certainly be easier.

Consider Vendor Reputation

A tanning bed.
A tanning bed.

A key consideration when searching for the best commercial tanning beds is the reputation of the vendor. Choosing a retailer with a good business record can help ensure that you buy a quality product. It can also be beneficial in the case that your beds need servicing, or if you need to purchase replacement bulbs or parts for your units.

Learning about any warranties available before you commit to buy is another way to weigh different options, and vendors should be able to walk you through the protections that come with each of the models you’re considering. Ask the dealer what parts of the equipment are covered in the event of a breakdown. Also, find out how long you might wait for repairs if a malfunction does occur. Check to see if a loaner or replacement bed is available while the repairs are done so your tanning business is not be interrupted. Another important question is whether or not a defective unit will be replaced by the dealer.

Energy Usage Concerns

Energy efficiency and output should be taken into consideration when purchasing a tanning bed.
Energy efficiency and output should be taken into consideration when purchasing a tanning bed.

It’s also usually a good idea to think about the cost of energy when purchasing commercial tanning beds. Older beds are typically less energy-efficient than newer models, which makes it important to check the energy rating of the bed. If you’re able to calculate the amount of time the average person will need to use the bed, you might also determine that it would be more cost-effective to use a higher output bed for a shorter amount of time.


Financing your tanning bed purchase can be a major consideration when making a new purchase. Many vendors offer financing. This can be a good idea if you have not yet had an opportunity to establish credit. If you are a business owner with established credit, however, you may want to check to see that you are getting an interest rate that is comparable to what local lending institutions offer.

Investigate Competitors’ Offerings

Doing a bit of research into the sorts of commercial tanning beds used by competitors in your area might also help frame your decision. For instance, you might want to know whether or not other salons offer both stand-up booths and lie-down beds. Another factor to think about centers on the features of these indoor tanning units. In other words, if all other local tanning establishments offer units that are cooled, it may be difficult to attract new clients to a salon that does not offer the same amenities.

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    • A lightly tanned woman.
      By: studiovespa
      A lightly tanned woman.
    • A tanning bed.
      By: markcarper
      A tanning bed.
    • Energy efficiency and output should be taken into consideration when purchasing a tanning bed.
      By: Rido
      Energy efficiency and output should be taken into consideration when purchasing a tanning bed.