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How Do I Choose the Best False Eyebrows?

Bryce Clinton
Bryce Clinton

To choose the best false eyebrows, look for fake eyebrows made of real human hair. To help make the eyebrows look more natural, you'll also want to find eyebrow replacements that have a mostly invisible backing. Eyebrow color is important if you want your eyebrows to look as authentic as possible, which means choosing a shade that matches your hair color. In addition, you want to find fake eyebrows that will stay put on your face. Finally, cost might be an important factor in your decision.

The most authentic-looking eyebrow wigs are natural false eyebrows made from human hair, although some synthetics might be almost as good. Real human hair gives eyebrow replacements a fuller, softer, more healthy look. Often they are woven by hand and more attention is given to creating the most natural eyebrow shape that will complement your face. Some are even designed by professionals who are renowned for being eyebrow masters. Such eyebrows can look completely real and are definitely more natural looking than any attempt to draw or tattoo false eyebrows.

Eyebrows made of real human hair are the most realistic.
Eyebrows made of real human hair are the most realistic.

When searching for the best false eyebrows, it's also good to look for ones that have a transparent backing. Some eyebrow wigs might be attached to a net backing, which is used to secure the hairs; however this construction can be visible and obvious, making the eyebrows look fake. Skin colored backing can be better because it might closely match your natural flesh tone, but invisible backing is considered by many artificial eyebrow experts to be the best since it will disappear against any skin color.

Some people opt for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup instead of false eyebrows.
Some people opt for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup instead of false eyebrows.

Another important consideration is color. Generally you'll want to choose false eyebrows that are either the same color as your hair, or one to two shades lighter or darker. Real eyebrows do not always match your hair color exactly, so choosing a shade that is slightly lighter or darker can provide a more authentic-looking contrast. Always look for natural shapes that will be flexible enough to move with your face. Otherwise you might be creating a false look of answer or surprise. Some users might wish to use makeup in conjunction with their eyebrow wigs to create certain effects.

Color is an important consideration for false eyebrows.
Color is an important consideration for false eyebrows.

Applying false eyebrows so they look right and also stick to your face well can involve a series of careful steps. Manufacturers and various websites will provide instructions. Fake eyebrows can be placed directly on skin or they can go over existing eyebrows. Either way, you'll want to make sure you're getting false eyebrows that will stick well to your face all day, possibly even during physical activity. To reuse eyebrows as much as possible, you'll want to look for the kind that come with a separate adhesive, as opposed to a self adhesive.

Whether you're looking for eyebrow wigs for a costume or because of hair and eyebrow loss, there are many options available on the Internet, enabling you to comparison shop. Carefully read descriptions and reviews to find the best false eyebrows for your needs. Some fake eyebrows cost more than others, so if you're planning to spend more money, make sure to get the best quality.

How To Apply False Eyebrows Guide 

Knowing how to apply false eyebrows correctly assures you get your money's worth while feeling beautiful. Most false eyebrow services provide directions, but sometimes the directions are unclear. The following steps guide the false eyebrow application process.

Clean the Application Area

Make sure to clean your browline before starting the application process. A clean browline helps eyebrow wigs stay for as long as possible.

Prepare the Eyebrow Wig 

Find an eyebrow comb to use later in the process.

Then, take your eyebrow wigs and apply adhesive to the back of the brow, the opposite of the side with hair. Try not to over-apply the adhesive.

Apply the Eyebrow Wig 

Take an eyebrow and start to apply the eyebrow at the inner part of the browline. Lightly press the eyebrow on the browline after you are satisfied with the shape.

While you are waiting for the adhesive to dry, press the brow down with the teeth of your eyebrow comb. The teeth of the comb prevent glue from getting all over and helps the brow attach smoothly.

Touch-up Your New Eyebrows 

When you officially attach your eyebrows, touch them up with eyebrow accessories. Use eyebrow pencils and shadow to alter the shape and color of your eyebrows to your liking.

