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How Do I Choose the Best Cordless Hair Dryer?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith

The cordless hair dryer does not yet exist. This type of hair styling tool requires more energy to function properly than can be generated by an onboard power center. Travel sized hair dryers are available for individuals searching for a hair styling device that can be packed easily in luggage. Those who do not have access to any type of electrical current may prefer to purchase a cordless curling iron to complete their hair styling needs regardless of their location.

Devices that are cordless must be powered through some time of onboard fuel cell. These cells can take the form of propane, butane, hydrogen, alkaline or lithium batteries, and solar paneling, among other options. The cell powers the device until the fuel chemicals have been completely consumed. The time during which these onboard powering systems function is limited, both by the amount of fuel contained within the cell pack and by the length of time the internal chemicals are usable before expiration. These types of fueling devices can typically power items that require less than 100 watts to operate.

While the cordless hair dryer does not yet exist, travel sized hair dryers could be a suitable alternative.
While the cordless hair dryer does not yet exist, travel sized hair dryers could be a suitable alternative.

Most hair dryers generate a power output between 1200 and 2000 watts. Small dryers, utilized primarily during travel, contain small, lightweight motors and require less wattage. Large, professional grade hair dryers function at the higher end of the power usage scale, requiring often 1800 to 2000 watts to operate their powerful, heavy motors. The size of the internal motor often determines how fast the device can blow air across the hair, and the time required to completely dry one individual's hair. A cordless hair dryer could not generate enough power to circulate the high intensity fans that are required to dry hair on the fuel available in an onboard energy cell.

Individuals who are searching for a cordless hair dryer may benefit from purchasing a travel hair dryer instead. These devices are small, lightweight, and often feature retractable cords that are stored in the unit's handle for easy packing. Some travel dryers also include folding handles that snap tightly against the main barrel of the unit. These models are often sold with voltage adapters so that they may be used in multiple countries regardless of the type of electrical current provided. This type of item requires a lower wattage than a standard or professional grade hair dryer, and tends to dry hair at a slower rate.

Travelers can also purchase a cordless curling iron to accomplish some of the quick and easy hair styling techniques that would have been performed by a cordless hair dryer. Curling irons require less power to operate than a full sized blow dryer and function for long periods of time using onboard power cells. These models generally operate on specially designed butane or hydrogen fuel cells that fit into the barrel shaped handle, though some few designs utilize a rechargeable battery that must be plugged into a power outlet periodically. Users can purchase these cells or batteries in bulk on the Internet to match the size and brand of their particular curling iron.

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I use a travel hair dryer, have been doing so for years on a regular basis. I like that it's small and requires less wattage. You have no idea how much half an hour use of a regular hair dryer per day drives up the electricity bill. Travel hair dryers save money and they're easy to store.


Actually, there is such a thing as a cordless hair dryer. In fact, I saw it on an online store. I'm sure that it doesn't work too well. I did read a few reviews and people weren't overly impressed with it. They mentioned that it doesn't have enough power and has to be recharged for long periods of time.

It's only a matter of time until a better option becomes available though. People travel all over the world these days and not everyone has access to electricity all the time. A cordless hair dryer would come in very handy in these situations.


Even if there was such a thing as a cordless hair dryer, it would probably only work for one minute. I have a cordless hair straightener and the heat doesn't last long at all. It's never hot enough and never long enough to finish my hair styling. Considering that hair dryers require even more energy, there is no way that an in-built battery would make it work long enough to dry hair completely.

Thankfully, most hotels do have small hair dryers for the guests to use in the bathroom. Since I tend to stay at the same hotel when I travel and I know that they have hair dryers, I don't bother packing a travel hair dryer.

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    • While the cordless hair dryer does not yet exist, travel sized hair dryers could be a suitable alternative.
      By: fuzzbones
      While the cordless hair dryer does not yet exist, travel sized hair dryers could be a suitable alternative.