After 2-3 days, make sure you remove your eyebrow wigs, take care of your skin, and remove the adhesive gel. Depending on the quality and care of your eyebrow wig, they should last 2-4 months when worn 2-3 days a time.

Where To Buy False Eyebrows

False eyebrows have become so popular that department stores and beauty companies sell eyebrow wig accessories.

However, finding eyebrow wigs at beauty stores proves to be tricky. Ulta and Sephora, the top two beauty retailers in the nation, do not sell eyebrow wigs. Instead, both companies sell false eyebrow accessories only.

When you do find eyebrow wigs, several individual eyebrow wigs come in a package. The price ranges from as low as $10 to as high as $125. While deciding where you want to buy your new eyebrows, consider your budget.

Buying Expensive False Eyebrows 

If you have the budget, consider buying your false eyebrows at a beauty store dedicated to eyebrow wigs. These stores generally exist online and sell eyebrow wigs made of human hair. As such, the eyebrow wigs bought from these companies tend to be pricey.

The online beauty store Headcovers Unlimited dedicates its services to those who have experienced hair loss, including eyebrow loss. All Headcovers Unlimited products feature human hair or synthetic hair that closely resembles real hair.

Another great option for expensive eyebrow wigs is features fake eyebrows made by independent beauty crafters and artists. Often, the eyebrows bought on Etsy are handmade and of high quality. The high quality and hand-woven nature of the eyebrows make them expensive.

If you are uncomfortable buying false eyebrows online, local beauty salons and wig shops sometimes sell high-quality eyebrow wigs for you to purchase.

Buying False Eyebrows on a Budget

If you want to buy false eyebrows on a budget, some independent crafters on Etsy sell eyebrow wigs for a cheaper price. Additionally, most popular department stores and online stores sell false stick-on eyebrows.

For example, Amazon sells false eyebrows made with human and synthetic hair. Most of the options are less than $50 for a pack. Walmart also sells false eyebrows online and in stores. Some eyebrow wigs sold at Walmart go for as cheap as $10 a pack.

False Eyebrows Before and After 

Consumers of false eyebrows often rave about the normalcy and confidence provided through them. User testimonies also affirm that eyebrow wigs are generally easy to use, and share their before and after experiences online.


Consumers with alopecia or other diseases that cause hair loss explain that prior to using eyebrow wigs, their browline looked unnatural. Users report using eyebrow stencils or ink that do not fully provide an authentic, human hair look.

Some consumers explain that they simply did not apply any product on their browline because of how long some products took to properly work.


After experimenting with false eyebrows, consumers report high satisfaction in the eyebrow wig's natural look, styling flexibility, and user ease. Consumers with hair loss diseases claim that eyebrow wigs give them back lost confidence.

Additionally, people without diseases centered in hair loss claim that eyebrow wigs give them confidence in their browline that was not present prior to installing false eyebrows.

Discussion Comments


@candyquilt-- False brows for costumes are a lot of fun. But they're very different than regular cosmetic false brows. They're usually kind of exaggerated, at least the ones I've seen were.

I used false eyebrows when I dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. I put on big bushy brows, mustache and beard. I really looked like a pirate, it was fun.


@candyquilt-- Yes, there are false eyebrows. They're not as common as other eyebrow shaping and designing products. But there are quite a few people who use them regularly.

My sister in law has a thyroid disorder which causes hair loss. Her eyebrows became almost nonexistent as a result. She tried different types of products to fill in her brows but finally settled on false eyebrows. They look very natural. I can't even tell that they're not her brows.


I hadn't heard of false eyebrows before. Does anyone here actually use these on a regular basis? I can't imagine using them, unless it was part of a stage costume or something. I think they would bother me and I would end up scratching them and tearing them unwillingly during the day.

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    • Eyebrows made of real human hair are the most realistic.
      By: ingaivanova
      Eyebrows made of real human hair are the most realistic.
    • Some people opt for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup instead of false eyebrows.
      By: photostefan
      Some people opt for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup instead of false eyebrows.
    • Color is an important consideration for false eyebrows.
      By: Lsantilli
      Color is an important consideration for false eyebrows.